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Safety Information - Please Read

Since the tragic death of Hannah Smith, 14, who is believed to have killed herself at home in Leicestershire, United Kingdom after she was bullied on a social network site, I believe all forums have a duty of care to their members Because we have members who are 13+ in this community it's very important that everyone is aware that we will not tolerate any sort of bullying or harassment on this site.

We have a team of Moderators and Administrators who will monitor the forum and ensure that our forum rules and policies are followed at all times, and if any member experiences or witnesses anything that can be deemed as bullying they must click on the "Report Thread" or contact a member of staff immediately.

We have a duty of care on the forum to each other, and we have to protect our non-adult members and make sure all aspects of our forum rules are followed.

Can I also remind all members to never give out any personal information including Private Messages, the only time you may be required to hand out personal information is when you have received an official prize and this information will be requested directly from an Administrator but even then you have the right to refusal.

Do not give out personal details such as your address, telephone number etc to anyone on the forum.

We do not recommend that members meet up (unless accompanied by a responsible adult) and we don't take any responsibilty if this does happen. However, we do suggest you meet in a public place and that you bring a friend with you.

Please use your common sense in any situation and the main thing to keep in mind is that nobody knows anyones true identity on this forum and there has been cases on other sites where accounts are created and given false information about themselves just to attract younger members to meet up and this is something that does go on and this is why I cannot stress out enough to follow our guidelines and report anything you feel is unacceptable to a member of staff.