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Holiday / Vacation Thread

If you are away from site and is involved in 1 or more leagues, you can post in this thread letting your admin & league members know when you are away from the community.

This is a great tool for everyone involved in the leagues as it lets us know in advance if you are away and you can also let us know how your vacation was when you get back.

I suggest when posting that you include the following:

Date of vacation :
Date of Return :
League(s) Involved :

Vacation Dates (Members) :

ELITEBUZZ_TIGAZ  : 6-18 July 2013

Re: Holiday / Vacation Thread

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get it in early, very early.

i'll be away from the 6th of july until the 18th of july.

i am in F2,F3,F4, 5v5 League and 1v1 League
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Re: Holiday / Vacation Thread

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tejuarr sent me a message to let everyone know he will be back on the 4th May ;)

Re: Holiday / Vacation Thread

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off to crete on friday for 2 weeks.

trying to get as many games as i can played in fifa leagues.