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Who will take pole in the Spanish GP qualifying session?

Alonso (why not lol)
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Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Winter Break

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Schumacher's been looking very good this season, which has been great to see, he's just had some serious bad luck. Same goes for Lewis.

It's good to see Jenson back up there as well.  :)

I used to absolutely hate Alonso, but I've started to like him, and I would like him to win the title this season, especially since Lewis and Jenson have no chance now.

I'm very happy that the stewards penalised Vettel, I lost count how many times he kept running wide yesterday, and he blatantly cheated to overtake Jenson. Red Bull seem to get away with a lot. I guarantee that if it was any other team, for example Mclaren, that were acccused of having anything illegal on their cars, then they would be penalised without question.

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Hamilton isnt out of the title race! He will win Hungary! Its one of his favourite tracks! Plus the fact Lewis was the fastest guy on Sunday!
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Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Winter Break

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On the Wednesday before each f1 race I'll change the name of this thread to the name of the next track.

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I'd ;argely agree with your list Stig, although perhaps not with Villneauve.
Jimmy Clark could have been huge and won many more championship if he had not been cut down going into his prime. A great era, with Stewart, Clark and Hill.

I will put an honourable mention in for Mike Hawthorn, Britian's first F1 World Champion. He lived and worked in my hometown  ;)

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So driver's and teams arriving in Hungary today.
Press conferences today.
So who will win this weekend will it be Alonso making it 3in a season or will Hamilton put last weekend behind him and take the top step.Mabey Jenson can take his 3rd Hungary win.Or what about Schmacher or the impressive Saubers, we'll just have to wait and see.

I got some F1 facts here:

A F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph AND back to 0 in FOUR seconds!!!!!!!

A F1 car engines last only for about 2 hours of racing mostly before blowing up on the other hand we expect our engines to last us for a decent 20yrs on an average and they quite faithfully DO....that's the extent to which the engines r pushed to perform

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you missed a few things mr stig  :33:

The Car

It takes four days to build the car from a bare chassis to a fully operational race car
Gearbox has 7 forward and 1 reverse gear. The drivers will typically change gear up to 2,800 times per Grand Prix. At circuits, like Monaco, this number can increase to 4,000 times
The gearbox is made in carbon fibre and titanium and will reach temperatures of 150°C during a race
F1 brake discs can exceed temperatures of 1,000°C
The car will generate lateral accelerations of 5G during cornering
Tyres can reach temperatures of 160°C
A Formula One engine weighs just 95kg (the minimum weight specified by FIA Regs)
F1 engine is 2.4 litre 8 cylinder, rev limited to 18,000rpm for 2009 producing over 700bhp
Fuel is standard premium unleaded but with a compulsory bio-fuel content
0 - 60mph in 2.3 seconds
100mph in 3.8 seconds
0mph to 100mph and back to 0mph again in 5.5 seconds
Top speed back to 0mph in 3 seconds
An F1 car will reach its top speed at Monza where the drivers will record 220mph around the track
The energy required to slow a car from 315kph to 185kph is the same amount needed to make an elephant jump 10 metres in the air!
Overall weight of car including driver, cameras and ballast is 605Kg (defined by FIA Regs)

The Driver

A Formula One driver burns approximately 600 calories per Grand Prix and loses on average two kilograms in weight
During a race, the average temperature in the cockpit will reach 50 °C
Drivers' heart rates reach peaks of 190 beats per minute during a Grand Prix.

hope it helps..................  :15:

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Difficult to look past Senor Alonso at the moment. Although the conditions and tyres are so tempramental, it is difficult to say who will have the out and out pace on the day. If it is nice and warm, i am sure McLaren will be fighting for the win.

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Practice 1 and 2 today
Mclaren look quick
Look out for Alonso though he'll still be right up there.
Lotus are there or there about i think.

After Evey Friday practice i would like you to do your top three predictions.
I'll turn it into a little league for the rest of season.
If you get the person who won right you get 3points.2nd right 2 points And 1point for 3rd.
If you get say 1st and 3rd right you get 4points .You see where it's going.

Please take part.

1st= 3points
2nd= 2points
1st, 2nd,3rd= 6points
1st, 2nd= 5points
1st, 3rd= 4points
2nd, 3rd= 3points
If you get pole right to you get another point.

any questions just say.
Here's my prediction

1st= Button

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ok sounds good  :113: emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

pole... button

1. Alonso

hope that ferrari is now coming together and you can never count out the vett  <sy> :109:

wat about fast lap mr stig................. hamilton  :111:

Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Winter Break

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Pole: Raikkonen (Räikkönen)

1st: Raikkonen (Räikkönen)
2nd: Vettel
3rd: Webber

Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Winter Break

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Pole:  Vettel

1st:  Hamilton
2nd: Alonso
3rd: Schumacher
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