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You F1 2012 Top 3

Ok guys first race is tomorrow morning. So I want to know who do you guys think will be champion second place and thrid. And the team you think will walk away with there title.

1. Button
2. Shucy
3. Vettel

1. Mclaren

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Re: You F1 2012 Top 3

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To early to judge..

But for Australia.

1st. Lewis
2nd. Jenson
3rd. Schumi

Re: You F1 2012 Top 3

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1 vettel
2 button
3 hamilton


Think vettel will win again, mcclaren car looks great at the moment, red bull havnt got their rear end sorted out yet, when their
Do, I think there'll be the ones to beat again, their race pace looked really good

Re: You F1 2012 Top 3

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I'm glad Williams look solid, Vettel caught Schumacher very quickly.. I think its McLaren, Red Bull, Lotus, Mercedes, Williams, Ferrari, Sauber in that order at present.

Re: You F1 2012 Top 3

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The first two GPs how topsy turvy the the first few races will be. Come Barcelona, it'll far more obvious. Where things stand. Teams are really struggling with tyres, some making them work in qually, others in the race. Makes for great racing overall