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Announcement: Next Season's Car


After much thought and testing, the next season of GT Sport here at PSGL will be a mini DTM series. Moving away from the one make series we've had recently, the new season will feature Audi, Mercedes and BMW GT3 cars.

The new season will start on the 28th November and will be contested over 8 rounds. A one week Christmas break means the final race of the season will be on the 23rd January 2019. Final calendar confirmation and new sporting regulations will be announced in due course.

Drivers have a free choice of car, subject to driving in the same make and model as your teammate. A car choice thread will be made soon and the link sent out over the chat group.

Thanks again for making the Ferrari season one of the best we've had and I certainly hope the new season brings us more of the same excitement and quality, close racing.

Audi R8 LMS

Mercedes AMG


Re: Announcement: Next Season's Car

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Oh yes 😎
From Canada with love  🎯

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Re: Announcement: Next Season's Car

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Can't wait gonna be great fun