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Rules and Information (Must Read)

Rocket League
3v3 League Rules

These rules must be followed at all times by every member competing in a Rocket League 3 versus 3  league on

Match Settings:
You will play a best of 3 matches
Game Mode: Soccer
Arena: The staduim of the home team.
Team Size: 3v3
Bots: No Bots
Mutations: No Mutations
Region: Any country

Arranging your Game

Players must contact their opponent to play the league game from the stated fixture date. Matches must be played within 7 days of the given fixture unless otherwise stated. e.g: If a game starts Monday 15th October, it must be completely by the following sunday. It is advised that members not only post in the relevant 'contact thread' but also either private message them on this website, or message them over PSN, or message in the group chat, to avoid a response of 'I didn't see your message'.
Contact thread:


All matches must be played in their entirety and all results must be posted within 24 hours of the game finishing.

The players who is the 'home team' must host the game, unless both parties decide the 'away' players have the better connection.

If you or the opposing players disconnects from the match, the game is to be replayed from where it left off. (i.e. if a disconnection occurs in the 3rd minute - the second match would be played up until the 2nd minute.) The score from the first game is then to be added to the second. However, if you feel that the players have 'rage quit' or similar (i.e quits straight after you have scored), you are to contact your league admin.

If the opponents that disconnected doesn't come back online or drops a second time, contact your league admin, explaining the circumstances and you will be given an extended period of time to finish the match.

Each match will be played as a best of 3 with points awarded accordingly.

0 points for a loss.
3 points for a win.


If neither members makes any agreement and neither players contact an admin within the 7 day deadline, the game will become void and will not be playable unless all players stay committed to the leagues for the rest of the season as they will then be given an additional week at the end of the season where they can get the game played.

7 day rule/deadlines

Members have 7 days to arrange and play their match unless otherwise stated.

If you are unable to arrange a game with your opponents or come to a mutual agreement during the 7 days, then you either must post in the correct thread or message an admin to let them know why you have not been able to play your match.

Members that contact their league admin with a reasonable excuse will be given an extended period of time to play their outstanding match before it becomes locked and unplayable. (You must contact the admin before the deadline).

If a member is on holiday the league admin must be notified prior to going away. This will result in all games with said player being postponed and played within 2 weeks of him/her returning.

Members who fail to notify their league admin prior to going away may be removed from the league.

Members are not allowed to play their league games before the stated fixture and any result that is posted before this date will be disallowed unless permission is given by the league admin.

Reserve list and replacements

If the sign ups reaches its limit, any members wishing to take part in the league will be placed onto a 'reserve list'. Members on the reserve list will not take part in the league unless of a removal and/or drop out.

Replacement members are to pick up where the previous player left off. They must prioritize any outstanding matches over current/future games until up to date.
Replacement members acknowledge that they won't be able to play fixtures that have already been played unless given permission by their league admin to do so.

Other Rules

Members are not allowed to play in any league using multiple accounts. Breaking this rule will result not only in being removed from the league; you will also be given a permanent ban from the website.

Any member who shows inactivity during the season (not playing games or making any contact with other players) will be removed from the league.

These rules must be followed in all our competitive games and there are no exceptions.

We reserve the right to make any changes during the season and also cancel the league with little notice. We also reserve the right to remove any member for breaking rules of the league or forum, and for showing inactivity.