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Rocket League Sign Up Thread

The PSGL Rocket League Championship
3v3 League - Weekly Fixtures


You must be registered on this site to take part and complete this process.

About us

Welcome to our Rocket League community, this is the official sign-up thread for our Rocket League events.

Before Joining

Please make sure you are able to commit yourself to taking part in our competitions.

Please read our rules:

League Details

League structure:

Joining this League

You will either get a place in this league from the start or be placed on to our waiting list until a space becomes available, we will always strive to make sure a place becomes available as soon as possible and will send you Private Messages on this forum to inform you when a place becomes available.

Signing up now

If you are able to commit to taking part in our league competitions and have read our league rules then you can now start the process of signing up. When you sign up to this league, you will need to reply to this thread and let us know the following :

  • State Your PSN

  • Confirm that you understand that this league takes place weekly

What Happens Next?

Once you have replied to this thread, you will be contacted by one of our admin, either on this thread or via Private Message, and they will explain to you what you need to do next. Don't worry as we will always assist you and answer any questions you have. You will need to keep checking back and allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Stay active on the forum and have a look around the rest of the community!!

League Sign-Ups (7)

Re: Rocket League Sign Up Thread

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PSN: carworld658
I understand this league takes place weekly.
Best finish: 1st x1
First Win: 14/05/2017 F1 2016 F4 Austrian GP
Best drivers' championship finish: 7th (F1 2016 F6 S1)

Re: Rocket League Sign Up Thread

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Are we doing a 2v2 or 1v1 league ?