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Monthly Matchplay?

Building on the success of the Ryder cup competition is their any appetite for a monthly matchplay event?

Maximum of 32 players with 1 round per week. With the semi and final being in the same week.

Random draw done all players play the same course.

Player drawn first to play first in set number of days. Player 2 the uses that shadow ball to play against.

Not thought about verification but surely something with the share functionality should work..

Of course of players wish to play live then even better, I have done it before just making notes of who won each hole and the score.

Just an idea to keep the club feeling that's been generated so far...

Of course this is an addition to the regular tournaments.

Thoughts and comments..


Re: Monthly Matchplay?

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I think that this is a great idea, I thought that we could have worked this with the PSGL cup as there weren't too many players involved to match up.
The only issues are the obvious difficulty to match live players up because of different time zones etc, that would be the only way I would like to play it, playing against a ghost ball wouldn't feel as tense and enjoyable as a live opponent to me.

The state of multiplayer as it is at the moment isn't all that wonderful, you may feel that you have won a hole because you saw your opponents ball miss when it had actually gone in the hole! But that doesn't happen all the time, so it would be acceptable.

Even with these problems I would definitely be interested in taking part in some matchplay tournaments.

I just wish that HB change there mind and get proper multiplayer into this game, imagine playing the next PSGL Cup with alternate shot matches, that would be incredible.

Re: Monthly Matchplay?

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I didn't realise, have HB said that they will not be adding lobbies for simultaneous multiplayer?

It's a nice idea Spudd, and I'm all for it. I don't think that I could run it myself as it takes quite a bit of time and effort to run the main PSGL Tour, what with all my other forum commitments.

If there is interest in this though, maybe something could be put together. Although conversely, would it take away from the special atmosphere and tension if the end of season PSGL Cups? Playing Devils Advocate.

Re: Monthly Matchplay?

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I'm definitely up for this.  Sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

Re: Monthly Matchplay?

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Thanks for the feedback....

Happy to run the tour, having run golf tours before, links , Tw and customplaygolf....

Will knock something up tonight, but was thinking of the following...

Runs each month...

Top 16 of the overall leaderboard to have option to register for the event after a given psgl tour. Each player given a random number between 1 & 16

Random draw for 16 players to round 1.

Set-up 8 rounds to play eg. PSGLMarch Matchplay group 1.... group 8...

Players to submit end of round screenshot.... Work in progress on how to do this..thoughts?

Use a spreadsheet viewable on the site for updates as they come in...all manual for the moment...

Week 2 down to 8 players....4 rounds in total...with the player with the lowest ID number playing the player with the highest ID number still left in the field...and so through to last 4 in week 3 and then week 4 would be the final....and then it starts all over again...

Rounds to start on a Sunday and then end on the following Sunday.

Format can either be shadow ball, eg need to submit end of round scorecard to compare hole by hole scores or live if players want to hook up but with scorecards submitted...just the once...

Nothing to do with the main tour, but just a fun aside.

Couple of questions can I link to googledocs or similar on the forum? Does anyone know if there is an API for the game yet?

Keep questions and thoughts coming.


Re: Monthly Matchplay?

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I actually have a way to do this where no verification would be needed - you will play each other live using the match play feature in the game (assuming it does work... lol). More details to come later but the OP is spot on - 32 spots only.

But for right now, any of you fancy some Stableford? >>>