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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 3: Bahrain Grand Prix (27/05/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1.Will you be racing?
2. Who has surprised you in the opening two rounds?
I didn’t really know the pace of any of the drivers, only raced with a few of them before and that was on different games. I new the f1 guys would all be quick and that blue, Hague, grumpy and hulk were also fast. No surprises as I didn’t know anyone else
3. What are your aims for Bahrain?
For it not to rain and to not make any errors
4. What do you usually do for practice, if you practice at all?
Find a setup I like in tt and learn all the braking points, go into gp mode and do a race weekend.
5. Will Irun make it three in a row?
Would be pretty awesome for him if he did, he’s defiantly got the pace but it’s hard to keep something like that going
6. Who will win in Monaco this Sunday?
Ricciardo if he has the luck
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 1: Australian Grand Prix (13/05/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Will you be racing ?
If there isn’t a full grid then yeah
2. What will the pole position time be ?
I think probably a high a 1:21
3. What are your aims for the season opener
To take part
4. Favourite for the Australian Grand Prix?
F1 2016 psgl F3 season 1, wet race and I remember somehow keeping my front wing intact after lap 1
5. How successful will Mclarens upgrades be in Spain
I hope it brings McLaren above redbull but really is there even a hope in hell...
Other Games & Competitions / Overwatch potential ?
Just an idea don't know if it would ever work but overwatch is a growing game on the ps4. I know that there are lots of competitions for the real pros on this game as they have a World Cup for it ???? obviously there would have to be a lot of competitors for it to work on here as you will need teams of sixes but it's just an idea to expand the variety of leagues on this site. I play overwatch just for fun and thought a more competitive style where you play with the same team in a league system would be pretty cool. Again it's only an idea and it would require a big amount of participants which would be hard to recruit.
Season Three / Re: [F3] Round 5: Silverstone (29/5/2016) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Top 3 predictions for this race?
1. MacPhee 2. TheRaikko 3. Insane
2. What is your favourite Silverstone moment?
Don't really have one
3. Will it rain?
Hope not :( rain screws everything up  :20:
4. Who will win this weekends Monaco Grand Prix?
KIMI RAIKKONEN ! :35: :21:
5. Did you like Kieran's undefeated streak in the Fifa Leagues?
Sounds fun for him  :afro:
Season Three / Re: [F3] Round 4: Spain (22/5/2016) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Top 3 predictions for this race?
1. Chris 2. Insane 3. RDO
2. What will the Pole Position time be?
3. How has your season been so far?
Been happy with how its gone but got lots of practicing to do :)
4. Who do you think will be your rival for the rest of the season?
Im not really sure if i will as it changes every race on who i am racing with
5. Which Mercedes was at fault for the collision in the real life Spanish Grand Prix?
Season Three / Re: [F3] Round 3: Monaco (15/5/2016) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Top 3 predictions for this race?
TheRaikko, Insane, FragglePaul
2. What goals have you set yourself ahead of this race?
To score points
3. How many drivers will lose front wings?
I will, probably many others as well.....
4. Do you think changing Verstappen and Kvyat was the right decision?
I think it was too harsh but the correct desision as max is amazing!
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock
Yeah its no ones fault. The lag jake was seeing on his screen was happening for me and i almost new my game would crash. Maybe next week :) although it will be more like survive Monaco for me
Season Three / Re: [F3] Round 2: Malaysia (8/5/2016) 8:00pm UK Time
How do you feel Bahrain went for you?
I was really suprised of how it went, i was happy with my pace and felt i was very good on the primes but lacked pace on the option tyres. Really chuffed :)
Have your goals for the season changed after round one
I just want to have a fun first season, so I'm happy as long as I'm competitive. I learn every race!
Will you be hoping for rain at Malaysia?
For team purposes yes because RDO has always been very good in the rain, for me i would prefer not as it could mess up my strategy.
What is your favourite PSGL race?
Well i have only had 1 race here so couldn't really make a judgement on that.
What would you change about the current real life F1 setup?
Make Kimi Raikkonen younger again :D

Good luck to all in Malaysia hopefully we have a full grid  :4:
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock

Over the past few days certain drivers have been announcing their retirement of F3. This results in new drivers joining the grid and one of those is McLarens DougieDood. We spoke to him earlier about the season and how he thought he would fair he replied "For sure we (McLaren) want to be in the front of the grid or as high up as possible, but after the winter testing we found we were not where we wanted to be" he said frustratedly. "Although luckily i am acopanied by a very talented team mate RDO_1998, I'm sure we can pull a few good results out of the bag early on" He was then asked what position he would hope for in Round 1 Bahrain. "Being a night race i find this very exiting as its very different to what I've been used to pre f1, i would just hope for a decent points finish for my F3 debut" Not long now until the new F3 season kicks off, good luck to all taking part and lets hope its the best yet.