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F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F3 Round 1 | Bahrain (13/01/2019)
Last post by TUSZMUSZ -
I forgot to post.
1. Are you racing?
2. Is Bahrain a good track for a season opener?
imo, yes it is
3. Did you ever race on the 2010 layout of this track? Opinion?
4. What is your objective this season?
Score as many points as I am able to
5. Have you ever been to a Formula 1 race in real life?
Yes several time
2018-Red Bull Ring
Interesting feelings as I was 2nd and 1 minute later I was 10th. But after all I was pleased with my pace.
Race: 6th
I was shocked that I finished 6th after my disaster season in F2 where I didn't even finish. The start of the race was so hard, and due to the fact that I can't practice properly,  I don't feel the car YET. That's why I messed the breaking points up in the beginning with heavy car. I didn't want to lose my wing so I dive-bombed to Panda in order to avoid, so it wasn't on purpose, so stop saying this, thank you. I had hard moments because I didn't know how the car was working in these conditions. I had nice battles with few people. Overall I was so happy to score points as around 1 year ago I did it last time. I'll have 2 exams in this week and this Sunday will be race day, so it'll be nice ending, hopefully.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by jamiemet92 -
    Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: 2:49 to 3:00
      Drivers involved: con_reece and myself
      League: F5
      What happened: Con made a mistake coming out of the hairpain and he rejoined the track right alongside, I gave him enough room  and didn't change my line, I was about to get the move complete before I got contact up the rear and spun me into the wall. He claims it was dsync and was lagging but he should have maybe conceded the position as I had the momentum
      How did it affect your race:  I DNFed
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F3 Round 1 | Bahrain (13/01/2019)
Last post by Jraybay -
Qualifying - P14

Unfortunately I entered this race with the flu. Expectations weren't high. The lap was going well until a big oversteer moment which bounced me out of the top 10.

Race: P10

Still decided to start on the softs even though we were deep in the field. End of life tire wear felt fine. Didn't get a warmup lap cause Dinno was trying to be my cars shadow for some reason. A few cars around me were on mediums so if I could make a few overtakes at the start, that would've helped, but I fell to last place after skyzii  T-boned me turn 2. From then on it was a bunch of pointless squabbling and divebombs at the back. Not a whole lot that happened today. Happy to have finished the race in one piece.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 1: Bahrain Grand Prix
Last post by Ontothepodium -
Qualifying - P19
Well to keep it PG, I fully messed that up. Did my soft lap too early so attempted to do a super lap at the end and aim for P11. Slowed down to avoid getting into the top 10 but massively misjudged it and only improved by a hundredth.

Race - P6
Don’t think I’ve had this much fun since someone sent my the Jolyon Palmer crash compilation. Just slowly made my way up the field, avoiding any carnage, re-enacted Lewis Hamilton’s triple overtake into T1 on the way. Made it to my pitstop and came out just behind Joruroo. Just sat behind him until the last few laps, making him use up ERS, tyres and giving him less of a chance to come back at me if I passed. Managed it in the final few laps and managed to catch Lordy on the final lap. He lost it on the second to last corner forcing me wide and picking up an unfortunate penalty but can’t really complain with P19-P6.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 1: Bahrain Grand Prix
Last post by steba420 -
Q 11th

Not much to say, just drove horrible lap, far off the pace. Luckily p11 and fresh tyres.

R 1st

Decided to start with mediums, as the softs would have gone to waste fighting during those first few laps. Got great launch off the line, but there just wasnt any gap for me to stick my nose in, and couldnt overtake anyone in first couple corners.  Slowly started gaining places and when finally got past Mrgrumpy, i had clean air to push and try to catch the leading group. I caught up to guys fighting for p3 around lap 11 when their pit window opened and it really saved my race, as i didnt need to waste time to try overtake them. On lap 17 decided to pit myself, came out p3, only couple tenths infront of the 3 car group and about 8 seconds behind the leader. Quickly caught my teammate who let me through. At that point Nick were only 3 seconds up the road with 5-6 laps left to go. Couple laps before the finish line caught and overtook him fairly easily with my softer tyres and he really couldnt fight back.

Great start to new season, new guys seem really fast and clean, cant wait for next week!
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: [F5] Stewards' Findings
Last post by Hulkenburger -
I got a 3rd warning on the final lap which caused me to get a penalty which demoted me from 3rd to 4th, and which I think the final warning is unfair as I didn’t gain an advantage


27) In game penalties –
27.1 Warnings given by the game for track limits infringements will not be removed under any circumstances.

For more information on PSGL's Rules and Regulations, click here: