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FP Race Calendar and Results / [FP] Round 12 - Mexico
Last post by AMS97F1 -
Formula Performance Round 12 - The Mexican Grand Prix

After problems for ccBrain and MacPhee, Greeny brought home his Toro Rosso in a brilliant 1st place at the teams home race to cut down the championship lead as we head into the final 4 rounds. JackLacey rounded off a Toro Rosso 1-2, with Wocko following him home in 3rd for Renault. Joel would take 4th place for Williams in a driver of the day performance which saw him come from last place! Frome completed the top 5 for Force India.

The next track in this exciting season see's us in Mexico, at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. The stand out feature of this track is it's huge pit straight leading into T1, which plays in to the hands of the Ferrari and Mercedes powered cars. It's a tough track to setup for though, as Sector's 2 and 3 demand some level of downforce, so it will be very interesting to see how the drivers deal with that challenge. Can Ash maintain his lead in the championship, or can Greeny and AMS pile the pressure on and further cut the gap? Tune in on Tuesday at 8pm to find out.

Date: 27th March
Damage: Full
Qualifying: Short
Race: 50%
Track Limits: Strict
Weather: Dynamic

1. How do you feel about your result last race?
2. Who will finish on the podium this weekend in Melbourne?
3. Whats the best overtake you've done so far in the F1 2017 league races?
4. Toughest competitor you've raced against in PSGL?
5. Any other predictions for the 2018 F1 season?

REMINDER: If you should happen to retire from the race, you are not to leave the lobby, as this will impact everyone left in the race. Thank You.

Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Findings
Last post by mrgrumpy1989 -
Shorbread and Maxiluca incident - F1

This is poor driving on Shortbread's part, but ultimately, the stewards feel that the in-game penalty that Shortbread received was sufficient.

Therefore, a warning is issued to Shortbread. Any further similar incidents like this will result in a penalty.
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 10: Italian GP
Last post by Cheater-Cheater -
1. Rate the Monza circuit out of 10?
6. Plenty of chances to overtake, not as enjoyable as somewhere like Spa though.

2. Who do you think will be runner up in the drivers title?
Sophie would be my pick.

3. Favourite Monza moment?
I'm not really sure. I think one of my earliest F1 memories, maybe even my earliest, is Schumacher sliding through the chicane at Monza in maybe 96? I say that, maybe I just remember seeing it later on in life as I would have only been two at the time. I suppose that's a cool memory, assuming it even is one. In game I don't really have many moments, I've only done two races at Monza since I joined PSGL in early 2016. I pulled off a pretty decent overtake on Malc through Ascari, that was alright.

4. Do you think the safety car will work properly on the next game?!
You'd think so. I can't see them getting away with it not working again. Surely not.

5. Will you be getting up early for the race this weekend?
I might have to stay up all bloody night if I want to make a 6am start. :109:
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Last post by GREENY -
F1 grid shocked by Greeny's decision to miss the remaining three rounds of the F1 season

At approximately 22:00 GMT, Number one Sauber driver Greeny announced he would no longer partake in the last three races. After a reasonable start to the season with Greeny showing the pace to fight at the front, the second half of the season took a dramatic turn for the worse.

Greeny in deep discussion with his personal advisor David Unsworth

After the Monaco Grand Prix Greeny's season took a turn for the worse with the British driver failing to finish 5 of the last 6 Grand Prix's, the retirements put down to a number of factors. The lack of cohones from the Sauber driver means the team now sit firmly last in the constructors. The Sauber driver had some harsh comments about his recent performances and his plans for the future, in particular Season 20:

“I would just like to firstly apologise to the team for my recent run of DNF's, this is not what I or the team had in mind for this season however some things are not meant to be in this cruel sport. Monza was the boiling point for me, crashing out from a comfortable 2nd coupled with the race winning pace shown in practice confirmed my decision to miss these final rounds."

"I would also like to apologise to the fans and settle the nerves by confirming that I will be returning next season, I intend to firmly make a mark in this sport once and for all. However I can tell you now that I have decided that Sauber is not the team I will be racing for next season, I appreciate everything the Swiss team has done for me."

"In terms of Season 20, I hope to come back to a revitalised grid as the lack of views and decrease in stock is indicative of the shocking display of racing we have seen at points this season. The Williams team especially have caught my eye this season, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. What happened to teams going with the EXPERIENCEEEEEE rather than overly ambitious children"

Very strong words by Greeny and we hope that the he enjoys his down time but the question on everyone minds still; Is it just another pipe dream?

Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Last post by Irun -
Irun: 'Cliffy on the pop'

There was a surprise statement as Irun spoke to the media to scrutinise championship leader Cliffy by stating that he is on the 'pop' and is relaxing with his championship lead, rather than wrapping the title up by winning the races.

Irun feels that Cliffy will not try as hard to win the race at Mexico given his championship lead

“Ashbest will win on Monday, I’d have a bet on that if I could,” said Irun, ahead of Renault's trip to Mexico.

“I think he’ll win at Mexico and USA, then it depends on what Louis does at Suzuka. So I think he’ll win at least two."

“Cliffy has been winning in other competitions and he would have been celebrating, he would have been on the pop [alcohol]."

It is yet to be seen what impact Irun's discreet and public mind games will have on both Ashbest who he believes is expected to win the next race (hence putting more pressure on him to deliver) and also on Cliffy's approach to the race and his battle in the championship.

Inspiration taken from the below:
Spoiler (click to show/hide) @ashbest122 @Cliffy7765