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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 2: Brazilian Grand Prix
Last post by Ontothepodium -
Qualifying - P7
Pretty happy with that given the limited practice.

Race - DNF
Y'know there's always tension between the Red Bull and Toro Rosso camps. The ultimate goal for the Toro Rosso drivers is obviously to replace the Red Bull drivers one day. After a solid performance in Bahrain its completely understandable for the 2 drivers to see me as a threat and attempt to distract me. Joe performed a quality drift out of turn 5 and as a motor sport fan you can't help but look at stuff like that. As the smoke screen cleared, there seemed to be a strategically place Toro Rosso in my path putting an end to my race.   
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by steba420 -
Video Link

      Time of Incident in Video: whole first video, and 42:10 on stream

      Drivers involved: Me and Joruroo

      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F4

      What happened: We had a battle for the lead for couple laps, then in turn 3 Joruroo just comes too close and slight touch to my rear and Im off the track.
      How did it affect your race: Lost the lead off the race, overheated my rears which later cost me my race. Joruroo is not to blame for the dnf tho
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by Skyzii -
      Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: 12s
      Drivers involved: sam ster007/mister_skyzii
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F3
      What happened: waas on the edge to overtake samster and he gave me a slight touch which make me braked on the grass (before t1) and so i hit the guy in front. (I stayed in 7th gear just to be able to brake better than him)
      How did it affect your race: DNF

Actually i think its a desync bug and im pretty sure its not his fault but i need some opinion about it
Gran Turismo Sport / Poll: Disabling some assists
Last post by ijsimo -
Following on the question in the chat

Should we disable countersteer assistance, active stability management and auto-drive assists for next season of GT Sport?

Traction control, ABS and Racing Line would still be active. In keeping with the rest of PSGL, it is highly unlikely these assists will ever be disabled

Admin recommendation is to vote Yes. In the event of a tie, all assists will be left on

In case anyone wants to see, this is my first lap on pad with those assists turned off. I normally drive on wheel and you know roughly where my skill level is. As you can see, it is still perfectly driveable.

Vote will be open for 3 days

Thankyou all
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F3 Round 2 | Brazil (20/01/2019)
Last post by Sam-Ster007 -
1. Are you racing?

2. Are you hoping for rain?
Absolutely not

3. How was your 1st race in Bahrain?
Amazing did not expect to finish that high and possibly could have landed a podium

4. Who is better? BRUNO Senna or Nelson Piquet junior?
Pastor Maldonado

5. Do you watch Formula E?
Yes am a big fan of watching f1 rejects taking out their anger on each other, ( no fr its great haha)