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Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by Cherry2pie -
Time of incident : Clio
Drivers: Myslef, @Ccbrain @Joelianomanu and @AMS97F1
League : F1

Myself and CC seemed to be going fine but someone has got too happy into Turn 1 on the inside which caused myself and @Ccbrain to get damage which ruined his race and hurt mine. It's lap 2 and big moves like this don't need to be made straight away when its a long race.
CC will be providing an opinion and footage soon.

My Footage:
Stream Footage: 28.06
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by WelchyBoi -
Time of incident : All of it

Drivers: Me Ash. (Blizard caught in it)

League : F1

I had  the line into the corner. Ash misses his braking point and then cuts  me off which pushes me off track  and goes into the back of Blizard. This pushes all 3 of us off track. Personally I think Ash should get a time penalty of some sort because think this dangerous and could of potentially ended mine and Blizards race.

Did the driver rectify it: I don't really know because from my POV it looks like i just get the better exit from accident in a way
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by likkle_blocks -
Drivers involved: me and blizard partially bigc but wouldn’t majorly add him.
For the 1st incident I go defensive and there is clearly no room to go to the inside. He still tries to go for the move thinking he’s ayrton senna eventually hitting me himself and Connor off the track. For the 2nd and 3rd part coming into parabolica and T1 and T2 I go for a move into parabolica as the doors open and it’s clearly his instinct to turn across and leave me no room. I almost spun but kept the car. Then coming down in T1 and T2 I attempt another move past him and I may push him off the track at T2 but I was at full lock so there’s nothing I can really do. Lap 20 was my fault had no grip and spun 😃😃
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 20 - Round 10: Italy (16/07/18)
Last post by ashbest122 -
1.) How many overtakes will we see this race?

2.) Will anyone do a .19 in quali?
Either me, BigC, Louis, Blizzard, Likkle or CC

3.) Will time penalties be a concern this race?

4.) Do you expect a dramatic championship ending?
Hopefully, don't mind it winning in a spectacular fashion.

5.) Pasta or Pizza?
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Round ten Italy
Last post by PRAGA X30 -
Singapore always has the potential to provide some of the most exciting races in PSGL & the F5 race on Saturday night proved no exception. With both Mercedes drivers missing it was a chance for TomAJ91 & Ferrari to significantly improve their title chances in both championships. TomAJ91 had a comfortable victory which is great for him but he was let down by his team mate PRAGA-X30 who put his Ferrari into the wall whilst in P2. The streets of Singapore takes no prisoners as 9 of the 16 drivers either crashed out or suffered technical difficulties which gave the chance for some of the drivers at the lower end of the grid to score some good points for themselves & their teams. Notably JPGREENWOOD who hadn't scored any points in the last three races had his best result in the 2017 era with an outstanding P4.

So we leave Asia behind & head back to Europe & the historic Autodromo Nazionale Monza where the Mercedes team will hope to bounce back & lay down another title challenge. Just 22 points seperates P2 down to P16 & where all those drivers who title challenge is over they'll be now fighting for pride & helping their teams to secure & improve their positions in the championship.

Join Likkle this Saturday from 8pm

1. How do you feel about the result in your last race? Had decent pace and fought for 2nd but then my controller stopped working for some reason.
2. Will you be attending the race? I should be
3. Hopes for the race? If everything goes alright then ill be happy with a podium.
4. Did you enjoy the World Cup? Yeah great world cup and very happy that England got so far.
5. Favourite sports team/person? Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Round ten Italy
Last post by PSGL_Joshiearn -

1. How do you feel about the result in your last race?
disapointed and annoyed

2. Will you be attending the race?
No not Italy

3. Hopes for the race.
I’ll talk bout Austria instead I’m just hoping for a podium

4. Did you enjoy the World Cup?
Yeah I did very entertaining

5. Favourite sports team/person?
 person is Charles leclerc and mclaren
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Round ten Italy
Last post by Jay -
1. How do you feel about the result in your last race?
Very happy - had to pit on lap 1 due to wing damage, but managed to make my way back through the field to get 2nd place. Disappointed not to take pole in quali though, as I invalidated my final attempt.

2. Will you be attending the race?
Of course.

3. Hopes for the race?
Podium would be great, a win even better (depending on whether Rugs is racing or not).

4. Did you enjoy the World Cup?
I did, although I was disappointed with teams like Germany & Spain. Hopefully Wales can qualify next time, or for the Euros in 2020.

5. Favourite sports team/person?
Team: Manchester United
Person: Sebastian Vettel
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Round ten Italy
Last post by Ze3eXeR -
1. How do you feel about the result in your last race?
Not good, didnt get a good quali lap in and fucked it in the race too.. Really gutted cause i hope for this race to give me a podium.

2. Will you be attending the race?
As usual i will!

3. Hopes for the race?
Well, i have showen unexpected good pace around Italy before so maybe this will be my chance for a podium but a top 5 is satisfying.

4. Did you enjoy the World Cup?
Yeah, but think the victory was stolen by France. Croatia should have won it, but still good.

5. Favourite sports team/person?
Person i have to say Kimi Raikkonen and team Toro Rosso.
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Paddock Post
Last post by JPGREENWOOD -

After not scoring points in his last three races McLaren driver JPGREENWOOD had one of his best performances of his life round the streets of Singapore coming home in P4. JP as he likes to be known qualified in P12 which was probably as good as it was gonna be on the SS's. He had a resonable start maintaining his position but a few laps later a three car pile up saw him climb up to P9 & was battling Melvin_Verhoef & jamie2905 up until the first round of pit stops. JP lost several seconds in the pit stops which the McLaren team couldn't explain. Melvin_Verhoef crashed out whilst battling Jamie which saw Jamie climb up another place. Throughout the Grand Prix Jamie & JP had significantly fell behind the front runners but in a suprising twist of fate PRAGA-X30 7 tuf_Shayo had crashed out of the Grand Prix. JP was hunting down Jamie but was making small mistakes & losing time. Eventually JP did make his way past the Renault driver & soon found out that Lewis_Milam had suffered technical difficulties so JP put the hammer down & drove some of the best laps of his life & got his reward with an impressive P4.

JP said "it was his best performance of his career, even though he did have two podiums in 2016 it felt better" JP will surely take confidence from this in the remaining races of the season