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F7 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F7 Round 3 Russia
Last post by Swenthemen -
1. How did you feel about your result at Brazil?
Happy to get a podium there and thrilled to be on top of the standings!
2. What result are you hoping for at Russia?
Aiming for another good result, this tracks suits me better than Brazil
3. Do you think we will have a 3rd different winner at Russia?
No I don't think so
4. Do you watch any other PSGL streams?
Yes, PSGL F1 and FP
F7 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F7 Round 3 Russia
Last post by cticedemon20 -
Yes i see a 3rd winner. Lots of guys capable of taking a W this season. Russia will be going to the top runner with fewest penalties i think.

I "watch" most of them. I do comms for 4 psgl divisions so kinda hafta be there lol
F7 Race Calendar and Results / F7 Round 3 Russia
Last post by JPGREENWOOD -
F7 Round 3 Russia

It was a war of attrition around the legendary circuit of Interlagos Brazil as 7 of the 16 drivers who started failed to see the chequered flag but that didn't matter to SietseBouma22 who took his first race win in PSGL & it was an all Dutch affair as the top four drivers all hailing from the Netherlands.. It was a bad day at the office for the McLaren & Renault teams as all four drivers DNF. Iceman_saleh1991 scored a reasonable P5 on his debut in the F7 championship.

We head to our 3rd different continent in as many weeks as we visit the site of the 2014 winter olympics at Sochi. Will we see our 3rd different winner in as many weeks? Can the drivers who have had poor results so far get their season back on track?

Join Jack & Mat this Thursday from 8pm

1. How did you feel about your result at Brazil?
2. What result are you hoping for at Russia?
3. Do you think we will have a 3rd different winner at Russia?
4. Do you watch any other PSGL streams?

F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F3 Round 2 | Brazil (20/01/2019)
Last post by TUSZMUSZ -
Q: 7th.
The conditions at the beginning was so uncomfortable, I went straight to the wall, but fortunately 13 mins left. I messed the setup up, so what I practiced with, wasn't my actual setup for the race, so I had to learn it quickly. I was so insecure, but managed to achieve P7 on softs, which wasn't bad result as I was 0,6 sec away from the pole.
Lacking of playing with this game, I always mess the starts up. Just like yesterday. One of the Ferraris braked in the Senna S so I had to brake to avoid breaking my wing. Great. Because of it 2 guys overtook me. I decided to follow them and saving up. One of the Force India was so aggressive on mediums, what I did not understand, I knew that he'd pass glocki if I remember correctly, so I'd follow him. With DRS he and I overtook him, and I overtook him in the next DRS zone with a dive-bomb. Unfortunately I run deep and wide, so I little bit pushed him out of the track, but when I was able to control the car I left him space. As the front runners were on super softs I overtook them in the following laps. I knew that Rafa was too quick, so I tried to save more, and not to get any penalty. When he boxed, I boxed. Unfortunately glocki did as well, and it held me up. That's why I lost my position to Skeevan. I had a really nice battle with Panda, but he was faster, so I let him go, because I had no enough fuel and ERS, so I decided to grab his slipstream. I got a penalty when I was trying to catch Skeevan, really hurt. In the final laps, I knew that Skeevan had 6 secs of penalty, I decided to not push hard, because I had 2 warnings. Fortunately, with penalties, I got 3rd! After F1 2017 S1 F1 and F1 2018 S1 F2 it was my first ever podium with these cars. I was over the moon really, ages ago that I got a podium. Finally.
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F3 Round 2 | Brazil (20/01/2019)
Last post by Jraybay -
Qualifying: P10

Just recovered from the flu and I was feeling a lot better. Unfortunately when I selected a fresh set of tires it put me on the set of softs I'd already used at the beginning of qualifying. The tires weren't great but I knew I could manage them in the race despite the extra wear

Race: P11

Things started off pretty well. Got a good start, lost out a bit in turn 1 from contact but its tricky through turns 1/2. After that I settled in behind my teammate. He made a nice opportunistic pass but I felt like I had better pace. Problem is my DRS failed and I spent numerous laps stuck behind him and the others around me. I couldn't get any runs on the cars ahead but I was still maintaining position. The tires felt fine and I stayed out until lap 14. Jumped a couple cars through pitstops surprisingly, and I was up to 5th.

Coming out of the pits though I had Panda on warm tires get by me and I had to settle in behind him. I had no fuel, somehow lost all of it in the pits, so I was saving a bit behind him and getting dragged along to Tuszmusz. We were having a good 3 way battle for a few laps and then Sam ster came out behind us on softs and shunted me into the rear end of tuszmusz, crunching all of my wing. That was race over. Sam ster seemed more disappointed that he ruined his own race and got an interview out of it, acting like mine wasn't ruined too. Disappointing on and off the track.

Where Panda finished is where I could've been. Most likely 4th/5th in the end, but ended up with 11th instead. Great result
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by BF_LouZi -
     - Video Link:
     - Time of Incident in Video: 1:00 to 1:20
     - Drivers involved: @Paudie (Haas) and me (Toro Rosso)
     - League: F3
     - What happened: After overtaking Paudie, I left him half the track to work with. Despite that, he ran into my car and sent me far beyond track limits
     - How did it affect your race: It killed my race. Rejoined the track 10sec behind the last driver. Had the pace for good points.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by DarK_BolT9999 -
Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:
      Drivers involved: amd1711 (Ferrari), DarK_BolT9999 (Force India)
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F3
      What happened: Went for a move around the outside of amd1711 and they shut the door causing us to both to go into the wall.
      How did it affect your race: Forced me onto a 2 stop losing me a lot of time and which wasn't the original plan.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 2: Brazilian Grand Prix
Last post by Ontothepodium -
Qualifying - P7
Pretty happy with that given the limited practice.

Race - DNF
Y'know there's always tension between the Red Bull and Toro Rosso camps. The ultimate goal for the Toro Rosso drivers is obviously to replace the Red Bull drivers one day. After a solid performance in Bahrain its completely understandable for the 2 drivers to see me as a threat and attempt to distract me. Joe performed a quality drift out of turn 5 and as a motor sport fan you can't help but look at stuff like that. As the smoke screen cleared, there seemed to be a strategically place Toro Rosso in my path putting an end to my race.