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Formula 1 2017 / [F1] Official F1 Fantasy League
Last post by BigC_019 -
Hi guys,

F1/Liberty has recently launched its fantasy F1 league ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

So I have set up a league for PSGL... bit of fun

CODE: f4789a

How to play

Choose five drivers and one constructor, staying within your budget of $100m. Your team will score points during each race and qualifying session. At each race you’ll have to nominate one of your drivers to receive the turbo boost and double their points haul – but you’ll need to balance risk against reward, because as well as the bonuses on offer, there are penalties at stake. Every driver wants to beat their team mate and you’ll get extra points if they do. And if your driver can work their way up through the field, there are points to be gained for that too.
Race Calendar and Results / Re: [GT3 911] Round 4: Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A
Last post by ashbest122 -
1. Really happy, first races of the season for me so I'm satisfied with what I achieved.
2. Haven't driven it but I'd say a 7.
3. 681? Is that the answer?
4. Love getting to make my way through the grid, not all the time do I get to experience this much battling so I'm really happy to do this, really improves your driving and improves trust with others. I also get to battle soooo much expeeeeeeerience so that's fun too.
5. Noope, everything looks good rn.