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Formula 1 Stewards' Office / Re: [F1] Stewards Office
Last post by Jraybay -

Drivers involved: Myself and Paudie
League: F4

What happened: Heading into Turn 1 I was trying not to run into blue mosquito while keeping some distance from Paudie. Gauged it well, broke a bit later, and then felt considerable contact which sent me around. I went from 5th to 12th and it was extremely frustrating.
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: [F5] Race Reviews
Last post by Ontothepodium -
Round 3&4 - Spain/Canada

Its been a strong two weeks for the Williams pairing. After a tough start to the season, Tbsen has found his form with a second in Spain and becoming the 4th different winner in Canada promoting him to 3rd in the championship and bringing himself into title contention. His teammate VikingStephen had a tough race in Spain, ending in a DNF but had a quick change in form with a season best 5th in Canada.

Toro Rosso
After three consecutive 2nd places, Kian finally got his first win in F5 after a race long battle with Tbsen. Despite being unable to attend in Canada, Kian still holds the top spot in the championship, 7 points ahead of closest rival CPI_Harry. Rossi has managed a successful rounds three and four after just two points from two races he's managed a season best 4th in Spain and 8th and fastest lap in Canada earning enough for the team to maintain 1st in the constructors standings.

McLaren haven't been able to maintain their momentum since their win in Spain. With Harry absent in Spain the sole McLaren of Liam managed a second 6th place of the season but would go on to be absent in Canada. It was then Harry's turn to be the sole McLaren. After a frankly embarrassing crash in qualifying, which will be brought up throughout the course of the season, Harry was able to put it behind him to keep in consistent and manage a 2nd place from 13th on the grid.

It's been a miserable start to the season for Renault. With Hulkenburger unable to start both races, that's left Ontothepodium to fly the flag with moderate success. An early DNF in Spain made it two pointless races in a row for Renault but a pole to P3 in Canada saw Renault manage 10 points and bring themselves into the midfield fight.

Racing Point
It's been a successful couple of races from one side of the Racing Point garage. Nevermiss was only able to make the Canada race which unfortunately ended with a DNF. On Jcarty's side a podium in Spain and a 4th in Canada saw Racing Point collect 18 points and Jcarty's first points of the season, moving him to 7th in that championship.

Red Bull
It gone from the highs of P1 in China, to the lows of a double retirement in Canada for Red Bull. Four points from 2 races drops MrGrumpy down to 5th in the championship with the hopes of a quick turnaround in Belgium. ERT_Bliss continues his good form in qualifying but unfortunately also continues his poor form in the race with a DNS in Spain, and a DNF in Canada.

Simo has been a one man army for the past couple races at Haas. With his teammate failing to attend Simo managed a season best 7th in Spain bringing his and Haas' points tally to seven points. A DNS in Canada puts an end to Simo's attempt of scoring every race.

A DNS and a DNF for ComptonScatter leaves him on the three points he earned from round 1. The chance of points was there in Canada after qualifying P2 but luck was there at the start, ultimately ending with a DNF. After Canada WarrenHague stands as the only driver to complete every lap this season. Scoring points at every race sees him move up into P4 and as a potential underdog if the consistency continues.

Alfa Romeo
It's been a quiet couple weeks for the Alfa Romeo team. With Friso unable to attend for two weeks, Cheater Cheater has been Alfa's only focus. A 9th place in Spain was Cheater's first and only points this season after a faulty controller put an early end to Cheater's Canadian GP. 

A podium finish, a driver change and 20 points later, Mercedes find themselves in P7 with Josh scoring all 20 points for the team. Scoring points at every race he's attended leaves him P6 in the drivers championship. After Oisin departed for F6, the then reserve MrP took his seat but is yet to race under the Mercedes colours.

Formula 1 Stewards' Office / Re: [F1] Stewards Office
Last post by Ferrariguy24 -
Time of Incident in Video:
Incident 1: 0:00-0:14
Incident 2: 0:15-0:28
      Drivers involved:
LarsH and CPI-Ferrariguy
      League: F4
What happened: In response to Larsh footage. I made a move on lap 8 as he was struggling on tyres and I knew he was going to pit on that lap. I made a slight angle into the corner to make sure I'd make the corner without receiving a corner cutting pen which could also result in myself hitting the wall of champions.
Formula 1 Stewards' Office / Re: [F1] Stewards Office
Last post by Badboy0368751 -
 Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: All of it - Lap 19-22
      Drivers involved: Myself, Airstrike900, bbbrettstter & Blackphoenix1367
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/F7/FP: F3
      What happened: Airstrike unlapped himself from me, but proceeded to not get away from me quick enough so he got blue flags and giving me dirty air, costing me time. This lasted for 2 laps and, he was still getting blue flags, then he went for a silly move on Brett into the last chicane which lost each other time, so I attempted to lap him again, but he became aggressive again and hit me, costing me seconds. Then he let blackphoenix through giving him a great advantage.
      How did it affect your race: I lost alot of time for multiple laps and it put BlackPhoenix1367 DRS on me so he overtook me.