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Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 11: Italian Grand Prix
Last post by Irun -
Qualified 13th, Finished 12th

Never really had the pace that race to compete for points. But made the most of my enjoyment by giving the championship leaders a good tussle. Enjoyed going wheel to wheel on the edge - on the limits of space. Had a good battle with Paudie for 14th in the closing stages for the last of the late brakers into turn 1 which was fun!

See you all next week at Mexico. Well done podium and points finishers :)
Formula 3 League (F3) / [F3] Brazilian Grand Prix Re-Run
Last post by wocko -
Hello everyone!

Me and Frome have been talking about whether it is worth re-running the Brazilian Grand Prix that was scheduled to take place near the start of the season and was cancelled due to the PSN servers being down.

We have raised it to the other admins and the season wouldn't end until the 22nd of April if we were to go ahead with it. This would leave roughly 3 weeks between the end of the current season and the start of the next season which isn't much time for pre-season races and organising the league for the new season!

We've left it down to you guys so we will go with whichever has the highest vote!
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 11: Italian Grand Prix
Last post by AMS97F1 -
Q: 6th, A 1.20.3 is what I expected to get, I was just surprised it was achieved on my first run. Got one of those "this lap and next" invalidation's on my final run, so only had the 1 lap rather than 2 laps and yeah, didn't come together.

R: 6th, Got an alright get away, tried to be cautious into T1, but unfortunately Maxi had other ideas and just completely shoved me onto the grass and into the gravel on the outside of T2, no idea if he was hit into me but it was a bit messy.
Ended up 8th after that but it bogged me down into the midfield battle with Joel and Shortbread and it ruined my first stint to be honest, we lost touch with the front 7 rapidly. It was good fun but not really how I wanted it to go after a good quali lap should have had me nearer the front.

Pitted lap 9 for the Softs from 9th place, managed to pass Maxi after his mistake at the Ascari chicane allowed me to get close, and then went to the end from there. Had a brief battle with Shortbread but that was it for the race for me. Shortbread and Likkle squabbled on the last lap and I just sat back and took their positions on penalties (crossed the line 8th).

Some good close battling, and an acceptable result, but disappointed with how the start went.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by Cliffy7765 -
Video link:

Time of incident in video: All of the video.

Drivers involved: Myself and Oogie.

League : F1.

What happened: Last lap at turn 1 Oogie goes around my outside. I give him the space for turn 2 but he slams into my sidepod sending me way wide almost sending me on the grass. He then for good measure he hits me again on exit making me go on the grass/gravel.

How did it affect your race:
I lost 2 postions but ultimately I lost a lot of points in the championship. The respect given was poor and driving standards should be looked at. BigC also got the incident so if another POV is needed I’m
Sure he can provide his evidence for the stewards. If I lose the championship because certain people can’t drive I’m not going to be impressed.

Did the driver rectify the issue:
Nope 😂😂
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by MaxiLucaGT5 -
Wagwan my Donnys, I’m here to report The ferrawi Shortbread24, he divebombed me for t1 from a good few meters away, with him being on super softs I know I would have my work cut out but would of give it my all to defend, I do not believe the stop go he received is enough as he would lose lots of time behind me and knew it, therefore cut the corner instead, it’s shocking and is upon the worst incident I’ve seen during my league racing career, here is the video and time stamp 54:07 to 54:48, thank you