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FIFA 15 [PS4] / Re: [PS4] FIFA15 - One Night Only Cup # 1

No problem mate, nice to see you on the site, there will be another one night tournament no doubt, hopefully be doing a series of them .

Cheers mate but its not often these days I get a chance to guarantee my attendance due to working away so much which is why I don't enter any leagues any more.

Ahh well like I said I will come on between 7.00 and 7.15 so give me a shout if someone doesn't turn up.
FIFA 15 [PS4] / Re: PS4 Pre Season Friendlies
My goodness!! Have I drawn the worst team in the leagues? They are worse than useless.

Do we have to play with the online updates as my squad is awash with red arrows taking off 2 or 3 stat points off every player in my squad lol

At this point my aim is to try and lose games by a maximum of 3 goals ????
FIFA 15 [PS4] / Re: EFL Season 2 Discussion Thread
Sounds great and I am definately in.

I will however be in Rome until Monday so will be unable to attend the draw.

But I will take whatever team I am given good or bad.

FIFA 15 [PS4] / Re: EFL Season 2 Discussion Thread
Simple answer to number 4 would to do a team draw for 4.5 star teams and below only.

There are more than enough 4.5 star teams in the game to make it interesting and fair.
General Discussion / Re: Let me clear something up

And your not too bitter towards your daughter, I'm sure ;)

I knew someone whose surname was Gread (pronounced Greed), and the husband wanted to name the son Hector.

It would have been a great 'baddie' name.

Not one ounce of bitterness is felt towards my favourite princess in the world.

But out of respect for the middle name "Danger" I decided not to give her any middle name at all  :laugh:
General Discussion / Re: Let me clear something up
While my wife was pregnant I set out on a mission to convince her to let me have "Danger" as my newborns middle name which she thought was ridiculous.

I thought I was starting to win her around as I was trying to explain to her that one day our son would thank us as when he was older as he could announce to unsuspecting hussies in night clubs that "Danger" really was his middle name  :48: .

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut we had a girl so that was the end of that lol !!!!