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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 12: Russian Grand Prix (05/08/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Qualifying: 12th

Didnt get a lap in. Both times i got the stupid corner cut that invalidates the lap you're on plus the next one.

Race: 4th

I had good pace on the US but non on the SS.

This will be my last race of the season. I forgot to say im away on holiday. Its been an absolute pleasure racing with all you guys this season. Well done to Irun on the drivers title and again with grumps on the constructors. I've had some good battles with some of you and i look forward to racing again next season in the new game.

Cheers guys,
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 11: Austrian Grand Prix: (29/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Congratulation Irun on your title win :36:  and on your win Grumps. I have to say i really enjoyed the race on Sunday. Some good battles and for a change I could see first place for most of the race  :10:


Didn't bother, I knew i didnt have the pace to push top 6 so with only 12 of us i decided to start at the back on fresh rubber.

Race: 6th

Got a rubbish start which put me on the back foot. But due to other's misfortune i managed to get behind my old mate Venom. Soon after his incident at the last corner i found myself behind Simo. I got the feeling i had better tyres although we were on the same strategy, i just got into place to make a move but lost my DRS, the first time this has happened to me. After pitting on lap 22 i just followed Simo not really challenging more hoping he'd catch the pack up. It wasn't to be as we ran out of laps.
finishing 6th and only 6 sec behind the leader is a brilliant result for me, the best of a hard season. I'm not expecting much from the last two round but i'll be there, hopefully picking up a few points.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 10: Italian Grand Prix (22/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
First off, sorry hulk for not answering the questions pre-race. Been a hectic week and was gonna do it when i got home yesterday. Anyway....

Qualifying: 13th

Was gonna start on S but buggered up my lap through Ascari and lost nearly a second i think.

Race: 6th

Got a great start but go caught in the 1st corner melee. Once i got going again i was 2nd from last. Caught a few up and pitted on lap 14 for SS. Had a little battle with Venom and that was pretty much it. 
Well done to Irun and the rest of the podium. Unlucky Grumps.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 9: Singapore Grand Prix (15/07/2018) 8:00pm UK time
Qualifying: 10th?

Tried something different but didnt work. Didn't have the pace for a top 5 anyway

Race: DNF

Got a good start but lost it in the second phase, losing loads of positions. Made some up thanks to others and ended up behind Venom. Little battle with Clyde then right behind venom again. I decided to pit early onto US to force the undercut which worked well. But i was carrying 2 pens for corner cutting. The gap hovered around the 5.5 sec mark. I caught Hulk up near the end, had a tussle for a couple of laps. Made a move and was put in the barrier, lost half my front wing race over. Im not sure what happened but judging by the silence and the fact he was carrying front end damage i assume he tapped me during a spin, or just took me out. Anyway on we go to Monza, what comes around goes around.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 9: Singapore Grand Prix (15/07/2018) 8:00pm UK time
1. Will you be racing?
2. Will we get another rain affected race?
Hope not , im not good round here at the best of times
3. What are your hopes for this race?
To finish, hopefully with a point or two
4. How many finishers will we have?
75% of starters
5. With just 5 races to go, what are your thoughts on the season so far?
I've had some good races pace wise but failed to score a podium so far. The quality of the field is such that a 4th place for me is as good as a win
6. This race will take place just after the World Cup final, who are you supporting, if anyone?
Yes, im watching as i type. Not too worried who wins as long as its a good game. So far ( france have just scored their 2nd) its been good
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 7: Chinese Grand Prix (01/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Qualifying: 9th

Did a 3 lap practice just to get my eye in. Went out on my second proper run, lit up the times with purple through first 2 sectors only to be blocked by my own team mate on the long right hander before the back straight. As a result had to start the race with 4 lap old SS

Race: 6th

Had a good battle with miles for the first 5/8 laps. Pitted for S on lap 10 and spent the rest of the race looking at the back of blues car. Never really had a chance to overtake. Overall really happy with my race, I had some good pace and didnt even get one corner cut warning.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 7: Chinese Grand Prix (01/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Will you be racing?


2. Are you a fan of the Shanghai circuit?

No, the first corner is a bastard. After that its not too bad

3. So far we've had 5 different winners this season, how many more different winners will we have?

Lots of guys capable of winning, luck plays a big part as well as pace. I cant see grumps going all season without a win, nor Hulk

4. What are you hoping for in F1 2018?

Not too worried about safety car, just a better online bug free experience.

5. Who will win the world cup?

Not Germany  :D
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 5: British Grand Prix (17/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Cheers Irun, in hindsight probably should have given last night a miss.

Qualifying: 13th

No practice and it showed. On thursdays practice with Frome I managed a 1:27.6. A second off that last night.

Race: DNF

Chose Softs to start on, got a good start, bit cautious so i didnt hit Dave into the first corner. Got tagged going into the 3rd corner which put me out wide down wellington. I'm not sure what happened at the left hander at the end. Lost it big time, spun into the barrier knocking my front wing off. By the time i'd slipped across the track no end of times i was 30 secs behind the next car and in danger of being lapped. Decided to pit and retire. Was willing to leave ps4 on in game til the end but got permission from grumps to leave.

Onto next week
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 5: British Grand Prix (17/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Will you be racing?
2. Should we have had the extended break?
I think next time we clash with a live f1 race, we should just race as normal. Canada was the most boring race i've seen for a number of years
3. Can anyone catch Irun and Josh?
Probably not
4. Are you expecting a good result this weekend?
Top 6 would be a great result for me
5. What is your favourite F1 season?
'86 was good. Mansell was on fire and should have won the title. '88-'91 Senna v Prost. the golden generation of F1 imo, loved the hate those two had for each other
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 4: Belgian Grand Prix (03/06/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Qualifying: 11th

Had no wet set up so just went with a dry one with a few adjustments. I went out on high fuel just to see how the car felt. I think i did 4 full laps, each time going quicker. On my last full lap i just touched the curb at Eau Rouge/Raidlion which invalidated my lap. If it hadnt it would have been good enough for top 3.

Race: 5th

WTF was all that at the start. Most were cautious at the first corner then BANG, all mayhem broke out. I ended up hitting a sideways Renault which resulted in yellow front wing damaged. I decided not to pit as i was keeping up with the two force indias in front of me. I took the gamble and pitted on lap 10 for SS and to change my wing. Wrong choice tbh. Kingdon pitted and came out on inters. I took 4 sec out of him straight away. Once i'd catch up it was like watching Jason Plato. Not only was he all over the road, and in one instant tried to knock me off the track at Stavelot, then again weaving all over the track, on and off at Eau Rouge. His lag was just awful. I had no real idea where he was, it was like he was brake checking me. Then again maybe it wasnt lag just his Touring car style driving.
Anyway go by him in the end, put my head down  but all those on Softs were quicker. Gained 5th through others mistakes but i'll take that bearing in mind i drove 10 laps with a damaged front wing.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 4: Belgian Grand Prix (03/06/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Will you be racing?
Hope so
2. Are you a fan of the Spa circuit?
Yep, one of my favourites.
3. How has the start of the season went for you?
Not too bad,  picked up points every race. Disappointed with my team mate tbh.
4. What real life driver's career do you feel your own PSGL 'career' is most comparable to?
Perez, mid field most of the time but every now and again is right up there
5. Would you drop Monaco from the calendar?
No, there's more to racing than overtaking
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 3: Bahrain Grand Prix (27/05/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Qualifying: 18th

I'm miles off the pace round here so just did a sighting lap. Even if i'd have hit my best TT time it would have only got me 13th. Watched a great lap by Dougie on what looked like no asists.

Race: 9th

Decided to go with Mediums. Got a good start but was put off by the lagging McLaren. Not sure who it was but it was jumping all over the shop.
Drove around for 16 lap then pitted for S just before Josh overtook me.
Took me 11 laps to catch 10th but ran out of extra fuel trying. Followed Hulk over the line to finish 9th. From 18th on the grid not a bad result.
The last time we raced this track in F4 i was 3rd, just over a second from 1st  :(

Onto Belgium, looking for a top 8 their :)
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 3: Bahrain Grand Prix (27/05/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
1. Will you be racing?

Oh yeah.

2. Who has surprised you in the opening two rounds?

No one really, things have gone pretty much as i expected

3. What are your aims for Bahrain?

I say it every week but to finish in the top 10 is gonna be a bonus here. I hate this track and im slow which means i wont do much practice

4. What do you usually do for practice, if you practice at all?

i might do a couple of off line 50% races to test tyre wear, i know its different online, and might do some TT

5. Will Irun make it three in a row?

Quite possibly, but there are others too that can challenge. Josh looks good this season. Grumps is due a good result and defending champ Blue looked good in Brazil

6. Who will win in Monaco this Sunday?

I hope Lewis does but wouldn't mind seeing Danny Ric. As long as Vettel doen't.