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Season Three / Re: [F4] Round 11 - Japanese GP
Best qualifying of the season in 6th. Hit the back of Friso at turn one and had a yellow front wing, dunno what happened at turn 1 on lap 1 found myself been squeezed on the grass, if anyone can shed any light on what happened at turn 1?

Went into the hairpin braking later than Lars hit the back of him which destroyed my front wing completely later in the lap then drive through for speeding in the pit lane after that my race was done. Felt I had the pace for a good points finish here.
Season Three / Re: [F4] Round 1 - Australian GP 30/04/2017
I had a a few battles with Venom during the race who unfortunately had wing damage, ran consistently between 6th and 9th all race. I had decent pace but too many scruffy laps let me down. Make one critical error on the exit of the second chicane where I got on the grass and damaged my wing which severely hampered my pace after the last pit window. Before that Simo through a dive bomb down my inside which I thought was a bit aggressive and the gap was never there. Final stint on SS and running 5th with Cheater Cheater and WarrenHague behind me on fresher tires, Cheater made his way past me and with 2 laps to go I had an incredibly fast Hague right on my gearbox. With extremely worn tires and tyre wear above 80% I took the decision to not risk a bottle and a puncture by pushing the tires too far and let him by. Finishing 7th with tyre wear on 90% on the final lap, real heart in mouth moment all the way through the lap hoping the left front will hold out.