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Formula 5 League (F5) / [F5] Canadian Grand Prix
Next stop on the calendar brings the PSGL F5 grid to Montreal by the St Lawerence freeway, a beautiful setting for what should be a spectacular Grand Prix. Named after the legend Gilles Villeneuve, this circuit always throws up a classic.

There have been some spectacular racing and hair racing moments in years gone by. Who can remember that incredible Robert Kubica crash in which the Pole was lucky to walk away from.

With three DRS points, overtaking here is a real possibility, the long straight down to the famous Wall of Champions provides the best opportunity along with the option of the switchback at the hairpin before that. Being a tight circuit the first lap will be interesting as the cars sort themselves out.

Not forgetting the unusual pit exit as you join on the racing line for turn 2. Also speeding in the pit lane here is a real possibility given the top speeds you pick up down the long straight.

What are your predictions for the podium here?
What do you think it takes to be a world champion in PSGL?
How did the last round go for you?
What is your favourite thing about this track?
Formula 5 League (F5) / [F5] British Grand Prix
The home of F1 is the venue for the third round of the season, the new redesigned layout has caused plenty of good close racing throughout the years.

We have legendary corners like the old T1 Copse, the fast twisty maggots and beckets abs he redesigned abbey.

There are two DRS zones with the most prominent isevdown the Hanger straight.

Silverstone, an old RAF air field first hosted a F1 race in the inaugural 1950 season. There are many teams located near by so it is considered a home race for most of the grid.

Who do you think will win the title this season after the first 3 rounds?
Who do you think will qualify on pole?
Do you think Silverstone still has a future on the F1 calendar?
Which do you prefer old layout or current layout?
Formula 5 League (F5) / [F5] Chinese Grand Prix
Round 2 of the 11 round championship takes us to China and the Shanghai International Circuit. First held in 2004, China has been a main edition on the early calendar for over a decade now. With its tricky turn 1 and long back straight, there are opportunities to overtake. The tricky right hander on to that long back straight though will be important, a poor exit will leave you completely vulnerable all the way down the the hairpin.

Last time out in Australia TheSpaniard won relatively comfortably, he will be looking to follow up his first victory on his PSGL debut with another here.

How do you feel your first race went?
What is your thoughts on the racing so far in F5 after one round?
Who is favourite for pole here?
Favourite moment at the Chinese GP?
Formula 1 2018 / Re: F1 2018 - Stewards' Office
In my defence I am 100% adamant I got a shunt as I had already broke early for the corner, as I was initially on the inside before that footage starts, I don’t enter the corner at that speed, my corner speed increases as I go into the corner, after I felt the hit I actually had my finger nowhere near the accelerate button. Why would I increase my corner speed going into the corner after braking, unfortunately I have no footage but from this day I will be recording my footage as I don’t trust some of the drivers we have in this league having not raced with them before.

Any pen I think will be harsh as I am adamant I got shunted into the corner but will accept any decision that is made.
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: [F5] Round One: Australian Grand Prix
How do you feel your pre-season race went?
Well, 4th place finish
Which track are you enjoying the most on the current game?
What made you want to take part in league racing?
How many years have you been playing F1 games?
F1 96
Formula 5 League (F5) / [F5] Round One: Australian Grand Prix
Australia hosts the start of the new F5 season, the first on F1 2018. A street circuit with run-off areas Australia is a twisty track with some challenging corners, two chicanes and fast middle sector. The second chicane being the trickiest and easiest to cut.

For the first time ever there will be three DRS zones, one on the main straight, one on the run down to turn 3 and one after the second fast chicane. These are the only places to overtake around Albert Park.

Track image to follow!!!

How do you feel your pre-season race went?
Which track are you enjoying the most on the current game?
What made you want to take part in league racing?
How many years have you been playing F1 games?
Formula 5 League (F5) / [F5] Austrian GP- Pre Season
Welcome to the the first pre season race for F5 on the new F1 2018.  Austria won the vote and will be our host around the Red Bull ring.

Turns 1 and 2 will provide the best overtaking opportunities here, with DRS available on the main straight into T1 and down into T3.

What are your expectations for the season?

Who will be the top 3 in the first pre season race?

Who will win the Singapore GP?

What is your earliest memory of the Austrian GP

Season Three / Re: [F4] Round 11 - Japanese GP
Best qualifying of the season in 6th. Hit the back of Friso at turn one and had a yellow front wing, dunno what happened at turn 1 on lap 1 found myself been squeezed on the grass, if anyone can shed any light on what happened at turn 1?

Went into the hairpin braking later than Lars hit the back of him which destroyed my front wing completely later in the lap then drive through for speeding in the pit lane after that my race was done. Felt I had the pace for a good points finish here.
Season Three / Re: [F4] Round 1 - Australian GP 30/04/2017
I had a a few battles with Venom during the race who unfortunately had wing damage, ran consistently between 6th and 9th all race. I had decent pace but too many scruffy laps let me down. Make one critical error on the exit of the second chicane where I got on the grass and damaged my wing which severely hampered my pace after the last pit window. Before that Simo through a dive bomb down my inside which I thought was a bit aggressive and the gap was never there. Final stint on SS and running 5th with Cheater Cheater and WarrenHague behind me on fresher tires, Cheater made his way past me and with 2 laps to go I had an incredibly fast Hague right on my gearbox. With extremely worn tires and tyre wear above 80% I took the decision to not risk a bottle and a puncture by pushing the tires too far and let him by. Finishing 7th with tyre wear on 90% on the final lap, real heart in mouth moment all the way through the lap hoping the left front will hold out.