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GT Archives / Re: [DTM] Round 2: Interlagos
1 Yesss iam racing tonight!

2 ill b racing Interlagos weds GT and then Thurs F7.  May as well get it over with in one week, not got the best history at this track shall we say ha ha

3 I think the fuel reduction will be a good thing, more fuel management should create a bit more of a tactical battle 
GT Archives / Re: [DTM] Round 1: Catalunya
1 Yeah i will be racing

2 like the AMG used it back in season 1 so hopefully that's gonna help being used to the car

3 I have a feeling it's gonna be the BMWs but it's gonna be real close
GT Archives / Re: [F458] Round 5: Red Bull Ring
First of all i will apologise for missing the last few race threads i should hang my head in shame  :emb:

1. Do you think the chasing pack can start to claw flyingfrome back in, or is his championship lead too much?

You never know, zebra looks pacey but Frome is in a strong position and knows how to close out a season

2. Will we get a new race winner this week?

Yeah i think its always possible with these cars and the grid being so close!

3. Will kablo swear at some cones again?
100% ha ha
like jrabay suggests i will more then likely get some air time

GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 6: Suzuka
Yeah al be there!
On a whole the x bow has been terrible for me, jus couldnt quite fine the balance with the temprimental bast**d ha ha
But as always been great racing with u all n dad to say good bye to venom and Frag
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 5: Brands Hatch
Yeah al b there!

 A 10 and a 40 min race is probs better

Hmm maybe a gr4 or gr3, would like a bit more power next season ha ha! Single series tho to keep things as leval as possible, maybe a lambo as there is a real lambo super trofeo series?