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Race Calendar and Results / Re: [GT3 911] Round 4: Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A
1. Really happy, first races of the season for me so I'm satisfied with what I achieved.
2. Haven't driven it but I'd say a 7.
3. 681? Is that the answer?
4. Love getting to make my way through the grid, not all the time do I get to experience this much battling so I'm really happy to do this, really improves your driving and improves trust with others. I also get to battle soooo much expeeeeeeerience so that's fun too.
5. Noope, everything looks good rn.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 3/15 - Brazil
1. How do you feel about your result last race?
Amazing, McLaren on the podium and a championship! Couldn't have been better!

2. Thoughts on Chinese GP?
Max is an idiot.

3. How do you rate your season in FP?
9/10, I've literally done almost everything perfectly, had it not been for Italy and Monaco it would have been a 10.

4. Are you happy with the way the league has been run? What could be improved for next season?
Great stuff from AMSterdam and OogieBoogie, everything is perfect, only things I ask for are no Saubers and less McLarens ;)

5. Whats been the best race this season?
Mexico, 2 stop win, perfect race for me, Monaco too for the comeback and Japan for the 3rd in McLaren.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 13 - United States
1. How do you feel about your result last race?
Great to win again, extending my lead further so I'm happy!

2. What did you make of the Australian Grand Prix?
Liked that Vettel won, but it will be Merc dominance for the whole season.

3. Can anybody stop ash from winning the title now?
One or two bad races and anything is possible.

4. Do you agree with the approach Haas take to F1? (Buying a lot of parts from Ferrari)
If it works it works, if it helps them win, I don't mind.

5. What's your favourite brand of chocolate?
Any chocolate in general, apart from very hard ones that you have to really try to bite into.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 12 - Mexico
1. How do you feel about your result last race?

I'll take it, McLaren is horrible so I'll take what I can get, hopefully no more McLarens for the remaining season, they have changed me.
2. Who will finish on the podium this weekend in Melbourne?

Vettel, Verstappen, Hamilton - in no particular order.

3. Whats the best overtake you've done so far in the F1 2017 league races?

SauPaulo in F3 Hungary, best divebomb of my career.

4. Toughest competitor you've raced against in PSGL?

AMS, Louis, BigC, Cliffy and Greeny, all of these guys are beast and very difficult to beat.

5. Any other predictions for the 2018 F1 season?

Kubica to come in mid-season, random unexpected podium and a podium/race win for Hulkenburg/Sainz.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 11 - Italy
1. How do you feel about your result last race?

Satisfied, ultimate power track to get a 6th in McLaren, going to lose some more points in Italy but hoping to retain as much as I can.

2. Who will be the 4th best team in 2018, Renault, McLaren, Haas, Force India, or someone else?

Haas, they seem great on speed, podium is definitely possible with their pace right now.

3. What's your favourite moment at Monza in league racing?

2016 S2 F6, first podium, did a 1 stop and managed to get 3rd, was literally sweating after that race.

4. Are you happy with how the cars have been allocated this season, and if not, why?

Meh, average, but I suppose I kinda deserve it, really bummed about McLaren for Belgium AND Italy, but oh well, big leads come with big prices I guess.

5. Which game has been better for league racing, F1 2016 or F1 2017?

2016, more overtakes, more strategy, more racing.