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Formula 1 2018 / Formula Performance Challenge Cup Sign-Up & Information Thread
Hello all,

As everyone is aware, the PSGL leagues will not be running a third season and as such I will instead be running the FP challenge cup to fill Tuesdays from April to June.

Details can be found in the graphic below:

The Calendar is as follows:

Beyond the rules written above, the rest will remain the same as followed during a regular season of FP or indeed an equal league.

Any questions either leave in this thread or feel free to message me privately!

All are welcome, whether you've raced in a normal FP season or not. To sign up just fill in this form below:

Equal League raced in last season:
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
My response to Likkle's accusations:

Firstly I'd like the stewards to note this rule: "Drivers must post in a mature manner, any derogatory posts which involve finger pointing, instigating an argument, or any abusive posts, will be deleted and the appeal rejected." Likkle's post clearly accuses me of intentionally taking him out, which is finger pointing by anyone's definition, and were it someone else being accused would probably also instigate an arguement. The YouTube clip is also inappropriate and certainly not neutral.

Responding to the incidents themselves, you can see very early on in Likkle's video he makes it three wide going into the hairpin, and then proceeds to drive the exit like nobody else is on the track, even though I'm alongside and Sambam is in there somewhere. This is followed by my move two corners later, which I'm not even going to defend, I decided to combat his aggressive driving with some of my own.

The other set of incidents is similar, at 2:50 onwards you can see I manage to clear likkle easily on the straight but he decided to chuck one down the inside from miles back as he said himself. So again, annoyed at his aggressive manner I tried a move at a corner that isn't really an overtaking spot (although we were side by side before the braking zone, so it wasn't that outrageous) and the result was the incident at 3:25. Note that he also calls me a "shit cunt", I mean that's his level of respect when on the track. End of the day, if I make a clean overtake and your response is a silly divebomb, what am I supposed to do? You force people to try risky manoeuvres, and perhaps this is why despite his brilliant pace, he's only managed to score once in eight races, and I've managed to score in six out of eight whilst my pace is clearly inferior.

Overall, I believe I gave what I recieved. If Likkle wants to drive overly aggressively against me, or anybody else for that matter, then you'll get it all back your way. It's a shame because I may have been on for some good points, but I'm not being disrespected on the track in that fashion.

My view:

Edit: I'll just clarify as well since it was one of his accusations, I absolutely didn't intentionally take him out, but I think that should be quite clear.

Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

Drivers involved: Me, TomAJ

What Happened: I was leading the race having defended for many laps from Tom, he'd been struggling to make a move stick on me for a while. Then as you can see above we're coming into a fast right hander, he's only maybe half way up the inside but I left him plenty of room as not to cause an accident, but despite this he proceeds to take it as you would if nobody was actually there and it results in me losing position and time to him. It was particularly frustrating given I knew how fast he'd be in clean air (meaning I'd never get a chance to re-take position), and indeed he managed to gain a 4.6 lead on me in a matter of 6 laps.

How did it affect your race: Lost out on a potential, hard earned victory
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
 Video Link:
Incident 1

Incident 2

      Time of Incident in Video: All
      Drivers involved: Me, Bugatti
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: FP

      What happened: Bugatti on both occasions divebombs me to make a move, causing contact. The one at copse is especially dangerous as it's very easy to lose the car like that on older tyres. He failed to return the position on either occasion. 

      How did it affect your race: We ended up swapping positions, the first one cost me time to AMK, I would have had the DRS on him down hangar straight. Not a huge effect overall but this is now the second week running he's made silly moves on me.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

Time of Incident in Video: All
Drivers involved: Me, Irun, Likkle, Freddie, Frome
League FP
What happened: Irun continuously forced me off the track all race, he also fought very hard and very needlessly on his aging soft tyres causing chaos behind, causing damage to a few cars and losing us all masses of time. Absolutely no respect for other drivers was shown. Seemed to be racing purely with the intention of ruining some races, because his strategy made no sense at all, pitting so late and being so defensive...

How did it affect your race: Ruined my race, was fighting Ash for the win but picked up damage early on in my Medium stint due to Irun's frankly baffling lack of apex speed and nearly picked up more due to brake checking(?) in sector 3. I just don't understand why you'd fight so hard against someone who isn't in the same race? Another driver made a similar comment in the FP chat.

Very disappointed to be treated like that by a respected driver, I was entitled to more space on several occasions and it was never given. This level of aggression is not required to defend a position.
Formula Performance Championship (FP) / [FP] Drivers and Teams - Season 22

1: Team A & A (AMS & Abiodun)

2: Gunda Chunga Unna F1 Racing (Joelianomanu & Irun_F1)

3: Hulkindiexpress (Oogie_Azeem & Hulkenburger)

4: HagueTyler (WarrenHague & JackTyler)

5: Racer Bliss (Racer & Fraggle)

6: Golden Oldies (Grumpy & Frome)

7: Team Pi (Ashbest & AMK)

8: DCFC Racing (Dano & Sutty)

9: JPLikklewood (Likkle & JP)

10: Tomofin (TomAJ & Juho)