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Gran Turismo Sport / Re: [GT Sport] FIA Road Safety Management Team
Drivers Involved: ijsimo and nitrogash
Video Evidence:
Description of Evident Content: video from my chase cam shows nitrogash cutting across the track when I'm alongside, forcing me into the barrier
How did that affect your race: cost a lot of time which prevented me challenging for that position anymore
Has the drivers involved rectified the issue: no

The Safety Team felt that nitrogash is at fault for making contact between the drivers due to Illegal Blocking.
We agreed that action taken by nitrogash was an example of Dangerous Driving. Nitrogas waited for ijsimo to get alongside him which after he moved across to force ijsimo into a wall at the braking in Turn 11.

After the contact, ijsimo went into the wall and spun out which caused him to lose significant time and a chance to battle for position.


We felt that this was a case of giving out an Official Reprimand to the driver for his on-track actions.
Nitrogash will have 0.5 points added to his Driver License.
Gran Turismo Sport / [GT Sport] FIA Road Safety Management Team

PSGL Gran Turismo Sport Management of Road Safety Team.
Respective Members of the team:
- mrstim96
- fragglepaul
- mrgrumpy20
- KABLO1984

Welcome to Road Safety Management thread! Here you can submit evidence from an incident you had with another driver during a course of the race. You can also use extra evidence such as:
- Evidence from other drivers' car
- Evidence from Official Race Broadcast(Stream/Race Replay)

When submitting evidence you MUST follow the form
- Drivers Involved:
- Video Evidence:
- Description of Evident Content:
- How did that affect your race:
- Has the drivers involved rectified the issue:

After the Evidence was reported, the opposite side has 24 hours to submit video Evidence from their Point of View. If Reported side has not submitted their evidence, the Management Team will come up with a sufficient penalty for the driver that caused the incident.

List of Penalties that can be issued to the Drivers: 
- Reprimand (See below for extra information)(0.5 License Points)
- Time penalty between 5 and 20 seconds(0-3 License Points. NOTE: Amount of Points will be dependant on the penalty itself)
- Place Penalty for Completed race or Next race(1 License Point)
- Qualifying ban for the next event(Received when a Driver reaches 6/12 License Points)
- Race ban for the next racing event(Received when a Driver reaches 12/12 License Points)
- Removal from the league (agreement from all stewards and an agreement from league admins for this process to take place)

License Points:
Over the course of the season, each Driver will have his own Drivers License and 12 points allocated to their license.

If a driver receives 6 out of 12 License Points he will receive a Qualifying ban for next event. If the driver that received this penalty fails to serve it , he will receive a further penalty from the Team.

If a driver received 12 out of 12 License Points, they will receive a Race Ban there for, they will miss one out of two races during that weekend.

Extra Notes:
- Reprimands: If a Driver receives a Reprimand that means that he has been warned that after their incident, further contribution in resolving incidents with other Drivers will resolve in further consequence. There for, they have to be more careful on track.


License Points:
- mrstim96 - 0/12
- flyingfrome - 0/12
- mrgrumpy20 - 0/12
- ijsimo - 0/12
- fragglepaul - 0/12
- wocko25 - 0/12
- ashbest122 - 0/12
- alex49488 - 0/12
- ChIcKeN_OwNzzzz - 0/12
- THE-REAL-ELLO - 0/12
- mattyking101 - 0/12
- JuhohFin - 0/12
- bluemosquito - 0/12
- nitrogash - 0.5/12
Formula 1 2017 / Re: #JusticeForBadBoy
So you're saying that I decided to storm into the pits? I bloody slowed down but sped by like 2kmph. What you trying to achieve is a waste of time. Only thing you will achieve is the rule get written down in the rules and no more.

Now you're doing some stupid thing that will change nothing. Also I'll repeat my question which I'm still waiting an answer for.

- Why was this raised up by a Non-F3 driver? Has he asked you to do that? If not, you can't make arguments against something that you're not a part of or have nothing to do with.

Also how hard is it to accept decision of admins/directors/site administrators?
Formula 1 2017 / Re: #JusticeForBadBoy
I don't see why this has been brought up by someone who isn't in f3 and is clearly friends with Badboy. From that you making it look like you are making a buyest decision towards your friends. Same happened in your league.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: #JusticeForBadBoy
Right this is annoying me.

Just to out everything to place.

- I run F3 Twitter page WITH other admins and they help me write posts sometimes and they have their say in posts too.
- I had NO say in this decision and it was down to F3 admins and admins team of PSGL.
- From investigation the game is right with maths adding only 5s but displaying is wrong as it shows 10s.
- PSGL DOES NOT run FIA rules. The f1 2017 game DOES NOT use complete set of rules. Hence why FIA rules and Game functions are different.
- As @Hulkenburger has mentioned it, PSGL has it's own rules. SINCE S1 when this issue was discovered EVERY CASE that when SOMEONE got 5s stop go and don't serve it in pits, it's 5s to the race time as Hulk mentioned most admins agree with this.

Also bringing Rule 38.3 Part A
 A five second time penalty. The driver must enter the pit lane, stop in his pit stop position for at least five seconds and then re-join the race. The relevant driver may however elect NOT TO STOP, provided he carries out no further pit stop before the end of the race. In such cases FIVE seconds will be added to the elapsed race time of the driver concerned.
Announcements / Re: PSGL Maintenance 17/02/2018
Spending a bit of time of PC I must admit that I like the new forum. I know I said before that I don't but using a PC it looks really good. Only thing is a bit hard to look at is poll results. The grey text is merging with the white background so maybe the text could be a bit darker so it's easier to see? Anyway I like this forum, PC version at least.

Good job T-S on it. HTML and CSS coding isn't the easiest programming language so I respect the work you put into this.
Announcements / Re: New Forum - Raise issues and report bugs
We appear to missing a number of threads from the FIFA section, I’ll raise this with T-S and see if they can be found some how.

In terms of the table in the block at the top of the forum section, we are looking to bring that back. However, it was a custom mod made by T-S for the old forum platform so it’s not a straightforward swap over to this platform.

There are a lot of threads that have gone missing somewhere. GameBlast from last year is gone nearly completely, some F1 standings gone as well and still aren't appearing. Fifa as well.

Also can there be any new way of doing the table for example setting it to a different style? As a bit of a change.
Fortnite / Re: Fortnite Discussion
I love snipers on this game. Usually get about 5+ kills a game with a sniper and few with assault rifle