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Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Findings

F1: Hellboy and Boywithnoface

We were all shocked and sad to see this incident and resulted in some heated discussion among the stewards and league admins as to what to do.We know Josh over many years, and without wanting to sound like a Match of the Day pundit, he isn't a dirty player/driver. However, we are all capable of a moment of madness and unfortunately this appears to have taken the form of this incident. It is an ugly incident, and i don't think Josh would disagree. Irrespective of what was happening in the build up this is the wrong way to handle things, you can't take another driver out intentionally whoever you are.

The list of penaltys which the stewards use stipulates a permanent ban for taking out another driver, with stewards discretion. We have taken Boywithnoface's long presence and contribution to PSGL over time and the fact that this incident was so out of the ordinary into consideration. But, equally, we can't show favouritism in an incident of this sort.

Boywithnoface has been removed from the F1 and other PSGL F1 2017 leagues for the remainder of the season. This is absoutely not a permanent site/league ban.

Good decision. Apologies to Greeny, Irun, Joel, Tej, BigC and hulk; I've enjoyed my time with you.

I will be back...