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GT Archives / Re: Round 8: Interlagos
No qualifying for me & an alternative strategy for both races, might as well try to make it a bit more entertaining for myself.

GT Archives / Re: Round 8: Interlagos
1. The 1 race i did show up for went quite well, maintaining a 100% of winning every race i've been in & getting a title for it
2. The usual i guess, but i'll probably skip quali from now on
3. Would prefer it to remain Gr.3
4. Nope

Since there was no Maggiore thread, i'll post my race here instead.

GT Archives / Re: Round 6: Hell
1. Yeah
2. Not sure if i'll be back next season, so no comment
3. Pad
4. Nordschleife
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 5: Mount Panorama
1. Results wise it couldn't have gone any better
2. Same as before, to win both titles
3. Depends on a few things, whether or not it remains a GT3 championship, the size & overall quality of the field.
4. Pretty decent, although not a firm favourite
5. Mountain
Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Time of incident in video: All of it
Drivers involved: Remco
League: F1
What happened: For whatever he thought there was going to be restart during lap 1 so stopped driving seriously & deliberately drove into the back of me, causing me to lose alot of time & multiple positions.
How did it affect your race: Cost me time & positions
Did the driver rectify the issue: Nope
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 4: Brands Hatch
1. Yep
2. Suzuka probably
3. Has to be the title considering where I am
4. 911 RSR just pips a large group of other Gr.3 cars
5. Harry & mallucm are the most likely suspects
6. Peugeot
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 2 Yamagiwa
I'll post this here since there's no round 3 thread.

My best quali lap ever with this car, yet a terrible Renault embarrassed me.  :D
Sprint race was messy at the start & quickly bailed out of my original strategy, but it all worked out in the end.
Feature race was hectic in the opening laps as you would expect, but again managed to get through the chaos & take another fortunate win.

Relieved that me hosting wasn't a complete disaster & we got through it relatively on time, but hopefully we don't have a grid as small as that again this season.

GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 2 Yamagiwa
Qualifying: 1st - Could have got another 1 - 2 tenths out of it, but it got the job done.

Sprint Race: 1st - Pretty straight forward after lap 1, was able to keep a gap to the car behind despite never being able to use full power.

Feature Race: 1st - Very hectic opening few laps again, managed to get through it intact & after that it was all about catching shortbread & then battling Harry for the win, very happy with my overall performance again.

GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP
Highlights from yesterday, nice to get pole & a couple of wins after an unhappy spell with F1.  :D

GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP
1. Yeah
2. Happy with the car, we'll see what happens regarding a teammate
3. Challenge for a title
4. Nurburgring 24h layout
5. Okay with it, something different from what I've done previously