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Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Remco Vengeance continues to stand on the sideline

As a new season of PSGL action is about to start, the familiar name of Remco Vengeance remains absent on the sign up lists across all leagues.

The Dutch driver who has competed in 197 PSGL races quit mid season after a poor run of form and told Sky Sports F1 that he has no desire yet to get his racing gloves back on.

"I am very pleased with how I stand in life at the moment. I have a great job, which at the moment has my full attention. Unfortunately League racing hasn't been part of that life since a couple of months. A few weeks back I did some research on joining a competitive grid, but there was nothing of my liking. I'm pretty certain that I will be back in the future, but for now I continue to stay on the sideline. The last thing I want to do is for me to make a quite exit through the backdoor, the people will always remember me as a Champion whetever they'll like it or not. I am eager to get back into the action, but now is not yet the time."
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion

FIA are looking at the Assen track in the Netherlands. Could go Zandervoort but I think we’ll be expecting a Dutch GP in the next 3 years

I thought Zandervoort would need significant upgrades to be able to host an F1 race?

It’s ideally located as you can get a train/tram straight out of Amsterdam and be there in 30mins I believe. I think they have had noise restrictions in place which has limited the number and type of races it can host. Money talks though, and they have to look long term over the next 15 years Verstappen will be in the sport. Whoever has the brain cells and balls to put the deal together will make a ton of money. Assuming they don’t get dicked by FOM for hosting fees.

Agree on all points here Fish, noise complaints is what killed the Dutch GP back in the 80's in the first place. Besides that both tracks are horrible for overtaking, and I believe both will need updates on and off track in order to work. Would rather see Zandvoort have it since it's closer to my place and it's easier to get there than Assen.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion
Our Dutch commentator giving the news that the races might be moved towards 14:10 (UK Time) as starting time so it won't clash with the World Cup Football.