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Premiership Fixtures and Results / Re: FIFA 18 Premier League - Contact Your Opponent
For the people trying to play games against me:

I am seeing your messages, im not ignoring them i just cant answer on my phone and i haven't got the time to log onto my PlayStation to respond. I have 3 exams in the next 4 days in my final year at university so that takes precedence over anything else.

From Thursday (25th) i should be more available as exams will be over but i do plan on enjoying a few beverages at the end ???? i will be alot more active from next week
PSGL FIFA Football Leagues / Re: FIFA 18 League and Cup Discussion
With just over half the season gone:

Who do you think will win the league?

Who has been the best player you faced and why?

How do you feel your season is going?

What do you think the gap will be between the top 2 at the end of the season?

What was your favourite game of the season and why?
Premiership Fixtures and Results / Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results
Grumpy (PSV) 2-4 (Marseille) Liam

Shots (On Target): 10 (6) - 19 (11)
Possession: 44-56
Passing Accuracy: 79-89

Marseille Scorers: Thauvin x2, Mitroglu x2

This game could have been so different if grumpy had taken his chances and had the lead he deserved at HT. He deservedly took the lead quite early on. Despite being under the cosh i think i levelled only for grumpy to go straight up the other end and take a 2-1 lead. He had a few more chances to extend it before the break as i was struggling but couldn't capitalise so luckily it was only 2-1 at the break.
I made some changes in formation and personell and instantly looked a better player. i near enough matched his 2 up front to push his defence back a bit and create space for my midfielders to do something with the ball and deservedly levelled at that point. The 2nd half was a complete opposite to the first except i was now finishing chances to take a commanding lead and go 4-2 up, one of which was a peach by Thauvin from 30 yards. Straight from KO and with the last kick of the game i almost made it 5-2 but placed wide when well placed in the box. A draw probably would have been fair in this game.

Liam (Marseille) 4-2 (PSV) Grumpy

Shots (On Target) 21 (10) - 6 (4)
Possession 58-42
Passing Accuracy: 88-71

Marseille Scorers

Payet x2, Sanson x1, Njie x1

This game was a bit strange. Grumpy went 1-0 up after a promising start by me. I went up the other end and hit the post, only for grumpy to go up the other end and go 2-0 up with his first two attacks. I had quite a few shots and finally put one in just before HT with a rocket from Payet. 2-1 down again but didnt deserve to be. 2nd half i made the same changes and scored straight from KO with another great finish by Payet and took the lead not long after that. Grumpy missed a chance or two but i was going gung ho at his goal and eventually finished the game late on. Could have scored a 5th again but missed a couple of big chances.

Well Played mate. The first game was harsh on you. GL for the rest of the season.

I need to improve my defending..... conceding 31 goals in 14 games isnt great for the apparent favourite for the title......
To all of those that have played 10 games or more this does not apply to you.

Everyone who has played 8 games or less needs to get games played asap.

Soy and Josh you are on 6. If this doesnt improve by the weekend there are people that will take your place. You have been warned
Premiership Fixtures and Results / Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 5 Results
Liam (Marsille) 5-4 (Lyon) Stim

Shots (On Target) 17 (12) - 9 (8)

Possession 51-49

Passing 83-75

Lyon 2-4 Marseille

Shots (On Target) 13 (6) - 17 (10)

Possession 46-54

Pass Accuracy 77-87

Went behind in both games but managed to somehow scrap the full 6pts after a great performance by stim. wp mate gl with rest of the season
Premiership Fixtures and Results / Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 2 Results
Boywithnoface (Fenerbache) 1-1 (Marseille) Liam
Shots (On Target) 3 (1) - 12 (5)
Possession: 49-51
Passing: 80-88

Marseille Scorer: Payet

Liam (Marseille) 2-2 (Fenerbache) Boywithnoface
Shots (On Target) 12 (9) - 10 (5)
Possession 52-48
Passing 88-82

Scorers: Thauvin, Germain

I knew coming into these games that my 100% record and unbeaten start was going to be under threat as Josh is probably favourite for the title in my eyes and it proved it. 1st game he took an early lead after a well worked goal. The rest of the half was cagey, i managed to get a foothold and scored a screamer with Payet to level. 2nd half i felt i was on top but a mixture of some phenominal defending and goalkeeping kept the game at 1-1 and the points shared. Feel i could have won this won.

2nd game i made a little tweak with the team as with Josh's deep defence i would have to shoot on site sometimes and it paid off straight away as Thauvin scored from the edge of the area, could of been 2 up but missed a chance and josh equalised after a nice flowing move after a mistake by myself. Cant remember when but not for the first time this season i found myself behind as Josh turned the game on its head for 2-1. I changed a couple of players and tweaked the formation. Josh hit the bar as the game became end to end but i hit him on the counter and slotted in with Germain to level. The rest of the game we both had chances. I finished the stronger but couldn't find a winner. But to be honest it would have been harsh on Josh had i won game 2.

I may have dropped 4pts but i have to be happy with not losing in what has been my best ever start to a season on this site in the prem.

Well played mate, good luck for the season. See you at the top of the table at the end of the season
Premiership Fixtures and Results / Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 4 Results
Liam (Marseille) 9-3 (Crystal Palace) Fraggle
Shots (On Target) 24 (15) - 9 (6)
Possession 57-43
Pass Accuracy 91-75

Marseille Scorers Njie, Thauvin, Sanson x2, Germain, Payet, Mitroglou x1

Fraggle (Crystal Palace) 1-3 (Marseille) Liam
Shots (On Target) 8 (4) - 16 (12)
Possession 47-53
Pass Accuracy 85-88

Marseille Scorers Thauvin x2, Germain x1

First game i scored early before Fraggle equalised with a screamer. Fraggle should have taken the lead but missed a great chance and from that point i switched on. Found myself 5-1 up at HT and changed formation to try something new. The 2nd half was alot closer but scored 4 more but again conceded a few which is a bit of an issue. The difference in this game was probably the passing as i was finding my players whereas fraggle was finding me.

2nd game fraggle changed formation cause i told him 5 back dont work and he was instantly better. He should have been leading. After being camped back for 30 minutes i got a grip on the game and missed an open goal and a few chances for 0-0 at HT. 2nd half i changed formation and made more chances but the goals were quite lucky for 2-0 although i should of had 5 with the easy chances i had. Fraggle made it 2-1 but i went up the other end and sealed it.

Ggs mate. the 2nd game was very very tough. Good luck for the rest of the season