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Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Findings
FP - CloudyBaloons

Firstly, the stewards have deemed CloudyBaloons to be at fault for the collision with MrGrumpy. However, taking into account, the pissing around, daft driving, making a mockery of the league and so on throughout Tuesday's race is unacceptable and has no place for league racing especially after he asked Oogie to race despite FP not running the Sauber usually.

If you want to mess around, race in open lobbies. Taking all these things into account, he will serve a one race ban for the next round in Belgium.

@oogiee boogie @AMS97F1
F1 League Rules & Regulations / Re: Additional rules for F1 2017
Updates and rule clarifications

Leaving session

As agreed by the admins for the start of the final season on F1 2017, drivers must not leave the lobby at any point due to the slipstream glitch occurring. The first driver to leave a lobby is subject to a 10-second time penalty for the next race the driver attends in question. If it is deemed to be intentional, the penalty will be occurred. It is at the league admin's discretion to determine and liaise with the driver to see if it was a genuine connection loss and thus is down to the league admin to award the penalty, not the stewards.

Once the first driver leaves the lobby, drivers are free to exit the lobby and will not be awarded a penalty. However, admins stress it would be better if all drivers remain in it until the end of the race.


Any driver who completes over 90 percent of the race distance will be classified as a finisher meaning if a driver crashes out on Lap 27/29 of the Bahrain Grand Prix, and is classified tenth of the runners, will be awarded one point.

If a driver retires on Lap 14/29 of the Bahrain Grand Prix they wouldn't be classified and thus would not be awarded points.

Speeding stop-go penalties

Stop-go penalties for speeding result in a five-second stop-go penalty. If the penalty is given during a driver's final stop, then the stop-go penalty is not served and thus a 5 + 5 penalty is applied by the game. Instead a 5s penalty will be added by the league admin to the driver's race time, not 10s by the game. The final results screen tends not to change the race result properly so it will need to be added manually by the admin.

If the stop-go penalty was awarded and was served during a pitstop, then no additional penalty will be applied, but the penalty will not be able to be removed as it has been deemed to be served, similarly, with drive-through penalties and such.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 20 - Round 3: Bahrain (21/05/18)
Q: 3rd, R: 4th

A strong quali lap, pole was in there but didn't quite nail the middle sector or final corner. A strong position.

Start was reasonable, Jack got a better one but had to brake early so Oogie got ahead. Likkle smashed into the back of me as he braked too late, so a shame for him.

Struggled for pace in the first few laps so dropped out of DRS of Oogie, frame rate didn't help nor did some of the bs in the party chat. Went for the undercut like Oogie but got held by AMS for two seconds so it meant I couldn't undercut Jack and Ash as I would have.

Pace was OK but struggled for traction compared to CC, who got close. Louis and Blizard got through but I wasn't fussed as expected, they got damage.

After Louis tried killing me and Jack, I had to be aggressive and ultimately got the move done for fourth, so a decent result in the circumstances.

Well done to Oogie on his first win in a while and Jack on another podium.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Findings
F3 - @frisostolk_ and @BUA9

From the footage it is clear BUA is clearly at fault for this collision. That corner is very tight so trying to overtake doesn't' make sense, especially on lap one. Due to the fact Friso lost several positions and picked up minor wing damage it is deemed to be a minor collision.

BUA will have a 10-second time penalty applied to his next race time.