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Season Three / Re: F1 2015 Practice/Testing Session Thread
hi all. guess this is the best place to pop this. using a thrust master t300rs and keep getting all locked up going into corners. mainly fronts but happens to both. braking seems all over the place and stops the car quickest at only 50-60% depression on brake pedal. any help would be great...
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock
going online now if anyone fancies an easy win..... "benpowney" is my psn. orig
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock

So this is the new Paddock. For those of you that do not know me I am a former GP2 champion and raced with the Sheepy for the title on f1 2011. I moved up to F1 and was in for a massive shock. The one and only CHRISGORE was the undisputed champion. Unstoppable he was and god did we all try. I have done a Michael Schumacher really. I retired after f1 2012 and took a few years out. I have decided to come back as I miss racing so much. I am fortunate enough to have been put in a red bull alongside a former team mate who has managed to pull some strings and get me a race seat. And a comfy one it is to. The last race didn't go to well for me as an electrical failure ended my race early but I have just completed a solo test day and car feels great so watch out you guys as mojo is back and is here to stay and fight

Bloody hell! you as well....
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock
Good thanks mate. i came on here cos the misses is away this weekend!

So..... I've bought my racing chair downstairs to play on the "big tele" this weekend (i would upload a picture if i knew how!) I'm so out of touch with f1 games now though, i need help on setups etc as I'm getting whacked online!!


is it still 1-1 wings, 1-1, 11-11 suspension blah blah??

PPS. no races on a friday night is there?
General Discussion / Re: Your Racing Career!

Did you have to do your ARDS test Ben? Did you buy the Caterham yourself, or as a group?

Sorry for the late response fish. Yes I did the ARDS (brilliant btw). better value than any of these "experience days" things! honestly, do it!

The caterham i went halves with my mate i met through hire karting. we've now bought our own car each so will be competing against each other next year!

Hope all is well on ps3gl....
Season Three / Re: [F3] Paddock

DRS issues behind them as after 3 races Williams finally sort out the rear wing which has plagued the season so far.

Tejuarr appeared in an upbeat mood "To not race with DRS at Malaysia and Bahrain which is 2 tracks you really feel the advantage of it is disappointing for sure but we showed good raw pace and looking to Austria, Silverstone and Spa with the issue fixed we can look to be quicker, more competitive and hopeful of scoring more points".

On having Dave Skidmore back in the car "Brilliant, we have worked hard in pre season to get a feel for the car and unfortunately for Dave due to injuries we have missed him in the team and we look forward now for sure seeing both cars finishing in the points in what is a competitive grid and hopefully we can show why we believe we are one of the strong pairings on the grid for sure" .

It's like I never left! Tej & Stiggy in a Williams....
General Discussion / Re: Your Racing Career!

1. How can I get into it, you don't say how you just say you can.
2. The link does not work.
3. Are you planning on racing here this year.
4. Have you got project cars.
5. Do you intend to get F1'2015 stay here and not disappear, thank you very much Mr Powney.

Hello Willy Features. Glad to see you're still as funny as ever ;)

1.whats your budget?
2. My website doesn't work?! It does on my computer! Balls!
3. Yes, occasionally. You?
4. Yes sir! its great!
5. maybe. not convinced it will be worth it. is everybody else getting it?
General Discussion / Your Racing Career!
Hi all,

Not quite sure where to put this but thought it may be an interesting concept for some of you. For those of you that don't remember me, I used to race here regularly a few years back and have learnt everything i know about racing on this website. I've recently moved up from sim racing and karting into the big bad world of real life car racing around the UK at tracks like Silverstone, Brands, Donington etc! I'm not here to spout about my achievements, but one thing I want to share with you all is how accessible, easy and sociable participating in this sport can be!

Our race team is on Twitter, Facebook and has its own website -

Please, if anybody has any questions, get in contact- I would love to help any of you out.

All the best.