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GT Archives / Re: Next Season Car Options
I voted for GR.4 as they provide closer racing. Also I would suggest to make the races One Make like so there won't be performance differences and switch to different car for each race. That would work fine I guess... Anyway I won't be there next season, so have fun whatever cars you choose!  :6:
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 5: Mount Panorama
1) How are you doing this season?
Not as good as I wanted tbh, I've missed a few races as well...

2) Whats your aim for the end of the season?
Well this is going to be my last race this season, gutted as I was looking forward for the next races. My shifts at work have changed and I can no longer do friday nights...

3) Are you staying next season?
Sadly not. :'(

4) What do you rate this track
It' s a 6 out of 10 for me...

5) Conrod or Mountain?
Uuuuuhhh...... Mountain? I guess??
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 2 Yamagiwa
Q: 3rd

Didn't expect that at all. My lap was not the best, could easily be a low 31s but i coulnd't put a lap together. At the end of the session I was on a promising lap but we started the session 2 corners before the end of the lap. I beat HracingGreen for 4 thousands of a second which was pretty close....

SR: 4th

I knew that my genesis was not fast compared to other cars and I had to keep HRacing behind only with my own skills but he was pushing hard. From the first corner I was on a defensive role, and couldn't keep him behind for long. He passed me and paul in the same corner. Shortbread came closer and when paul and I made a small mistake and took advantage and passed both of us. Paul then made a mistake and went off so I was hunting down shortbread for 3rd but when I came closer, for some reason he gave up. Me and blueneon passed and from that point we had a long battle for 3rd. But I also had to 'fight' with my hungry genesis. F*CKING FUEL WENT DOWN SO QUICKLY, even if I started on fuel mix 2.  :102: Then I turned it down to mix3 but still it didn't work, I think I even turned it down to 4 and then doqn to 6 at some point, but with a few minutes remaining and only 0,2 lap of fuel in the tank I HAD to pit. So I went in the pits and came out for the final lap with new tires, trying to overtake people and take my position back. Coming in the final corner ash made a mistake and spun, so I (luckily) took the position back and finished in 4th place.

FR: 5th

My start was not the best, I was pushing the guys in front a little and I had a bigger pressure from the guys behind. Right before the chicane I got hit by HRacing a little and lost a few seconds there to make clear overtakes on the guys in front, but thankfully I managed to pass a few before the left hairpin. In the next lap paul hit me in the same place and with the same way but this time I got off the track and lost a few positions going down to 12th and with a shortcut penalty....  :46:
I tried to make my way up the field and soon I was 5th, battling with ash for 4th place. In this 30 min race I should pit once in ~15 min. using fuel mix 1 all the way (and staying longer in the pit box) and coming out with a full tank. And so I did, got into the pits for new tyres and full tank and came out 9th. Other people pitted as well and soon I was again behind ash in 5th  place. I passed him at some point and built a gap of 4,5 seconds. At the second to last lap, I ONLY HAD 0.7 LAP OF FUEL REMAINING!!!!  :14: DAMN that genesis is hungry.... So again I turned to fuel to mix 6 to make it to the finish line. Ash was closing in quickly and was on my tail for the last 2 corners, and with such a big speed difference there was nothing I could do to defence my position. He passed me in the final corner and I finished 5th.....

I really need to sort out my fuel issues, cause it's not so funny to have the pace for a top 3 finish (maybe) and not being able to do so because of that....

Here's my point of view in every session! Long video but it's kinda interesting to watch.


Congratulations to jamie for another pole and double win, amazing performance, and well done to the top 3 for their podiums! Well done!  <ns>

See you all next week guys!  :103:

GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 2 Yamagiwa
RACE DAY!!!!!!  <f1>

Can't wait for the race tonight! I've seen people's lap times and there are so many on low 30s and I can't even beat my 31,7 in the hyundai.....  :20: haven't tried different setups tbh, but the car feels slow anyway. I did a few laps with the peugeot and went down to 31,5 easily, I guess with some effort I could go under 31s, but who cares  :46:

I'll try and record every session, hopefully I'll manage to upload a video too.

See you there!  :101:
GT Archives / Re: [Gt Sport] Round 2 Yamagiwa
1) Are you attending?
99,9% yes

2) Top 3 in both races?
HRacingGreen, Jamie and shortbread or fraggle

3) Thoughts on your race last week?
I think I had the pace to fight for 1 podium finish, but I was unlucky and got some bad results...

4) Favourite livery on the grid?
Jamie's & fraggle's. It's simple and fits the car well!

5) Tea or Coffee?
Coffe!!! Espresso!!!  :105:
GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP
My race:

Q: 4th (1:58,3xx)

Well, at first I qualified in 3rd between flyingfrome and fragglepaul but we had to restart the sprint race because there were people who couldn't get off the starting grid. Then we did the qualy laps again, I managed to do a better lap but fraggle (I think) was a bit quicker this time so I got 4th place.

SR: 10 th

We started the Sprint Race, with rolling start this time to avoid any bugs and it worked great this time. I tried to keep up with the front pack, it looked like I was close to their pace, but there was ashbest behind me who was pushing hard and had the slipstream, so I was always on a defending position. We had a little fight there nice and fair and we were changing positions all the time. At some point I built a small gap and tried to catch the guys in front, but I lost it at the final corner had a big oversteer, tried to save it but ash was already ahead. Then again I caught him, overtook him and pushed hard to build a gap. And then........ I ran out of fuel!  :emb:  :roll: I did a practice race by my own earlier that day with a different car (911) and the fuel was ok for the whole race (set at 1). I noticed at some point that the fuel was low, so I change the setting from 1 to 4, but I managed it only for the 20 min. mark. I didn't except another lap at the end, so my final lap was done at 80 km/h and went from 4th to 12th if I remember well.

FR: 5th

I started 6th behind nitrogash, tried to push but also keep it cool to avoid contacts, I passed him at the second sector and went up to 3rd (KABLO and Rakarov lost control and went off early). Then I had mrgrumpy ahead of me, I was pushing hard to keep it close and make a move when it was possible and I was on his tail for a whole lap. So I found an opportunity at the left hairpin, he went too deep into that corner and had a slow exit, leaving more that enough space for a car to pass, but it looked like he lost the back and went on to the inside where I was already trying to overtake. We contacted twice and I went on the grass, lost some time and went from 3rd down to 7th between ashbest and frome. I made a nice move on ash and passed him after half a lap, mrstim was next which I caught at the end of that lap. I was not completely alongside him at the end of the main straight and also on the outside so gave him enough space on the inside to keep the position, but I tried the move on the inside in the next corner choosing a different line. Being side by side is not ideal in this game cause you have minimum view on your sides so he didn't realise I was there and pushed me slightly to the side which made me go deep into the gravel and lost again many places going from P4 to P11. From that point it felt like it was all over actually, I only tried to get the car home. However some people went off and after 4 laps I was P5 again. I did a few laps on fuel mix 3 to save fuel for the end and also I was quite consistent, so I managed to get behind mrstim for the final lap. I was closing in at the corners but was pulling off at the straights so at the back straight I changed the fuel to 1 to keep up with him for the final chicane. He kinda lost it there going too deep in the first right corner and had a bad exit, I tried to 'jump' next to him which I did, we were side by side for the final few meters but he managed to hold the position after a very close finish, maybe less than a tenth.

(After the SR I was very frustrated with the fuel thing, that I forgot to save the replay...)

Congratulations to Jamie for pole position and the double win, very impressive performance! Well done top 3!  <ns>

I can't say I'm pleased with how things went, my driving was ok, didn't do many mistakes but was unlucky with some of my overtaking attempts. Good racing overall, looking forward to the next one. I'll try and score more points for my team, till then see you around guys!

GT Archives / Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP
1) Are you attending?
Oh, yeah!

2) Thoughts on Teammate and Car choice?
I'm very happy to team up with Juhoh, I know him well from the old f1 leagues and he's a great lad and racer. It'll be fun!

3) Aims for the season?
Get a few podiums and be consistent.

4) Favourite Track on GT Sport?
The Dragon Trail is very nice, definitely my favorite one!

5) Thoughts on the two race format?
It'll work fine!  :)
GT Archives / Re: Gran Turismo Sport League Interest
Hey everyone. Yeah I own a ps4 almost for a year now, and recently I got myself a T300rs and a new TV. So i'm up for some racing... :101:
I also enjoy the new f1 game but I cant figure out what is going on with the new league structure here so didnt try to join one of the leagues... I must be stupid sorry  :102: