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F1 Archives / Re: NAC Tips and Tricks
Cant say anything about goonie statement all correct in my opinion.
I also have only been doing no assist from march just found it more challenging to assist racing.
Im also a pad user cant do wheels im fine with pad its all on feeling for the car dont forget after few laps in tyre wear and track get more grippy in dry ofcourse go abit faster grip will be there.
When exit pits take it easy on first lap tyres no grip at all.
I do struggle abit in rain but due to advice being posted that might help me.
F1 Archives / Re: Round 1: Melbourne, Australia 22nd May 2012
Cant wait for start off in australia my pace is always struggle abit with tyres but thats the fun part.
Im in 2 other league's so i know what to expect.
My teammate jraybay is quick too so as a team we will be a force.
Thanks again my league racing invite cant wait.
respect too all
F1 Archives / Re: F1 2011 - F1 NAC Championship Sign up
I would like to sign up for sim league pls i have a friend to so we would like williams if available pls.
Thankyou again for inviting me too this league :) reply on car if can thankyou.

Wings of Steel :)