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F1 Archives / Re: [F1] Round 14 Suzuka 27/1/13
Qual: 1st

Race: 1st

I knew I had to finish ahead of CG to take the title home. So I was aiming to stay out of trouble and make no mistakes. Irun and I got a good start. He was behind me by 2 sec or less in the first stint, but in 2nd stint he made a mistake and that got me a good gab. And then I could cross the finish line about 19sec down to sec.

I'm so glad I can take this title home.

WD to all in F1 and specially to CG for bringing this title race so close. WD mate :113:
F1 Archives / Goodbye F1, welcome NAC
Hello guys

First and foremost I want to thank you all for a great season.

I've decided to take huge challenge, to make a move to NAC. Of course F1 was a big challenge.

But now that I can not race so much on Sundays. I have decided to retire from F1 and move over to NAC.

It will be a big challenge for me to race in NAC. But I’m ready for that challenge.

Thank you for this time guys, it's been a pleasure.

Good luck to all of you in the coming season

I hope I can finish the season on a high at the last race :)

Best regards

F1 Archives / Re: F1 Tyre Wear
Don't think there is a big difference. But at Malaysia you run with the option there is normally (medium compounds) and primes is (hard compounds)

Hope you understand my danish english :)
F1 Archives / Re: [F1] Round 12-Abu Dhabi GP 13/01/2013
Qual 3rd.

Did not get the best lap I've done around here. But still happy with 3rd, because I knew PRT and Red was fast around here.

Race 2nd.

I stayed with PRT, Red & Irun in the final stint. Pretty happy with that. The last lap I could see the guys in front was battling for 1st place. The I came to the Hotel & Irun had spun and PRT was out of fuel. Then I got 2nd. Really pleased with that.
F1 Archives / Re: [F1] Round 12-Abu Dhabi GP 13/01/2013
I didn't know 1.39.0 was possible :o That's just amazing by RedNeville :113:

I hope it would be a good race for all.. But the pit entrance is a joke. Warning for corner cut even you don't cut the white line.. :-\