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FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: Team Play alternative
I don't think they did mate. I don't know how they manage their job if they don't pay attention to what their costumers like or dislike.
FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: Team Plat alternative
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is also No option of making a lobby for 2v2. Well at least that is what I've seen in the Online Modes lobbies. I hope I'm wrong because I'd like to see or organize a 2v2 league.
FIFA 14 [PS3] / Team Play alternative
So now that we know that there is no Team Play option on FIFA14, I believe Pro clubs are the only solution in hand. I'm not much of an expert on this mode, but I believe organizing a game through it is a bit complicated.

Organizing games

Getting teammates together to play a match can be challenging at time. Via EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC), you can now send messages to all Club members online even if everyone is playing in different modes. Teammates can navigate to EASFC in game, accept the invite and then are taken to the Match Lobby.

So this thread is open for ideas or extra info you might enrich us with to be able to see where we stand and what we can do.
FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: fifa 14
A game that forces me to change the play style I enjoy. Nice.

I'd rather whine and lose than win by headers and crosses.
FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: fifa 14
Flowing passing on FIFA14? Please check the game in your PS3.

FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: fifa 14
None of the guys complained about the game (including myself) are pace abusers in their play style.
FIFA 14 [PS3] / Re: fifa 14
Ok the game is officially making me raging. I might just trade it.