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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 6: British Grand Prix
1 - yes

2 - no

3 - kind of, but it'll probably go the same way as the rest of my races this season.

4 - no, I'm a has-been.

5 - Mercedes, by far. It's absolutely gorgeous. Not just the livery too, it's the whole car that looks gorgeous.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 0: Canadian Grand Prix
1 - yes

2 -  Of course. I have a lot of respect for Betrayer and we've both been racing in PSGL for a very long time. Hard to believe we were last teammates here on F1 2011.

3 - Just to be more consistent. I'm not expecting to finish as high as I did last season, finishing 2nd was a surprise, even after leading most of the season. I'd be happy with a top 5 finish and hope we do well in the constructors. Will be a nice change driving for Ferrari. I don't recall ever driving it in an equal league in my 8 years at PSGL.

4 - Hamilton's 1st win in 2007 and also Jenson's win in 2011.

5 - I reckon Joseph Burns will be the favourite or maybe Spaniard or Nick. Steba will also be up there if he doesn't bottle it and OntoThePodium should do well also.
Formula 4 League (F4) / Re: [F4] Paddock Pass
Grumpy: ‘Hulkenberger on the Pop’

There was a surprise statement as Grumpy spoke to the media to scrutinise championship leader Hulk by stating that he is on the 'pop' and is relaxing with his championship lead, rather than wrapping the title up by  approaching to win the upcoming races.

Grumpy feels that Hulkenberger will not try as hard to win the race at Brazil given his championship lead

“Gamefreaker will win on Sunday I’d have a bet on that if I could,” said Grumpy, ahead of Mercedes’s trip to Brazil.

“I think he’ll win at Brazil, then it depends on what Praga does at Abu Dhabi. So I think he’ll win at least one.”

“Hulkenberger has been commentating in other competitions and he would have been celebrating, he would have been on the pop [alcohol]."

It is yet to be seen what impact Grumpy’s discreet and public mind games will have on both Gamefreaker who he believes is expected to win the next race (hence putting more pressure on him to deliver) and also on Hulkenberg’s approach to the race and his battle in the championship.
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: [F5] Stewards' Findings

JackTyler and Racer

Based on the evidence provided, Jack was hit from behind and sent into the barriers, ending his race. There may have been a hint of de-sync involved, but we can only judge on the evidence that is provided to us.

Therefore, Racer will receive a 15 seconds time penalty added on his next race time.

We stress that extra care needs to be taken when battling/following other cars to prevent these type of incidents.
GT Archives / Re: [F458] Round 5: Red Bull Ring
1 - what Zebra said. But I think the gap's probably too much now.

2 - it's possible with how close most of the grid is.

3 - almost guaranteed haha.
GT Archives / Re: [F458] Round 4: Le Mans
1 - yes

2 - most likely Frome..... I'd like to think I can do well though if I don't get punted off again  ;)

3 - quite possibly yes, especially for the younger, less experienced drivers  ;)

4 - As I'm working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll be sticking with my main black and pink livery.
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 6: Suzuka
1 - Yes.

2 - loved it for the 1st half of the season, hated it these last few weeks. Looking forward to the Ferrari.
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 5: Brands Hatch
1 - yes

2 - like Frome says, both at the same track be better, so I say Dragon Trail

3 - happy with Frome's choices. A Ferrari chamoionship with either the Italia or F40.
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 4: Blue Moon
1 - Yes

2 - Most definitely. Massively surprised that I have competitive pace in these cars and having 2nd in the championship. What I'm not happy about is some people's driving though. Bein punted to the back by multiple drivers in 2 out of the 3 races last week was especially annoying. People need to keep it clean
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 3: Lago Maggiore
Exactly my point Venom. He can't keep making the same, snide, disrespectful comments towards assist users and expect people to just stay quiet. He does the same in F1 too and it's boring.

Assists make you slower on GT Sport anyway, so don't see the problem.

Yes, he has a valid point that some assists do need banning, but he doesn't need to keeo attacking people.

PSGL caters for all skill levels and doesn't judge people for using assists. He needs to understand that.

Nothing disrespectful in what we've said.