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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 1: Australian Grand Prix
1 - yes

2 - not happy at all. Was not expecting to be so far off the pace.

3 -  Very happy to be teaming with Simo. Not keen on the Merc engine noise, but is a nice car.

4 - not sure. Myself, Hague and probably my teammate.

5 - well, in past games, Australia was my strongest, but not on this game, so will go with Canada or Spa.

6 - no idea
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] pre season race: USA(Circuit Of The Americas)
1 - yes

2 - 8. Again, 1 of the better modern circuits. Yes, it features copies of other circuit's corners, but it has a really nice flow.

3 -  Eau Rouge, Radillon, Pouhon. Or Maggotts, Becketts.

4 - 8 or 9. When everything works as it should, this game is excellent.

5 - hmmm don't have an out and out favourite, but if I had to pick, it would be a lamb sunday dinner
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 0 - Spain
1 - Love it. Much better than 2017

2 - Only really had the car spawning on top of each other on launch day, and on Sunday just gone, we were all held on the grid for about a minute and I was also teleported backwards.

3 - Not sure. I'd say Joel will win though.

4 - Love it. Makes it so much more unpredictable.

5 - Nothing much. Just been job hunting, playing career mode on F1 and since Thursday, being glued to the new (Amazing) Spider-Man game.
F4 Team and Driver Profiles / [F4] Teammate Selection
Use this thread to confirm your team pairings for the upcoming season. The method for the car selection process will be discussed between myself and Larsgaming and we'll confirm soon.

Confirmed teams so far

1 - Mrgrumpy and Ijsimo
2 - Hulkenburger and Gamefreaker
3 - Larsgaming and Chicken_Ownzz
4 - Kingdonmartin and Steba
5 - MERC_W07 and Mitch
6 - Fragglepaul and Humbostone
7 - Awesomedude and Betrayer
8 - WarrenHagueF1 and Bluemosquito
9 - Lordyboy and Cheater-Cheater
10 - Raversrevenge and Shoaib
Race Calendar and Results / Re: [X-BOW] Round 4: Blue Moon
1 - Yes

2 - Most definitely. Massively surprised that I have competitive pace in these cars and having 2nd in the championship. What I'm not happy about is some people's driving though. Bein punted to the back by multiple drivers in 2 out of the 3 races last week was especially annoying. People need to keep it clean
Race Calendar and Results / Re: [X-BOW] Round 3: Lago Maggiore
Exactly my point Venom. He can't keep making the same, snide, disrespectful comments towards assist users and expect people to just stay quiet. He does the same in F1 too and it's boring.

Assists make you slower on GT Sport anyway, so don't see the problem.

Yes, he has a valid point that some assists do need banning, but he doesn't need to keeo attacking people.

PSGL caters for all skill levels and doesn't judge people for using assists. He needs to understand that.

Nothing disrespectful in what we've said.
Race Calendar and Results / Re: [X-BOW] Round 3: Lago Maggiore
1. No
2. No comment
3. I would ban all of them to highlight drivers skill above everything else. But that is not going to happen so would allow traction control and ABS to keep pad users happy but stability control and countersteer assist need to be banned or have you seen training wheels on a race car in real life like small children have on their bicycles when they are learning to ride them.

Like Venom said, broken record..... PSGL is and always will be an assists-allowed league to cater for all skill levels. Don't like it, go elsewhere.

Yes, some need to be restricted, but not all of them. And also, like Venom pointed out, Jamie uses no assists and trounced every single one of us and still would. He's actually extremely skilled at no assists. You can't keep blaming people that use some assists for the reason you're uncompetitive.