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FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Re: Next season ideas-updated
I think 2 bigger leagues with relegation and promotion and introduce perhaps play offs  for top 6 in div 2 if it is all active members the it should loads of meaningfull games right till end of the season.  Also I would keep the teams to 4 star rating to make it more competitive  the top players getting top teams loses interest for everybody else
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Masantula
Mate contacted you several times now without reply ,sat in league room for over 15 mins not even reply then either .you posted we need to play match can't work that out.once you contact on ps3 we"ll play the rest of our 65 mins I had to abandon due to family reasons.if not leave decision to choosy
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Message to mr grumpy
You were right in your post about the score in our game but I think anyone with half a brain would guess in a 5-1 match you would be the best why the need for all the stats ,pretty poor m8 .who are to trying to impress -yourself.yes you were bang on form and 2nd half I was a shambles but why not just post score from now on  a little respect for you opponent wouldn't go a miss    Well played though and best for the season.