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Formula 1 2017 / The Past, the Present, and the Future - PSGL, F1 2018 and Beyond
PSGL has been running F1 leagues since F1 2010 back in, you guessed it, 2010. In fact we were hosting F1 leagues on Formula One Championship Edition back as early as 2007. People coming together from across the country, or world, wanting good clean racing. Friendships have been made and many are still members of PSGL, or PS3GL as it was then.

Key to all those leagues were the people that run them - organising, updating, encouraging. It was he same then as it is now. But as the leagues expanded with Codemasters efforts the monster began to grow and some sort of oversight was needed.

From there came a long and successful history of league directors from which today’s successful leagues can all be tracked back. Everyone’s efforts have helped build what we have and hopefully continue to enjoy today.

From the legendary Tejuar first really bringing the F1 leagues to PSGL in those early days when there were relatively few places organising leagues as we have done. Through to the calm steady hands Jim ‘Betrayer46’ overseeing the continued expansion of leagues. Through the reign of our old friend JakeWarrior and CANUDOIT, to the era of AFCTUJacko. And then, full circle, back to Tejuar.

In that tradition of giving back to the community in which we have all had so much fun and made some good online buddies, long time PSGL members Webcam and Macphee came on board with the start of F1 2017 at a time when there was some uncertainty as to the future of the leagues, or the scale of them.

They steadied the ship, worked with admins, provided some autonomy in the work they did for everyone taking part. And as a result the leagues have stabilised, adapted and continued to grow with a consistent influx of new, and some old faces.

However, after some discussion and with yet another Codemasters title just over the horizon, both Dave ‘Webcam’  and Macphee have decided that now would be a good time to step back from the league directorships and the site (for just a little while I hope).

As we all know, or some of the younger lads will soon know, commitments change, free time becomes more race, and interests in general adapt. Both feel with the current things going on in their lives that now would be a good time to step aside, with the leagues generally stable and a new game soon to release. New ideas can build on the structures in place.

On a personal note I would like to thank them both. They both joined the site around 5 or 6 years ago when they were he same age as many of the current crop at 13/14/15 years old. In that time they have calmed down lol Matured as people, both online and in the real world, into what I have are no doubt good people. If PSGL played any role, no matter how small, in that development in what can be a very toxic online and offline world for young people these days, it makes me immensely proud.

Good luck to you both. Follow your passions, enjoy yourselves, and carry on being good lads. Remember, work to live, not live to work. Life is not about money, but experiences.


So, with Dave and Mac’s departure we have vacancies for what quite frankly is a thankless job with no real upside. After a discussion amongst the current directors and veteran members and admins there was a unanimous choice as to who should take on the mantle of PSGL’s F1 leagues.

A new crop of longtime PSGL members with fresh passion, ideas and most importantly, an understanding of how we do things. We may not be the biggest or in many ways the best (Tej would kill me for saying that), but we do things our way.

So I am pleased and proud to announce that from this weekend PSGL’s new F1 League directors, shepherding in another new era, will be BigC_019c, HulkenburgerF1 and IrunF1. They will continue to run and develop the leagues in the ethos they have all come to know.

Thank you
Formula 1 2017 / Re: Thankyou
Enjoy your vacation and good luck with the house hunt Friso. We hope you return at some point on F1 2018!
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: [F5] Round 2: Brazilian GP 19/05/18
It’s a valid thing to raise, and something a few of us had been discussing in the run up to the new season. Whilst age does play a part, the vast majority of younger members are fine. We have members who joined at 12/13 and are still with us. People naturally mature (hopefully). So a ban is not realistic.

However, people do have to cut out the BS. People don’t want to be in chats where there is constant childish backbiting, or the consistent targeting of people with petty comments which build up and grind people down. We will try and do something to combat this, which is what we have been discussing as I mention.

But, ultimately, is someone is always an idiot they are likely always an idiot, whether they are 13, 23 or 33. 
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Round 5 - Spanish GP
Based on the poll from the last race it appears most people think Ricciardo should look to join Ferrari. I wonder how much of that is his family heritage or how much people want to see him up against Vettel again.

New race weekend, new poll.

Lots of things of interest this race

- first race of the European leg, i wonder if anyone will make that leap in performance with the 'new' package (looking at you McLaren)
- there are rumours of an interesting McLaren nose, should be interesting
- after a few good races, will we be back to a borefest or will the competitiveness of the top 3 make it an interesting battle anyway
- will Verstappen have a clean race?

Share you thoughts!
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Round 1 - Azerbaijan GP
Vandoorne didn't look good today. I know he apparantly went the wrong way on setup apparantly on Friday, but he was just going backwards today until it all went nuts and so many people dropped out. It looks like he shouls of been last on pace.

And jesus, FOM need to get their shit together with the race graphics and timings. It has been all over the shop these last few races.