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Season Three / Apology to Nitrogash
Hi all,

As you are all aware after an incident in tonights race i was herd swearing at nitrogash. Now no matter what happens or who's fault it was there was no need for me to do this. So for this i apologise unreservedly to Nitrogash. My hot head yet again broke free.

Im really sorry mate and hope you will forgive me, put this behind us and we are able to race again soon on track,

General Discussion / Broadband. Do you get what you pay for??
Hi guys,

As some of you know I live in Huntingdon, Cambs. I've  been a cable customer since way back when it was Cambridge cable, even before NTL, now Virgin media its been 15 years there or there about. Though at first there were issues for the best part of 10 years things have been running pretty well, infact very well. Until now!!

For the last 8-9 months ive noticed a dramatic slow down in the evenings, the dreaded peak rate time. Ok i know and understand there will be a slow down. But at present i pay for 200mb download, very expensive but necessary when there are 4 of us on most of the time. At peak rate time im luck to get 8mb, even when connecting hard wired. Not good enough i thought. I've had two visits from VM engineers, too no avail.

So i thought i'd check about, have a look on some forums. To my surprise i see im not alone. There are many many Virgin Media customers out there who have the same problem as me. Looking at virgins own forum most of southern England!!

Whilst having the ability to download at 200mb is great at 5am in the morning trying to game at 8pm is near on impossible. Goes without saying im not gonna stick with Virgin media. I'm looking for a more stable ISP. Fibre is probably a must.

Do any of you have issues? Does anyone have a recommendation? Sky looks quite good bearing in mind they will install a land line, a must for all ISP now-a-days, for free.
Nintendo / Xbox / PC Discussion / PC issues.
A long shot i know but im having big problems with my pc tower. It wont load windows :102: :102: It goes through the usual start up until pale blue window on the black background with the dots circling. but wont go to windows. If anyone has any ideas what to do i'd be really really grateful
General Discussion / Best HD TV for PS4 gaming
I'm thinking of investing in a new TV for my rig. Im not too worried about 3d or wifi just the picture quality ( nothing over 40" )

If anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction that would be cool.
GT6 League Archives / New GT6 TT admin
Hi guys,

As you are all probably aware we have a new Admin. He's Bfc_1882 and has kindly agreed to take over the TT events from Sonam. I'm sure you will all welcome him and wish him all the best.

Keep those TT times coming in :113:
General Discussion / Game: Never again
Well what a shocker guys. I pre-ordered the new Disney Infinity for my Son for his birthday. as luck would have it the game was due out on his birthday. Great he's get home from school and the game should be there for him. WRONG.

They didnt get the pre-order completed in time for delivery on friday, no e-mail btw nothing just the fact nothing had been done by 8pm thursday. No problem, i contacted my missus mate who works at the local game shop to see if the game was out on friday, yes. All at the store waiting for the following day. Great, only problem was i couldnt get the "limited edition" pack but no worries, Dan just wanted the game.

So i cancelled the order, which was confirmed by email from game that it had been successful. I popped down to Tescos on friday morning, really early, and bought the game plus all the figures in time for Dan when he got up. btw it was a lot cheaper too.
Annoyed I cancelled all the other preorders i had made through Game. Sod it im not too interested in all the gimmicks of limited edition stuff just to make me use game.

But to my horror Game still took the money out for the original order, £160.00  :13:

So i used the so called customer service team firstly via Email. I have to wait 72hrs for a reply?? What a joke. First one was sent thursday so thats 120 for starter and still no reply.
I phoned them on a premium rate phone line, after 15 mins i spoke to someone who was quite helpful and appologetic and said all would be sorted. But then i get an email again confirming that i had cancelled the preorder and that they had taken no money for the order :45:  and fuming  :102: :102:

I then used the web chat service thing, ok i had to wait a while but spoke to someone who assured me all would be sorted in the next 24hrs. So overall my mark out of ten for game is probably -1000.
I'm gonna be out of pocket for the phone call i had to make plus the paypal fee to get the money back onto my credit card.

Goes without saying i will never you game again for anything. for me all the way now
GT6 League Archives / GT6 TT Rules and Regulations [OLD]
Listed below are all the rules and regulations you will need to participate in the GT6 TT league

The Event

Each event will last for 2 weeks, starting on a Monday and concluding at 10pm the Sunday after next. There will be no exceptions and any time posted after 10pm on the sites clock will not count

Each event will have a selected Car and track on which to compete.

The Car

Chosen at random and can be fully tuned Including everything that can be bought in game.

The Track

Again chosen at random and must be the one you compete the TT on

Submitting a time

Once you have completed you TT you will be required to take a photo of your time, which includes the car and if possible the track. It doesnt have to be fantastic just legible clearly showing the time you've done. You may enter as many times as you like within the events time frame.

Any questions about the GT6 TT league please pm me Betrayer46  :113:
GT6 League Archives / New admin announcement
I am absolutely delighted to announce the appointment of Montags1987 to the list of GT6 admin we have here at PSGL.

He will slot in and effectively take over from Sonam who has had to stand down for personal reasons.

Welcome to the team mate :)
GT6 League Archives / GT6 Pro League Season 3 Discussion
Unfortunately the next GT6 season will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. My job means i can no longer run the GT6 league and Sonam also can't commit to another season here at PSGL. I have posted up in the staff forum asking if one of the other admin would consider running it but alas no.

If any of you fancy a go post up here or pm Humanfish.

I'd just like to say thank you to all of you for racing here in the GT6 leagues over the seasons. Hopefully someone will take the job on and continue the work started by JK  all those years ago.