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F6 Race Calendar and Results / [F6] BRITISH GP
Hello and welcome to Silverstone for the 5th round of the PSGL  f6 championship

After the week break the drivers come back refeshed and ready to go!
The last round took place at spa, Belgium in heavy rain and saw Mertjon take the chequered flag and new driver to the grid Rohan [now V6RacerZ] took 2nd place. The last step of the podium going to Humbostone.
There was some big mistakes across the field at spa with the weather causing kaos and very few drivers actually finishing the race. Iam sure they will all  be looking to bounce back strong here at Silverstone.

1 Have you put in much practice over the break?

2 How do you rate silverstone out of 10

3 How do you feel your season has gone so far?

4  Will you be buying F1 2018 on release or wait a while to see how online works? 
F6 Race Calendar and Results / [F6} Season 3 calandar
F6 season 3 Calendar

Round 1 : Australia

Round 2 : Brazil

Round 3 : Barhrain

Round 4 : Belguim

Round 5 : Britain

Round 6 : Spain

Round 7 : China

Round 8 : Japan

Round 9 : Singapore

Round 10 : Italy

Round 11 : Austria

Round 12 : Russia

Round 13 :  Malaysia [/size]