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F6 Race Calendar and Results / [F6] Round 6 Canada Race Thread [15/2/18]
Formula 6 Round 6 Grand Prix Du Canada

After another dominant victory by SSS who won by OVER A MINUTE in Monaco, we head to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. We will witness 35 laps around this legendary track and its 14 corners raced by the Formula 6 drivers. Since this track's first race in 1978, we have witnessed many great races and the longest race in the history of F1. The 4.3-kilometre track will provide us with some spectacular racing, as we may see some hitting the infamous wall of champions, which caught out drivers such as Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button. Fortunately, the wall had been slightly extended thanks to the width of the cars, but nevertheless isn't that hard to hit with the speeds we will see the cars produce. 

1. Are you happy with your result last week?
2. Will we see a retirement at the wall of champions? If so who?
3. What track should the FIA bring back?
4. What do you think of the new Haas livery?
5. Predictions for the 2018 season?

Our commentators, ashbest122 and badboy0368751, will keep you entertained with footage of this exciting race!
F6 Race Calendar and Results / [F6] Round 5 Monaco Race Thread [8/2/18]
Formula 6 Round 5 Grand Prix De Monaco

F6 enter Monaco, round 5 of the championship, last time out Betrayer had gone through to win the Austrian grand prix, but SSS still clings on to the championship lead by 8 points. Monaco has become to be known as not for the faint of hearted, since its inaugural race in 1950, the track seemed to be a very exciting and entertaining, but now with the new era of cars being much wider, we can expect more risks being taken with overtaking being immensely difficult. We will see 39 laps of this Monaco grand prix, the cars racing through the whole country and its 19 corners at about an average of 96 MPH. Drivers will be running very high downforce here to be able to turn through the very sharp, low-speed corners, very easy to lose the back-end and slam straight into the barriers.

1. Who will get pole and who will be on the podium?
2. Who will be the first to retire, and how?
3. Who has surprised you the most in the 1st quarter of the season?
4. Opinions on grid girls getting removed?
5. Will Ash really be the very best?

2/5 of these question will be answered as we head into the Monaco grand prix, Ash and Badboy will be in the commentary box for Thursday, see you there!
Formula 6 League (F6) / F6 Teammate Selection Thread
This is the teammate thread for Season 2 of F1 2017 F6, choose your teammates wisely as once they are picked you won't be able to move teammates!

Confirmed Teammates:

Footballboy16230 and Lushendrick15

sss4897 and amd1711

Humbostone and tommytherod

MorrisGuy2012 and XxWee_Rhys_xX

Mertjon and vakisinmakaaja52

Random teammates:

hamiltonf1driver and SepiDN

tkdive and Timmeh_15

Uivalf39 and trevisbest

joruroo_nl and Betrayer46

Teammates done!