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Rocket League Events / [2v2] Rocket League Cup [#1] : Sign-Up Thread

The PSGL Rocket League Cup
Thursday 13th July @ 7:30pm UK
2v2 Knockout Competition - Best of 3

Sign-up thread & information

You must be registered on this site to take part and complete this process. In order to sign-up for this event please comment your team.

About us

Welcome to our Rocket League community, this is the official sign-up thread for our Rocket League events. In future, we are looking to hold this rocket league 2v2 cup monthly; if we have enough continued interest for it of course.

Before Joining

Please make sure you are able to commit yourself to taking part in this competition. PSGL trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams if we have around 7 or more teams who sign-up!

Please read our rules:

The rules for this cup will be:

  • Matches will be played as standard 5 minute matches with standard rules hosted on the Europe server.

  • Each match between pairings will be a best of 3

  • This event will be single elimination - meaning once you lose a best of 3 match, you are out - no second chances

  • Each match will be played on the stadium "Beckwith Park" - with no mutations set in the game

  • The home team will play in blue colours; away in orange


In order to sign-up please comment your team below!

Team 1:
Team 2:
Team 3:
Team 4: