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Season Three / [F1] Round 10 - Japan (04/07/16) 8pm

F1 heads to Japan for the last race of the season and on the 2015 game. with both championships wrapped up it may be a calm and casual race. The rivalry between Jamie and Jarod could be the closest fight with them still showing good pace in the Mclaren Honda. Phil and Insane are in similar cars so there could be another close battle on the cards!

Jamie's Preview Lap



1. Favourite part of the track?
2. Podium prediction?
3. How would you sum up your season?
4. Any changes you would make to the league?
5. With the big gap to F1 2016, will you be taking part in the 100% races across the site or the GB vs ROW?
Season Three / [F1] Round 9 - Singapore GP (27/06/16) 8pm
The season is coming to a close with only two rounds left! both championships are sealed and now we focus on other drivers and who could win the championship next season?

The race around Singapore is the longest on the calendar and one of the most challenging. this means pace isn't everything, you will have to be on the right tyres at the right time and keep it consistent and out of the wall, do that and you'll have a good chance at a strong result!
Qualifying also promises to be exciting as it is important to qualify as high as possible. The Marina Bay Circuit isn't well known for great overtaking opportunities so you may well have to get comfy behind a car if you can't pass it into turn 1 or 5. The hairpin is a rare place to see overtaking but it can be done provided you are close enough and can get the car stopped in time! Most overtakes will be done through the undercut around here, fresh tyres will certainly make a difference and we could see some early pit stops in the race.

Jamie's Preview Lap



1. Do you like the Marina Bay Circuit?
2. Is there anyone you would like to see join F1 and why?
3. Podium prediction?
4. What team will you be in 2016 career mode?
5. Who has over performed this season?
6. Who has under performed this season?

It is important that you take the pit entry and exit correctly and never cross over the white lines. That means you move to the left before the last corner, it is not allowed to swing across the track and over the kerb into the pits as it gains you a massive amount of time. Anyone caught will be punished.
Season Three / [F1] Round 8 - Brazil (13/06/16) 8pm
Brazil GP!

For round eight of season three we head to Brazil and the famous Interlagos circuit!

Last time out Jamie took the win at the Circuit Of The America's, Followed by Insane and Ali to round of the podium. Jarod struggled home in ninth and that could prove costly.

Brazil is a power dependent track with long straights and short acceleration zones. those in a Red Bull and Toro Rosso may struggle here, but the second sector will be key for those guys. Strategy also looks likely to prove an important factor, Often at Brazil you have to do three/four stops, so the timing of pit stops will be key when you're battling someone. do you go for the undercut or would you prefer fresher tyres? bear in mind that it's difficult to overtake here besides turn 1 and 4 so track position is also a key factor.
All these factors look set to make the Brazillan GP a cracker! with battles for the championship to the midfield! with the grid being so close we could see four or five cars battling like we did in America!

This is the earliest that Jamie can secure the drivers championship! all he needs to do is outscore Jarod by 5 points and hope Insane doesn't outscore him by 5!

Make sure to catch it all live with Nitrogash and Hulkenburger at 8pm on Monday!

Jamie's Preview Lap



1. Are you buying F1 2016?
2. What league will you be racing in?
3. Will Jamie win the title at Brazil?
4. Podium Predictions?
5. What track are you most looking forward to race on 2016?
PS4 Games Discussion / Watch Dogs 2 Discussion [PS4]

Watch Dogs 2 Unveils Tomorrow 5PM

For some Watch Dogs wasn't a good game.. i enjoyed it personally, the hacker aspect was fun throughout the game and i will definitely be looking to buy watch dogs 2 when it comes out!
View the unveiling at 5PM tomorrow

Will you be buying watch dogs 2?
Season Three / [F1] Round 7 - USA GP (06/06/16) 8pm

We're going to the USA for round 7 of this season! A circuit which hasn't been used for a while and could prove a big challenge for some in terms of finding a setup and rhythm. Another Tilke track that features a couple long straights and some twisty sections that require the downforce, so will you go for top speed or overall lap time. But rain can't be ruled out so those who risk the extra downforce predicting rain could be in for a good race.

Last time out in Spa it was Jamie who took the chequered flag to continue his impressive season. Now in the Sauber can he do it still or will his main focus be on Jarod and beating him!
Could we see a return to form Jock and Speed_Queen given that they're in cars they feel more comfortable in.

Jamie's Preview Lap



1. Have you enjoyed the season so far?
2. How do you assess you performances so far?
3. is the COTA a boring track for you?
4. Who are you targeting to beat in this round of car allocation?
5. Favourite moment of the season so far?
Season Three / [F1] Round 6 - Belgium (31/01/16) 8PM

The F1 grid goes to Belgium for the sixth round of this 'mini' season. Last time out at Silverstone we saw Insane take his maiden F1 win, Jarod continue his impressive form this season, and Rturner return to the podium for the first time this season!
Ali took pole for the second round in a row but failed to convert it to a win or podium, I'm sure he'll expect better at Spa.

This circuit promises to throw up a great race and rewards the brave.. Those who take way rouge flat out, brake latest on the kemmel straight and turn into blanchimont hoping it sticks! Last season in F1, this round provided a titanic battle between Jarod and Speed_Queen! Now in different cars will they fight for the win again?
Can Insane make it two out of two!?

Jamie's Preview Lap



1. Who's your favourite for the title now we're halfway through the season?
2. Pole prediction? Who and time?
3. Is Spa a fun track to drive?
4. Podium prediction?

Season Three / [F1] Round 5 - Britain (23/05/16) 8pm
The British Grand Prix!

Last time out in Spain we saw a new pole sitter in Ali, joined on the front row by is Williams team mate Insane, the top nine covered by nine tenths was nice to see!
Spain provided spills and drama with some great overtakes and defending, to go with some crashes and spins!
All this allowed Jamie to take the chequered flag keeping up his impressive record of never finishing outside the top two!

Coming to Silverstone, for round five of the Formula One World Championship. Everyone will be eager to do well as it's the midpoint of the season and for some they still need to show their worth after enduring a difficult first half of the season.
Will Jamie keep up this run of top two finishes and grab his third win of the season!? Will Jarod keep the Sauber high up the grid?Can Speed_Queen show why she's champion at the same track she won at pre-season? Or will the William boys show they're not just one lap wonders.

One things certain it promises to be a cracker of a race!

Jamie's Preview Lap!



1. Silverstone, new or old track? which one do you prefer?
2. What are you hoping for in the race?
3. podium predictions?
4. Lewis or Jenson?
5. Favourite corner?
6. Who's surprised you most this season so far?
PS4 Games Discussion / Amazon Help Needed!

Hi Guys!

So you may already be aware but i'm a bit of an idiot :10:

I have somehow managed to order Doom with Season pass off Amazon for £60.

I clicked cancel, phew, all over right? WRONG!
Woke up this morning with a notification on my phone 'your order has been dispatched'

unfortunately i can't cancel it now!

I can return it but that costs me money, is there a way to sell it on to game or any other retailer :7:

Season Three / [F1] Round 4 - Spain (16/05/16) 8PM
The Spanish Grand Prix

The Circuit De Barcelona Catalunya is a track that all drivers know well. It has everything, long straights, fast corners, slow corners, chicanes and plenty of pitstops! Can Jarod keep up this form even in the Sauber!? Will Jock be at the front again after Monaco? or will a new winner rise!?

The key points for the track are:
Turns 1-3, it is key to get the run through 1 and 2 spot on to open up turn 3, if you mess up turn 1, you'll lose times in both 2 and 3 resulting in a poor sector 1.
Turn 5 represents a difficult challenge for the drivers, there are no braking boards for this one so it's pretty much a guessing game, crucial to get good traction towards the fast left right.
Turn 9 is easy to miss your turn in point, too early results in taking too much kerb and losing speed, turn in too late... expect a trip to the gravel. those who are committed gain loads of time here, chuck the car in and hope it sticks!
The Turn 10 hairpin is a strange one, you can take several lines through here, there are those who hit the apex and those who let the car drift wide for better traction, both can work, but don't get caught in the middle.
The last chicane ( Turns 14 and 15 ) is always tricky, but remember to be slow in and fast out! Traction onto the straight is crucial so be careful with the throttle until you feel that grip.

Follow Jamie on a lap in a 2014 Sauber!


1. What do you think of the car you've been allocated?

2. Pole Prediction? Time and Person?

3. With F1 2016 still unheard of, what rounds would you add to the current calendar?

4. Podium Predictions?

5. After the first three races, what are your targets in the championships?
Season Three / [F1] Round 3 - Monaco (09/05/16) 8PM
Monaco GP

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the round we've all been looking forward to, it's the Monaco GP! this track has seen some amazing races on this site in previous seasons but the F1 grid are looking to throw up a race that tops all before it!

To the track itself, it's the most challenging mentally due to the amount of concentration needed, close barriers, tight chicanes, off camber braking, this track has it all and can catch you out easily! With the circuit being so narrow it is notoriously hard to overtake around here, making qualifying more important than the race itself, however expect some to be more conservative to get a lap on the board instead of going flat and losing a wing or two! Who will win around the principality!? can Jock keep up this early season pace which has given him a shot at the title?


1. Are you excited about racing around Monaco?

2. Do you think the track will make the race boring due to no overtakes?

3. Where is the best place to pass?

4. Gap between first and last in qualy?

5. How many people will lose a front wing and retire?

Key Points!
Please respect the track limits in qualy, it is especially easy to cut around here, Turn 1, sea front chicane, the swimming pool section, chicane again before rasscasse. Anyone caught on stream or by a car following WILL be punished with a qualy ban in the following round (Spain). This is why i urge everyone to record there qualy lap so you may appeal any penalty given.

We will police corner cutting in the race as usual.

Anyone who can't make it either PM me or post below, as long as i know and have replied to you your seat is safe :113:

Jamie's hotlap guide!
Season Three / [F1] Round 2 - Malaysia (02/05/16) 8pm
The F1 grid heads to Malaysia for the second round of this short championship!

With the first round provided some many thrills and spills, Phil being DQ'd, Jock winning, and several other battles like Jarod and Jamie!
Can jock make it two out of two and squash all the thoughts of 'it's a one off'!?
Or will one of the three favourites (Jarod, Jamie and Speed_Queen) show what they're made of!


1. Malaysia, fun track? Or boring?

2. Do you race in any other leagues?

3. Does anyone use auto gears in this league?

4. Podium predictions?
Season Three / [F1] Round 1 - Bahrain (25/04/16) 8PM

The first round of this short calendar takes place in the dessert. The Bahrain International Circuit promises to throw up a fascinating race throughout the grid! Everyone will be trying to adapt to the new car, putting emphasis on practice, those who know their cars limits will certainly have good weekend. This is a rear limited circuit so expect early stops from those who struggle with traction and wheelspin, also keep an eye on Speed_Queen who can keep her tires in good condition longer than anyone else. Will Speed_Queen win the first race of the season? Or can Jarod or Jamie show why they are title contenders?


1. How did you feel pre-season went?

2. are you happy with the car allocation?

3. Targets for the season?

4. Do you enjoy racing at Bahrain?

5. Podium predictions?
Season Three / [F1] Driving Etiquette - Guidelines
Hi all,

I believe there isn't much need to post this as we all have common sense and know how to race cleanly :113:
But i will do so anyway, a little reminder never hurt anyone ;)

Corner 1 – Remember, you don’t win the race on corner 1, but you can easily lose the race here. Corner 1 will never be without incident, but the guys who keep their noses clean are the ones who usually finish up on the podium. General rule of thumb is that those on the inside line stay tight and those on the outside line stay wide. Those who dive into the melee and take their chances tend to be the one’s who put others and themselves to the back of the field.

Following directly behind and close to another driver into a corner (especially Corner 1) - Get into the habit of releasing the gas pedal a bit earlier than normal and coasting a fraction before braking, this will give you more time to react to the driver in front should he brake early. 99% of rear-end shunts can be avoided with this simple technique which does not lose you any significant time - on the contrary, it gives you more precision to get closer and nail the corner exit.

Overtaking down the inside - On some corners there is not enough room for two cars, so don't just stick your nose in assuming the other driver will go wide. In general this is a risky overtake as you need to get pretty much level going into the corner to avoid the leading driver's blind-spot in online racing.

Being overtaken on the inside - If you get to the corner a car length ahead of your competitor, you can claim the corner, but do so in a progressive and non-aggressive manner giving them the chance to back out. If your opponent is side-by-side with you, give him room (where it's possible) and be prepared to back out if he’s ahead of you on the exit. The best defence in this case is the under-cut – go deeper and use the extra exit speed to re-pass him on the inside.

Driving side-by-side - Respect one-another and leave space, no pushing or shoving just hard-racing. Don’t get ahead slightly then cut-across the other car. No crowding the other car off the track.

Going off the circuit - It is YOUR responsibility to avoid collisions when returning to the track. You should either feed back in carefully if you still have good road-speed or wait for a gap in the traffic.

Knowing when to back out - If there’s a gap, a true driver has to go for it. Can’t argue with that, but only an idiot takes this too literally. You have to weigh up the odds and quickly too. If the move you are making has a 10% chance of coming off and a 90% chance of ending in grief, then only a fool will take that risk. It isn’t about being boring and sensible, it’s about making the decisions that put you further ahead in the final standings and earn you respect and trust on the track.

Blocking - You are allowed one-move to defend a corner. If you move to the inside, only move back out again if your opponent is not in a position to overtake. When you are being overtaken with KERS/DRS on a straight, a sudden move to block the opponent is totally unacceptable. If you take the inside line, hold your line unless there is a decent gap (i.e. a car length) to the driver behind..No move which forces another driver off the track or into a barrier is acceptable. If you do overtake unfairly or by cutting the corner/going off-piste or causing a collision with your opponent, give the place back before getting back on the gas pedal again.

Deliberately cutting corners where the game does little to stop you - This is quite difficult to police so there are probably a few offenders over all the leagues. All I can say to those who do it is that you cheat yourselves, no-one else. It takes great skill to hit the last chicane at Montreal cleanly nearly 100%, but it loses you half a second to someone who is cheating. However, it gains you the respect from yourself and from your colleagues that the cheater will never have.

Always remember that F1 is a non-contact sport. The people who treat it like TOCA Touring Cars and treat other drivers like they are the AI always lose out in the end.

I would like to go into more detail/add my own points.

1. When following a car closely, brake earlier than usual or lift of the throttle before braking. Not only will it avoid a collision, this also helps you get past, by lifting into corners you are saving fuel, and that could be enough fuel to run rich down a straight to get past.
I failed to do this in Japan, resulting in me hitting Speed_Queen, it is very easy to do so please take care.

2. If you are more than 1.5 car lengths behind, don't dive bomb :40: BE PATIENT. follow through the corner and look for an overtake. don't go lunging your car up the inside in the hope they will see you, THEY WON'T, this then results in a stewards investigation, with people claiming 'he shouldn't have turned in'
well i'm sorry,  you're fighting a losing battle. Please remember to be patient when overtaking, what for a gap, don't try and make one! This has happened to me a couple of times, I've always lost but avoided a crash. Whilst i know where you are, some others may not.

3. One move only to defend. Don't come back on the racing line. The amount of people i see swerving to break slipstream isn't acceptable and is dangerous. also those who go too defensive to the inside. You're making the corner tighter than the loews hairpin, inevitably causing a collision.

4. Pit entry and exit. Please show respect to the limits, there are tracks like Singapore and Austria where you can gain a considerable amount of time. This will be punished if caught. don't run that risk.

5.Going side by side through corners. This is even more important with strict corner cutting rules being used. If you're on the outside, don't turn in first, causing the guy on the inside to either crash or cut the corner earning him a penalty.
if there's space, hang it round the outside, whilst you both keep it in between the lines.

IF you're on the inside, don't assume the guy on the outside is giving up, lift off to ensure you don't understeer into him and lock wheels.

Thank you all and have fun racing  <f1>
Season Three / [F1] Pre-Season Race - Great Britain (18/04/16) 8pm
Key Points!

1. This is pre-season, don't give up before the season has started/
2. don't race too hard! you wan't to finish the race.
3. Sand bagging will quickly be punished by a car change, so don't try it.
4. Enjoy it :113: Even if strict rules are not being kind to you, stick with it and enjoy the race.
5. If you can't attend please let me know, thank you.
6. We WILL be using equal cars :113: Just for pre-season however :D

The F1 grid are going to do their pre-season race around Silverstone, what better track that Britain! the home of Motorsport! With new faces such as Jamie, Ali, Rwe and even Ham_ilton- keen to impress it should make for an exciting race. Key points from my practice, don't push your luck with the first corner, had my laps invalidated, also on the exit it of luffield, i tend to try and use all the track to get a good run, once again the game will invalidate it. Will pre-season see SQ still on top!? Or can one of Jarod or Jamie show their true pace!

The new grid, hoping to take the F1 community to the next level! One of these drivers will be drivers champion in 2 months time :105:


1. Are you happy with the race calendar?

2. Predictions for the podium?

3. Any dark horses for the title :39:?

4. Who do you see as your main rival this season?

5. Should we use the Sauber or Mclaren as the slowest car?