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Grand Prix 2 League (GP2) / [GP2] Records
GP2 Records

Total Wins

Driver - Season - Wins

Most Consecutive Wins

Driver - Season - Wins - Consecutive  Races Won

Total Wins in Feature Races

Driver - Season - Wins

Total Wins in Sprint Races

Driver - Season - Wins

Total Pole Positions

Driver - Season - Poles

Most Consecutive Pole Positions

Driver - Season - Poles - Consecutive Pole Positions


Driver - Season - Podiums

Most Podiums in a Season

Driver - Season - Podiums

Total Fastest Laps

Driver - Season - Fastest Laps


Driver - Season - Points

Most Points in a Season

Driver - Points - Season - Championship Position

Total Starts

Driver - Season - Starts

Grand Prix 2 League (GP2) / [GP2] Sign up Thread
GP2 Season 2 Sign up Thread

GP2 League [Wednesday & Friday]
1. Remco Vengeance
2. Ashbest122
3. ccBrain
4. frisotolk_
21. (Commentator - )
22. (Commentator - )
Grand Prix 2 League (GP2) / [GP2] Paddock Area
GP2 2018 Paddock Area

The GP2 Championship is a form of open wheel motor racing.

Designed to make racing affordable for the teams and to make it the perfect training ground for life in PlaystationGL, GP2 has made it mandatory for all of the teams to use the same chassis, engine and tyre supplier so that true driver ability is reflected.

Grand Prix 2 League (GP2) / Introduction to the new GP2 League
PlaystationGL GP2 League

About us

GP2 is a one-make championship consisting of up to 20 identical cars.

Forging a new beginning for the penultimate rung of the open-wheel motorsport ladder, an agreement has been made between the Directors and the admins to create the ultimate training ground for League Racing in the new PlaystationGL GP2 League

The Race Week

On Wednesday, drivers have a 12 minute qualifying session. The qualifying session decides the grid order for Wednesdays' Feature race which has a length of 25% Race Distance. Four points are awarded for pole position.

After the Feature there is a sprint race of 25% Race Distance. The grid is decided by the Feature Race's result with top 8 being reversed, so the driver who finished 8th will have to start from pole position and the winner has to  start from 8th place.

Points System

The top ten drivers from the feature race score points

(25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1)

with two points being awarded to the driver who set the fastest lap of the race.

The grid for Race 2 (Sprint Race) is determined by the finishing order of the first race, with the top 8 positions reversed.

The top eight finishers score points (16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1), and the driver who sets the fastest lap scores two points.

Any driver who is not classified in the top 10 positions at the end of the race will not be eligible for points awarded for fastest lap.

Formula 1 2017 / Introducing: PlaystationGL Highlights
Hello everyone,

After a request from our beloved PSGL member Gamefreaker who has requested a channel dedicated to PSGL Racing Highlights, I decided to start up this channel called PlaystationGL Highlights.

From next season onwards this channel will be used to upload Highlights, Classic PSGL Races, Pole Position Laps and many more.

Plus at the end of this current season if our channel PlaystationGL Highlights has reached 50 Subscribers, the long awaited PlaystationGL The Trailer 3 will be released(!!)

So head on over to our channel here

And get ready to be entertained with the finest racing PSGL has to offer.

- Remco Vengeance
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Races in Detail
2017 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit

First Grand Prix: Season 1 – F1 2011
First Winner: fpneves
Number of Laps: 29
Circuit Length: 5.303 KM
Race Distance: 307.574 KM
Lap Record: 1:24.032 – Remco Vengeance [F2 Season 9]
Date Raced: May 1st 2017
Tyres Used: Super Soft (Red), Soft (Yellow) & Medium (White)

Previous Winners:
GP2 Season 1 : fpneves
GP2 Season 2 : Mojo98
F2 Season 3 : mrgrumpy1989
F2 Season 4 : Bluemosquito
F2 Season 5 : Red_Neville
F2 Season 6 : BakersF1
MAL Season 7 : Remco Vengeance
F4 Season 8 : Remco Vengeance
F4 Season 9 : Ermi001
F2 Season 10 : BigC_015_F1
F2 Season 11 : -
F2 Season 12: BigC_019
F2 Season 13: Bakers_F1
F2 Season 14 : -
F1 Season 15: Remco Vengeance
F1 Season 16: BigC_019
F1 Season 17: Taimurazeem
F1 Season 18:
F1 Season 19: BigC_019
Season Three / Some horrible news today...
Today we received the horrible news that new member Mrstim96's brother has passed away.

I hope that as a community we can all stand behind Mrstim and show our condolences and love and stick by his side for these upcoming dark days.

Stay strong MrStim  :8:
Season Three / [Suggestion] For Commentators During Q2 & Q3
Hi everyone,

At the first community race at Silverstone me and Faunus interviewed Irun after he got eliminated in Q2 and tried to interview Craig after Q1.

Now I was thinking about this and figure it would be fun for both the commentators and those who get eliminated during Q1 and Q2 to have them join the Commentary Party for a few minutes, share their view on what went wrong and the race ahead. This makes it a bit less boring for them to wait until Q3 finishes.

Obviously this is optional so it's up to the commentators to decide whetever they want to do this or not.

Videos & Live Streams / COMMUNITY RACE 1 (F1 2016) August 20th 2016





F1 2016 League matches on the Playstation 4

GAMEplay is your one stop for the best streaming of everything in Gaming. You can also take part in our streaming and live events simply by registering on our forum.

PlaystationGL (Online Leagues) -

If you would like to join our GTA Crew (The Pig Party) and take part in events and in our videos then register on our site and join us on our rockstar crew page.

Join the Pig Party !!! - (GTA)

✈ Twitter -

This is still early days yet and we aim to improve and get the quality better including editing

Please subscribe to our channel and like our videos to help us grow

If you would like to take part in our broadcasts and events then please visit our event thread >
General Discussion / [PS4] [F12016] New Steering Wheel?
I am thinking about getting a wheel for F1 2016 and possible future Project Cars Leagues. If you guys could give me some feedback on these 2 wheels would be very appriciated.

Name: Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racestuur - Ferrari Edition - PS3 + PS4 + PC
Price: €  164.90

Name: Thrustmaster T150 RS Force Feedback Racestuur - PS3 + PS4 + PC
Price: € 149.00

I am thinking about getting the Blue steering wheel. It looks better, I like blue and it's cheaper.