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Formula 1 2018 / [F1] Stewards' Office

Post in this thread video proof of incidents occurring in races between yourselves and other drivers. Please post in a mature manner.
Time penalties and wrongful illegal overtake penalties will be resolved by your league admin, approach them directly via pm.
 Any derogatory posts which involve finger pointing and instigating an argument will be thrown out and not considered.
The stewards will look into all incidents get back to you with findings in this thread, please use the template provided when reporting.

*Any comments on incidents will be removed, this thread is for reporting incidents only*

Welcome to the PSGL Formula 1 Stewards’ Office.

Drivers must post in a mature manner, any derogatory posts which involve finger pointing, instigating an argument, or any abusive posts, will be deleted and the appeal rejected.


- Drivers should post video evidence of any incident occurring between themselves and other drivers.  If the video is long or covers more than just the incident in question (more than a couple of minutes, e.g. a live stream) then the specific times of the incidents in the video must be given.

-Use a neutral youtube title, any incident with an offensive youtube title will not be looked into.

- Drivers, and only drivers, should post any evidence within 48 hours of their race. Appeals will not be considered after this point.

- Unfair time penalties and corner cutting penalties are dealt with by the league admins.

- Use the following template for reporting incidents:
      Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:
      Drivers involved:
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP:
      What happened:
      How did it affect your race:
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Drivers and teams
Formula 1 League - Season 21 Drivers and Teams

Toro Rosso
VSR_Blizard and TTG_Lambo

Red Bull
Gamer_da_best262 and BigC_019

VSR_Louis and VSR_Francis

CCbrain and AMS97F1

Abidoun2004 and Likkle_blocks

Cliffy767 and MaxiLucaGT5

VSR_Marqueses and TTG_Squeezy

Ashbest122 and AzR_Leon

Force India
LeeFindlay and Jarnoracing5

TTG_Marc5 and xAMK_Future

Formula 1 2018 / F1 2018 - Season 22 Calendar
Hi all,

Please find the calendar for Season 22 - a 14-race season. As you will see there is no week break with the season starting in the Bahrain desert and ending at the legendary Suzuka Circuit in Japan. As promised, all the circuits that weren't included in S21 have been added for this season.

Formula Performance will start the racing week followed by F7, F6, F3, 4 and 5, with F1 and F2 ending the week.


Start and finish dates

F1: January 14 / April 15
F2: January 14 / April 15
F3: January 13 / April 14
F4: January 13 / April 14
F5: January 13 / April 14
F6: January 12 / April 13
F7: January 10 / April 11
FP: January 8 / April 9

Again, thanks to all of you for signing up for our leagues again and we look forward to seeing what you can do on track in the coming weeks and months.

A special thanks for @Ccbrain for creating the wonderful graphic, and @Musical Venom and @Badboy0368751 for helping with the images.

Without further ado, the PSGL team hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year,

See you on track in Bahrain.

Connor, Irun and Hulk.
PSGL F1 League Directors
Formula 1 2018 / F1 2018 - Season 22 Driver Placements
Below you can find an overview of the league tiers and driver placements for Season 22 - the second season on F1 2018

We have had a record number of sign ups for our second season on F1 2018 so we'd firstly like to thank you all for signing up and we can't wait to see you all on track again in the coming weeks.

League placements

Drivers have been placed based on their pace, days they can race and performances in their evaluation races.

A lot of work and time has been put into these placements so hopefully, you're all happy.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year,

Connor, Irun and Hulk
PSGL F1 League Directors.
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] New commentary team confirmed for S22
PSGL F1 confirms all-new commentary team for 22nd F1 season

After weeks of searching and conducting the necessary due diligence, I am pleased to announce our new commentary pairing for the 22nd season of the PSGL F1 league, the pinnacle of assist league racing.

Firstly, I'd like to thank @Musical Venom one final time for his services and efforts over the last four seasons, taking the league and streams to new heights in terms of views and quality. However, all good stories, unfortunately, come to an end.

Ultimately, we had to replace Mark with someone with the charisma, quality and most importantly experience.

Three-time F1 champion and the league's most experienced driver at 171 grand prix starts, @Irun, will be taking the role as the lead commentator for season 22. Irun's decision to move into the commentary box ends his 17-season stint in PSGL's various F1 leagues, however, he will continue racing on Tuesday nights, making his debut in Formula Performance.

Irun's last F1 drivers' title came in S10, while driving for Sauber.

Reflecting on the announcement, Irun commented: "It will be a delight to oversee some top talent who I know really well, particularly in a league which I've had a lot of success in the past, winning 3 titles and being the most experienced driver in the PSGL F1 league"

Joining him in the commentary box will be none other than PSGL F1 founder and legend @TejuarrF1. Tom aka, Tej, is the man and brains behind the F1 leagues, running and ruling them with an iron fist for many seasons before departing midway through F1 2016. Tej will be offering his insight, experience and knowledge alongside Irun in the commentary box throughout S22, in what looks to be PSGL's greatest grid yet.

S22 marks the start of a new era and our new commentary team will continue to deliver high quality streams and coverage of the F1 league well into 2019.

See you in Bahrain.

PSGL F1 league director and league admin.
F1 2018 Sign Up & Information / PSGL - F1 2018 - Season II: Sign-Up Thread

    This thread will be used to sign up to PSGL's F1 leagues for F1 2018.


    Welcome to the 22nd season of PSGL’s Formula One leagues. After another successful season on F1 2018, we will be back after Christmas for our second season on 2018.

    PSGL is all about the community. It’s about making YOU the driver welcome, happy and looking forward to racing on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening. The site has continued to build a reputation for being one of the best communities for league racing - whether you use assists or not, there is a place for you in our leagues.

    Our leagues

    • F1 and F2- Mondays
    • F3, F4 and F5 - Sundays
    • F6 - Saturdays
    • F7- Thursdays
    • FP (Realistic performance) - Tuesdays

    Start date for next season

    • F1/F2 - January 14
    • F3/F4/F5 - January 13
    • F6 - January 12
      • F7 - January 10
      • FP (Realistic performance) - January 8

    Sign-up process

    • All NEW drivers who are currently not part of a league and wish to take part in PSGL’s F1 2018 leagues are required to sign-up using this thread.
    • All NEW drivers who didn't race last season (first season of F1 2018) will be required to do an evaluation race before being placed.
    • DO NOT post on this thread if you raced last season - you would have already told your league admins if you wish to continue.

    Evaluation races

    • You will be required to complete an evaluation race before being placed.
    • Evaluation races will take place at an organised date depending on the availability of the directors.

    Signing up

    Please be aware that there are no spaces currently in any of our leagues so you will be placed as a reserve or on the waiting list until spaces open during the season

    • PSN:
    • Days you can race:
    • Have you raced in PSGL before (if so what leagues):
    • What days are you free to do an evaluation race::

    Thanks for signing up to our leagues for F1 2018. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @Playstation_GL for more updates and the latest PSGL news.


    PSGL F1 Directors
    Connor, Irun and Hulk.[/list][/list]
    Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Paddock

    F1 Paddock - "The finest in the universe"

    The F1 Paddock, otherwise known as the finest in the universe, has made its striking appearance within the F1 league, and hopes to bring the drivers closer together by offering them the finest experience and atmosphere of their lives. In other words, you (the F1 racers) and other racers across the site can use the paddock for general communication.

    What type of communication?

    • General talk/discussion (i.e. let everyone know how you're doing)
    • Discuss championship standings and battles
    • Assistance for setups, strategy
    • Interviews with drivers will be posted in the paddock
    Now lets fire away and make the F1 paddock a lively place! After all, it's not the finest in the universe for no reason! :36: