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Formula 1 2017 / [F1] British GP - Stewards' Briefing
Hi all,

Just a message ahead of this week's run of races at Silverstone.

Obviously Silverstone is reknowned for its track limits issues at Copse corner (especially in the race) and Stowe (qualifying and the race), picture below from S19, F1

  • Drivers who track extend during qualifying are expected to lift off to reduce any advantage gained. Failure to do so will result in a qualifying ban for the next ban or an appropriate time penalty for the grand prix in question.
  • Similarly, in race conditions, drivers who are found to have consistently exceeded track limits (regardless of if the game gives them a warning) will be awarded an appropriate penalty or possible disqualification from the event.
  • Drivers who extend track limits to attack or defend their position will be subject to penalisation if the incident is reported to the stewards.
  • If you receive a 10-second time penalty for track limits in the final sector, then please make sure you have video footage or race director evidence and show it your league admin to get the penalty removed.


PSGL Stewards
Formula 1 2017 / [F1] Announcement: Break week (05/06 to 10/06)
Hi all,

On behalf of the admins, here's a post just confirming all leagues will be put on hold for the duration of this week due to the real life Canadian Grand Prix taking place on June 10.

With three of our leagues taking place on Sunday, the admins felt it would be best to put the British round of races a week back to allow F2, F3 and F4 members to watch the Canadian Grand Prix, rather than attempting to race at a later time or with significantly reduced grids.

F1, FP and F6 are not affected by this but to continue to keep the leagues in sync and in line with the original calendar, all leagues will not race this week.

F1 will continue on Monday, June 11 with Britain.

The F2, F3 and F4 will finish on August 12 with the release of F1 2018 releasing on August 24, so ideally there are no postponements or further delays to give people some sort of break.

The World Cup is nearly upon us and with some England games likely to clash with league races. Ultimately, it will be down to the league admins to liaise with their drivers to determine whether a race starts later, whether they are postponed or cancelled but these will be dealt with nearer the time and on a league by league basis.


PSGL F1 League Admins
Formula 1 2017 / Final F1 2017 season - All you need to know
Final season of F1 2017 - Information

Here's everything we have so far, the admins have agreed the following dates and calendar for the final F1 2017 season.

Start dates for next season
F1 - 7th
FP - 8th
F6 - 10th
F5  - 12th
F2, F3 & F4 - 13th

Confirmed Race Calendar

Bahrain -- Admins have agreed to run this race on midnight timing after official is not exactly accurate of real life.

---- Week break for Canada ----


Formula 1 [Monday]
1. BigC_019
2. Ashbest122
3. xJackLacey
5. Cliffy_7765
6. Louisw03
7. Joelianomanu
8. AMS97F1
9. Paudie
10. Blizard53
11. Lordyboy624
12. Oogie_Azeem
13. MaxiLucaGT5
14. Likkle_Blocks
15. Wocko
16. CCBrain
18. JD-_-7
19.  HELLBOY55100
20. qprbeasts987
Commentator: Musical Venom

Formula 2 [Sunday]
1. Abiodun
2. Skeevan

4. XxLambo_1021xX
5. Alex49488
6. KingMick
7. xRossi21
8. Zzpublic531
9. Ollyflavell
10. Po18gg
11. Fflair
12. Groeneijsbeer4
13. Blackmamba0113
14. Aleskiller150
15. Amd1711
16. SqueezyLemon1021
17. Tomkiller150
18. Matt32575
19. Badboy0368751
Commentator: TBC

Formula 3 [Sunday]
1. flyingfrome
2. Cheater-Cheater

3. xAMK_zFuture
4. RJDW_886
5. steba420
6. AdventuresMachin
7. shoaibzafar
8. RobotSophie
9. BUA9
10. XxWee_Rhys_xX
11. ChulloCookie
12. notoriousL_I_P
13. SauPaulo95
14. ontothepodium
15. Frisostolk_
16. Jraybay
17. ChIcKeN_OwNzzzz
18. larsGaming123
19. FTRL_Aaron
20. yarhamm
Commentator: JPGREENWOOD and Ashbest122

Formula 4 [Sunday]
1. mrgrumpy
2. Hulkenburger

3. bluemosquto
4. Boywithnoface
5. Warrenhague
6. ijsimo
7. DaveJaVu
8. BWAClyde
9. RaversRevenge
10. Betrayer46
11. gordow
12. Miles22
13. Sab7786
14. MrP80
16. lfc4life711
17. Irun
18. tejuarr
19. Gazzaman
20. Gamefreaker1
Commentator: Curtoise_95

1. DougieDood

Formula 5 [Saturdays]
3. josh-9867
4. Lewis_Milan2003
5. TomAJ91
6. JakeWarriorBFC
7. Phoenix1234
9. racer_1154
10. Hmfc22
11. cticedemon20
12. razzzpkr
13. KyleBarnard3375
14. Jamie2905
15. kingdonmartin35
16. awesomedude94900
17. batfink1977
18. jameswood129
19. Ganac08
20. steverav1
Commentator: Curtoise_95

Formula 6 [Thursday]
1.   FragglePaul (Admin) 
2.   MorrisGuy2012
3.   Crisu_Rottis
4.   Vainottu
5.   Mertjon
6.   Haqqura
7.   Lusendrick15
8.   Hammerzapper86
10. tommytherod
11. Humbostone
12. Timmeh
13. WideloadBilly813
14. Jorurooo_nl
15. KadenBarrett316
16. Footballboy16230
17. RacingBravo
Commentator: JackTyler

Formula Performance[Tuesday]
1. Oogie_Azeem
2. AMS97F1
3. xJackLacey
5. Wocko25
6. MrGrumpy20
7. Joelianomanu
8. MacPhee99
9. JPGreenwood
10. FlyingFrome
11. Curtoise_95
12. Ashbest122
13. ccbrain
14. BigC_019
15. Chicken_OwNzzzz
16. Deano
17. JuhoFin (Awaiting confirmation)
18. Jack Tyler
Commentator: Irun

Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 - Round 1: Australia (07/05/18)
Round 1: Australia

The 20th season of PSGL's premier division gets underway at the traditional real-life curtain-raiser at Albert Park, Melbourne. Home of the Australian Grand Prix. A tight, tricky circuit makes overtaking very difficult meaning qualifying is everything. With a standard ultra-soft, to super-soft strategy expected, nailing that lap at the end of qualifying will make or break your race. Reigning champion Ashbest122 will be hoping to make it six wins in a row and become the first driver to do so since BigC in S10-S11. The likes of Louis and Cliffy will be hoping to go one better this year and claim the crown, while JackLacey, CCBrain, Wocko, Likkle and Oogie have the pace, but whether they can put together a title challenge it remains to be seen.

As per usual, catch the race live with the Gaming Alimonda at 8pm. He will be joined by three-time F1 champion and the most experienced driver to grace this league, Irun.

Lobby Settings

Host: Ash
Time: 8pm
Qualifying: Short
Damage: Full
Weather: Clear
Parc Ferme: On
Safety Car: Off
Formation Lap: Off
AI Difficulty: 90
All assists allowed EXCEPT braking assist and both pit assists.

1.) Expectations for Melbourne?
2.) Top 3 finishers?
3.) Who do you see as your main rival this season?
4.) What track would you like to see open the season in the future?
5.) Who is your favourite F1 driver and why? (you have to choose at least one)
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 Drivers and Teams
Formula 1 League - Season 20 Drivers and Teams

Welcome to Season 20 of PSGL F1! After an exciting Season 19 we arrive at the 20th season of racing in F1, we have some very quick drivers in this lineup, but who exactly are the favourites to win? Well, that is for you to decide, pacey youngsters, experienced veterans, clean drivers and all-rounders, this is going to be one exciting season!

Ashbest122 and AMS97F1

After a championship winning rookie season, Ashbest122 decides to stay in the McLaren, in hopes to, once again, win a championship in season 20. This time he is accompanied by AMS97F1, Ash believing this pair has a fair chance of not only the driver's title but the constructor's too. After a pretty good rookie season at Red Bull, AMS decided he needed to look elsewhere for a chance at the Driver's/Constructor's, him and his former rival Ash met an agreement to sign for the McLaren team, AMS will be hoping to finish even higher up the table next season. Ash has won three titles in total, 2 Driver's and one Constructor's, whereas his teammate AMS has won 2 Constructor's.

Cliffy7765 and Lordyboy624

Cliffy7765 was able to take the lead by a large margin in the early season, most thought the championship was wrapped up by round 6, but after a series of unfortunate events his lead dropped, he regained his focus once more and drove brilliantly for the last couple races, even still, it was not enough to retain the championship lead by the end of the season. Even though he won the Constructor's championship in the Mercedes, he moved to Ferrari, in an effort to fight for the championship once more this season, but this time he is accompanied by Lordyboy624. Lordy didn't get the best start to the season, getting a 4 race ban for an incident mid-season and after his return unable to score any additional points, it will be interesting if Lordy will be able to step-up his game for season 20. Both drivers have won Constructor's titles, but will they be able to step up to the challenge of winning the season 20 title?

Toro Rosso
Louisw03 and MaxiLucaGT5

Louisw03 is debatably the fastest driver on the grid at the moment, incredibly fast with lots of talent, joining mid-season of F1 he was able to achieve 3rd in the Driver's, now is his chance to start from the beginning and attempt to win the Driver's championship, he will be driving the Toro Rosso in his attempt, accompanied by MaxiLucaGT5. Maxi had his ups and downs last season, getting involved in some questionable behaviour but overall pretty pacey, finishing 9th in the Driver's. Maxi has won one Constructor's title, whereas Louis has won none, but stats don't say everything as we know how quick Louis could be.

BigC_019 and xJackLacey

Championship winning lineup, the 7-time world champion BigC_019 bringing his experience to Mercedes, the champion would love to get back in the mix for his 8th championship. BigC had a pretty decent season finishing 4th in the Driver's, he will be hoping to improve on that, and xJackLacey will be accompanying the 7-time champion to try and win the Constructor's or even Driver's championship this season. Jack finished 6th in the Driver's having a wishy-washy season but is capable of winning races, he will be hoping for a boost of pace through the season break to be up at the top consistently. BigC has won 11 titles in total, 4 of which are Constructor's, whilst Jack has won an F1 Driver's championship, both drivers fast and capable of more championships, it should be interesting to see what this lineup is able to achieve.

Force India
Likkle_Blocks and HELLBOY55100

Likkle_Blocks had a mix of a season, ending it in 7th, as we could see in Mexico he is race winning material, although his pace isn't consistent through every track, meaning he could be anywhere on the field in any race. He is accompanied by HELLBOY55100 in the Force India, Hellboy having a mediocre season, finishing in 17th and will be hoping to improve as well as his teammate heading into Australia. No drivers have won a championship in this team yet, but with Likkle's pace, could there be a first?

Oogie Azeem and Wocko

Oogie Azeem managed to pick up some good results through the season, but only managed 8th in the championship, he is a quality driver with good capabilities, so he has decided to pair up with the F3 Champion Wocko25 in the Sauber. Wocko has high expectations, being a very quick driver puts pressure on him to perform, but will he be able to overcome the pressure and push for a high result in his rookie year? Oogie has won a Constructor's title, with Wocko winning a Driver's, 2 very fast drivers, but will they be able to break their limits and push beyond?

GREENY-LFC123 and CCbrain

After a move to wheel, GREENY-LFC123 was not the same, leaving F1 to train in F2 mid-season, but now he is back, in the Williams in hopes to return to form and possibly win some races. F2 runner-up CCbrain accompanies him, very quick and clean driver, capable of winning races, both drivers will be aiming for a possible Constructor's title. CC the only one in the team with a title, but Greeny has the capabilitys of winning, so don't count him out yet, it's just the matter of will they perform to win this season?

Red Bull
Joelianomanu and Paudie

Joelianomanu is known to be a very experienced and a trustworthy racer, he had a decent season, alongside his new teammate Paudie, who is also very trustworthy. Both drivers will not be disrespectful, and if you see a Red Bull this season, you can safely say you can have a clean and fun battle! Both drivers are very consistent and reliable, Paudie has won 3 titles in his career and will be hoping to score a good result alongside his teammate Joel next season!

JD-_-7 and VACANT

JD-_-7 will, unfortunately, be racing alone in the Renault this season, having a mediocre season, he will want to improve and score more points heading into next season. He can be quick and clean but some incidents in the previous season has seen him drop down to 16th in the table, it will be a difficult task, but with enough effort, he will be able to achieve a reasonable goal. Renault will have to hope on JD to perform, without any championships, he will have to work for a good result, but with enough effort and dedication, anything is possible.


That is your grid for Season 20 of PSGL F1! A very competitive and quick grid, lots of talent and experience, but there can only be one champion. Will Ash defend his title this season? Will louis or cliffy be able to challenge him once more and snatch it from him? Or will a dark horse like CC be able to get into the mix? Catch all the action live on GamingAlimonda, pre-season starts on the 30th of April, with the official start on the 7th of May, see you soon folks!

Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 car selection
Formula 1 League - Season 20 Car Selection

The moment you all have been waiting for, the season 19 car selection for the second season on the F1 2017 game.
Only one representative from each team pairing needs to post which car they want.

NOTE: You only post your selection when it's your turn in the priority list. Ash, Cliffy, Louis, BigC, Likkle, Oogie, Greeny, Joel, JD, Shortbread

Cliffy7765 and Lordyboy624

Ashbest122 and AMS97F1

BigC_019 and xJackLacey

Toro Rosso
Louisw03 and MaxiLucaGT5

Force India
Likkle_Blocks and HELLBOY


Red Bull
Joelianomanu and Paudie

GREENY-LFC123 and CCbrain

Shortbread24 and Sambamkid
Oogie Azeem and Wocko

Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 teammate selection
Season 20 - Teammate Selection

Can you please confirm your teammate pairing for the upcoming season, thanks.

Teammates will be locked in on deadline day.

Deadline: Sunday, 22nd April, 2017, 1200 UK time
Please note that if you fail to confirm your teammate before this time period, we will choose your teammate for you!  :)

The car selection will not be moved to an earlier date even if all ten teams are confirmed prior to the deadline. Once the ten teammate pairings are confirmed, they will be used to create and an order of car selection which will begin on April 22, in turn, each team pairing will have a select period of time to decide their car - failure to do so will result in them moving to the bottom of the pecking order.

Confirmed pairings:

BigC_019 and xJackLacey

Ashbest122 and AMS97F1

Oogie Azeem and Wocko

Likkle Blocks and HELLBOY55100

Joelianomanu and Paudie

GREENY-LFC123 and CCbrain

Louisw03 and MaxiLucaGT5

Cliffy7765 and Lordyboy624

Shortbread24 and Sambamkid


1. BigC_019
2. Ashbest122
3. xJackLacey

5. Cliffy_7765
6. Louisw03
7. Joelianomanu
8. AMS97F1
9. Paudie
10. Shortbread24
11. Lordyboy624
12. Oogie_Azeem
13. MaxiLucaGT5
14. Likkle_Blocks
15. Wocko
16. CCBrain
17. Sambamkid
18. JD-_-7
19.  HELLBOY55100
Sports Discussion / [F1] Official F1 Fantasy League
Hi guys,

F1/Liberty has recently launched its fantasy F1 league ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

So I have set up a league for PSGL... bit of fun

CODE: f4789a

How to play

Choose five drivers and one constructor, staying within your budget of $100m. Your team will score points during each race and qualifying session. At each race you’ll have to nominate one of your drivers to receive the turbo boost and double their points haul – but you’ll need to balance risk against reward, because as well as the bonuses on offer, there are penalties at stake. Every driver wants to beat their team mate and you’ll get extra points if they do. And if your driver can work their way up through the field, there are points to be gained for that too.
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Paddock

F1 Paddock - "The finest in the universe"

The F1 Paddock, otherwise known as the finest in the universe, has made its striking appearance within the F1 league, and hopes to bring the drivers closer together by offering them the finest experience and atmosphere of their lives. In other words, you (the F1 racers) and other racers across the site can use the paddock for general communication.

What type of communication?

  • General talk/discussion (i.e. let everyone know how you're doing)
  • Discuss championship standings and battles
  • Assistance for setups, strategy
  • Interviews with drivers will be posted in the paddock
Now lets fire away and make the F1 paddock a lively place! After all, it's not the finest in the universe for no reason! :36: :roll:
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 - All you need to know
Formula 1 League - Season 20 Details and Info

Ashbest and I are pleased to confirm we will be the admins of the premier league of PSGL for the upcoming season.

After a fantastic two seasons on F1 2017, we are pleased to bring you more fantastic racing on a Monday night.

All information regarding the new season will be posted here, also, if you have any questions, post below.

When will the next season start?

The opening round of the season will get underway on May 7 at Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia.

Will there be a pre-season race?

Yes - There will be a pre-season race, which will take place on April 30 (Track will be done via poll)

What is the calendar?


Rule Changes

Formation and safety car will remain off.

Season 20 Driver Line-up

The driver line-up for the upcoming season.

Season 20 Teammate Selection

Like always, you are free to choose your own teammate. The deadline for this is Sunday, April 22 at 1155 BST.

The teammate thread will go up on Friday, April 20 at 1700 BST.

Car selection

Like last season car selection will be done through drivers’ championship position attained in the previous season. Once all team pairings are paired up, an order will be created based on the lead driver’s placing last season.

So, the F1 champion will get first choice, followed by second, third and so on.

Priority order

F1 S19 champion
F1 S19 championship order (2nd to 20th)
F2 champion (from season prior)
F3 champion (from season prior)
F2 championship order (2nd to 20th)
F3 championship order (2nd to 20th)
F4/F5/F6 drivers
New / returning drivers

Specific priority order

Based on the above, the following order has been created:

1. Ashbest122
2. Cliffy7765
3. Louisw03
4. BigC_019
5. AMS97F1
6. xJackLacey
7. Likkle_Blocks
8. Oogie_Azeem
9. MaxiLucaGT5
11. Joelianomanu
12. Paudie
13. JD-_-7
14. Shortbread
15. HELLBOY55100
16. Lordyboy
17. Wocko
18. CcBrain
19. Sambamkid

Teammate priority order

Once all ten teammate pairings are confirmed, a priority order of selection for cars will be created ahead of car selection on Sunday, April 22 at 1200 BST