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General Discussion / Your Racing Career!
Hi all,

Not quite sure where to put this but thought it may be an interesting concept for some of you. For those of you that don't remember me, I used to race here regularly a few years back and have learnt everything i know about racing on this website. I've recently moved up from sim racing and karting into the big bad world of real life car racing around the UK at tracks like Silverstone, Brands, Donington etc! I'm not here to spout about my achievements, but one thing I want to share with you all is how accessible, easy and sociable participating in this sport can be!

Our race team is on Twitter, Facebook and has its own website -

Please, if anybody has any questions, get in contact- I would love to help any of you out.

All the best.

F1 Archives / F1 Season 7 - Round 9 - Hockenheim 100% Special

So here it is. This seasons first 100% race. Drivers will all be looking to get a good feel for this new programme as it is widely rumoured that mext seasons F1 league will be of this format. I personally believe it will be a great test for many drivers and it will provide a true show of skill and ability. It is expected to help some drivers - the likes of Gore, Powney and Malc whereas some drivers are expecting more of a struggle - Roussell, Smithy. I liked chris' race preview a few weeks back but i thought it missed 2 key ingredients STATS and too mmuch talking about himself. Most people got a line, if mentioned at all, chris however did 2 paragrahs on himself hahahaha. So i have adopted a similair theme but with more insight to each driver. Deabtes are welcome

Championship Positions After Round 8

1st) Grumps 61
2nd) Alex  54
3rd) Ben  51
4th) Malc  44
5th) ChrisGore  43
6th) Myrph  39
7th) Rob  31
8th) Mezza 27
9th) David  23
10th) Mojo  22
11th) Chissel 19
12th) Blue  8
13th) Roussell  5
14th) Asmithyz  1

Following is my view on all drivers on the grid:

1st Grumps

Best assets: fast with a bit of practice and the right setup
Worst asset: not delivering when he is in with a shot of the win. Maybe too happy to take 2nd place
Points behind: 0
Bens predicted championship position: 1st (keep position)
Sum up grumps with the first words that spring to mind: keyboard warrior

2nd Alex

Best asset: 1 lap specialist. Quali man and naturally very quick
Worst asset: when it goes sour, alex struggles to recover
Points behind 1st: 7
Bens predicted championship position: 4th (down 2)
Sum up alex with the first words that spring to mind: robot wars

3rd Me

Best asset: everything
Worst asset: none
Points behind 2nd: 3
Bens predicted championship position: 2nd (up 1)
Sum up me with the first words that spring to mind: hero

4th Malc

Best asset:  obviously sense of humour and generally a quick driver. Can pop up with stella performances consistently a threat to the top 3
Worst asset: little mistakes in the heat of battle
Points behind 3rd: 7
Bens predicted championship position: 8th (down 4)
Sum up malc with the first words that spring to mind: brummy decent guy

5th Gore

Best assets: avoiding danger, great wheel to wheel
Worst asset: excuses, all the time!
Points behind 4th: 1
Bens predicted championship position: 3rd (up 2)
Sum up gore with the first words that spring to mind: consistent

6th Myrph

Best asset: can dominate a race if he gets on well with the car and track
Worst asset: lag and consistency between tracks
Points behind 5th: 4
Bens predicted championship position: 5th (up 1)
Sum up myrph with the first words that spring to mind: shumacher/vettel/lag

7th Rob

Best asset: on his day, unbeatable
Worst asset: incosistent in races, mainly wet weather tyre choice
Points behind 6th: 8
Bens predicted championship position: 6th (up 1)
Sum up rob with the first words that spring to mind: ewood park, fast

8th Mezza

Best asset: a fair racer, and a real threat to all of the midfield
Worst asset: lag obviously and
Points behind 7th: 4
Bens predicted championship position: 11th (down 3)
Sum up mezza with the first words that spring to mind: timo glock on holiday

9th Stig

Best asset: great guy off track, setups and teamwork are stigs strong points
Worst asset: the guy cant keep his sodding mouth shut ;)
Points behind 8th: 4
Bens predicted championship position: 9th (keep position)
Sum up stig with the first words that spring to mind: welsh, fact lover,

10th Mojo

Best asset: setups are normally extreme, fast and stable, knows his limits
Worst asset: sometimes cant get onw ith certain tracks and needs practice to be fast
Points behind 9th: 1
Bens predicted championship position: 7th (up 3)
Sum up mojo with the first words that spring to mind: lanky

11th Chissel

Best asset:  another one on his day who is unbeatable. Great tyre choices in changing conditions.
Worst asset: too quick to give up
Points behind 10th: 3
Bens predicted championship position: 13th (down 2)
Sum up chissel with the first words that spring to mind: jizz /  Detroit (chissel my nissel)

12th Blue

Best asset: wet weather driving. Without doubt the rain master for me in this league
Worst asset: misses too many races with his jet-set lifestyle
Points behind 11th: 11
Bens predicted championship position: 10th (up 2)
Sum up blie with the first words that spring to mind: rich scottish alcoholic bastard

13th Roussell

Best asset: when hes on it, hes quick and easy top 5 is where he should be
Worst asset: not consistent enough in the race, too many little mistakes
Points behind 12th: 3
Bens predicted championship position: 12th (up 1)
Sum up roussell with the first words that spring to mind: meat cleaver

14th Smithy

Best asset: nice voice, always trys
Worst asset: crashing, a lot
Points behind 13th: 4
Bens predicted championship position: 14th (keep position)
Sum up smithy with the first words that spring to mind: sir crashalot

Bens Hockenheim Grand Prix Prediction

1st) Rob
2nd) Ben
3rd) Galex
4th) Mojo
5th) Grumps
6th) Gore
7th) Malc
8th) Myrph
9th) Stig
10th) Blue
11th) Mezza
12th) Roussell (DNF)
13th) Chissel (DNS)
14th) Asmithyz (DNS)
General Discussion / Motorsport camera
I've been in the market now for a little while for a camera to mount to my CRASH helmet and record different forms of Motorsport- largely of go karting. I've heard a lot about the go pro as they do a Motorsport edition- anybody had any experience or add anything that I may not have thought of? Any help would be gratefully received x
F1 Archives / 100%?
Hi everyone. Ive been discussing with an admin of f1 about the idea of doing 100% races in F1. as some of you may know we've been doing it in nac1 and at first I was against it, for 2 reasons. 1- was the time, 2 was the fact i thought it would end up enhancing the fact the fastest drivers finish first. how wrong was I? massively. I absolutely love 100% races after just three races, in fact I now look at 50% as a little boring. It gives a jumbled up finishing order as it allows drivers to use tactics, fuel strategy and also tyre strategy. At the moment I feel the races have become a very little bit repetitive in f1, Alex and rob are great racers and are driving well and this is far from a vendetta to slow them down. But with most people one stopping at most tracks, I feel f1 could do with a bit more Input from the driver, rather than just being quick.

i am fully expecting objections, especially on the time front. In nac, we start quali at 8 and are usually finished before 10.  I am completely happy in f1 whatever, would love to hear your thoughts. This post will be updated regularly to give a balanced view for every reader.

If interest is high, I will be holding a 100% tester session Saturday 2pm.

1. Tyre strategy
2. Fuel strategy
3. Car is more realistic- pig to drive for number of laps
4. Weather is more variable and can easily change from dry to wet to dry again.
5. Mixed up results
6. More demanding for drivers
7. More tactics required when overtaking
8. Setup is more important
9. 44 laps at spa ;)
10. Bigger chance of a comeback if your wiped out at t1
11. Mono doesnt need to change his sons 9.30pm shitty nappy

1. Finish later by about 30-40 mins
2. More demanding for drivers
3. Rob will get too hot in his leather gimp suit

Up for it

1. Ben
2. Grumps
3. Mojo
4. Chris
5. Malcolm in the middle
6. Rob
7. Myrph
8. Mezz
9. Smithy
10. Roussel

Old women who don't like change

General Discussion / Playstation accessories!
Hi guys, quick but of advice. My turtle beach px21's are on the verge of death. Can anybody reccomend a new set of headphones/mic? Only want to go better than or equal to these.

Also a g27 is my current wheel and pedals. Whats the next logical step up? Love the fanatec wheel and pedals and f1 rim but bigger me, thats a lot of wonga!  :40:
F1 Archives / PS3GL Social
Ps3gl social

Ok boys. Here's what I'm proposing. A social meet for anyone and everyone associated with ps3gl. It seems like this may be a struggle judging from previous experiences on similar sites, so I've tried to make it as simple as possible. However, all aspects are up for debate. It seems natural to suggest the idea of go karting as its something I'm sure we all have a common love for! The best location I thought was Sutton circuit, Leicester - A lot of people rate this as one of the best circuits in the UK and all karts have lap timers which is pretty rare. But more importantly this is a pretty central location for most people in England (they dont call it the midlands for nothing). Only 90 miles from London, 110 miles from Manchester and 150 from cardiff. The nearest train station is Broughton Astley (less than a mile from the circuit). I don't mind picking anybody up from a train station en route. I propose either the sat/sun
9th/10th march or 30/31 march. Cost is £42 for quali then two 15min races. Depending on numbers and level of interest I'd be keen to grab a beer or two after with the possibility of driving home late or booking a hotel. This brings me nicely on to my next point...

I don't expect everybody to be up for this for a multitude of reasons. Some wont have the money, for some the distance is too far and some wont be free on the above dates. However, its the people who have none of these issues that i would like to hear from- good or bad. I would love to know why people would not like to come so we can perhaps tailor different events in the future, I welcome feedback. Its worth me saying now if you're the stereotypical gamer then you may well be uncomfortable meeting people- but please feel free to bring a friend (even if your not uncomfortable). Also if you are not old enough to make your own decisions / travel then bring your old man. that also goes for any people who want to bring protection because they think hilton is a peadophile ;)

For me personally, I would be looking forward to this event as I could have a bit of a tear up round a great track and also finally put a face to all your names and most importantly have a good laugh!!  If this goes ahead as I plan it to then I will be driving from Folkestone, Kent and will pick up anybody on the way who wants a lift.

F1 Archives / Motor racing experience
So here at ps3gl we have some great drivers. I know mojo was abit of a karting specialist in the past but has anyone else done anything motorsport related?
Ive dabbled in a bit of karting and this was me on sunday, it was brilliant fun and i would really reccomend it to anybody, especially for us lot who like cars and racing!!