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FIFA 14 [PS3] / Team Play alternative
So now that we know that there is no Team Play option on FIFA14, I believe Pro clubs are the only solution in hand. I'm not much of an expert on this mode, but I believe organizing a game through it is a bit complicated.

Organizing games

Getting teammates together to play a match can be challenging at time. Via EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC), you can now send messages to all Club members online even if everyone is playing in different modes. Teammates can navigate to EASFC in game, accept the invite and then are taken to the Match Lobby.

So this thread is open for ideas or extra info you might enrich us with to be able to see where we stand and what we can do.
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / And the Champions are ...
Chelsea FC!!

We congratulate the London club for being crowned champions of season 6. Well done lads.

Barcelona finished as runner-up. Good season gents.

Players awards will be posted later tomorrow.

General Discussion / PSN ID Help!!
So now I got the FIFA14, it keeps telling me that I'm not connected to the internet, and its not even asking for the pass code, which left me wondering why. The version I got is region (2), while my PSN account address is the US (because all versions i purchased before were region1).

So what is the problem? why am I not being signed in automatically like FIFA13 or asked for the passcode?

Is it a region issue? and if it is, can i change the address of my PSN account? because I think it is not possible. Do I have to make a new PSN account??  :(
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Rules MUST READ
First, I'd like to inform you that Matt can't continue his role as admin due to other important commitments, so I'd like to thank him for his great efforts running this league and wish him all the best. Until we find a competent replacement, I'll be running the league.

After few unfortunate incidents that took place in some games, I'd like to stress that ALL rules are to be followed and that managers MUST be sure their players have read them thoroughly, even if they did before. We might make slight changes to some rules, but that will only happen at the end of this season.


38. Both Managers will now need to be in the same PS3 Text chat as each other to communicate during the match if there are any issues and only managers can communicate and stop matches.

This quite a clear rule, but it should also (and will) inclue both teams' players in order to be well informed about any incidents during the game, like disconnections and quitting options. Skype is not obligatory and it could be a second option but only in addition to PSN text chat. If it causes you lag, you can always quit it yet still receive messages on your screen.


17. If a player disconnects in the first 5 minutes of game time, then the game must be restarted with all the players.

If the ANY disconnects at half time or at the first 5 minutes of second half of game time, then the second half can be replayed with current score IF the opponent manager agrees to that.

18. If a player disconnects after the 5 minute period then the game must continue. If disconnection leaves a team with 1 player then the game must be restarted with the score carried over and play with the remaining time from the last match.

19. If more then one player starts in the Any Position then the game must be restarted within the first 5 minutes of game time, if it is over 5 minutes then one of the Any players must leave the game and the game must continue (if there is 3 players or more)

Post match comments

It is really disappointing to see long time members making provocative comments towards each other, using either foul or childish language. You should know better by now. I will not tolerate such arguments from now on and will issue warnings and even bans if I had to, and you know me, I got no problems doing that. If you want to let out some steam after the game, its fine, but you control it and think twice before posting what could ignite more trouble.

Please read this well, because if it happens again, you won't have an excuse.

FIFA League Archives (Historic) / FIFA 13 Teams - Post Your Results - Saturday 27th July 2013
Game Week 3

Barcelona   v   Dortmund   Camp Nou
Bayern   v   Chelsea FC   Allianz Arena
Real Madrid   v   Juventus   Santiago BernabĂ©u

Once you have played your match, please use this thread to let us know your score and we would then be able to update the leaderboard.

Please include the following stats :

Appearances (including who played as ANY)
Any Cards issued (Yellow / Red)
Man of The Match

Please make sure you ONLY submit the above required info and nothing else. Any extra posts will be deleted. thank you for cooperation.
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Reserves Cup Sign up
Now that you have read about our new reserves system, we are looking for at least 4 teams out of the 7 involved in the main league to be participating with their reserve+regulars teams in the Reserves Cup / league (depending on the system we're going to use).

Mangers please register your interest in participating in this league to give those who doesn't get much playing time and your new (to come) reserves the chance to play.

Just reply (managers or entitled assistants) with "interested".
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / New Rules: MUST READ
As part of our pursuit to grow and improve the 5v5 league, we've decided to make a slight change in the rules. The new rule (s) is going to be made in order to make sure that as much interested new sign-up players get their chances to prove themselves, and at the same time, help managers have more back up players with less vulnerability during the season.

The new rules will look as the following (could be slightly edited later)

Squad Rule:
The allowed squad size for each league team is (10) players.

Transfer Rule:
a) If a new player signs up to the league, and doesn't receive any offers within a short period of time, the Admin has the right to send him to any team that hasn't reached the 10 players squad limit.

b) The manager of the team in question, can directly send the new sign up player to his reserves team*, where those players have to earn their first team spots in the future.

New competition for the reserves

With the above mentioned rule being created, and with the original cup competition being currently suspended not to intervene with the progress of the current season, We've figured that those reserve players would need some sort of competition to enjoy and prove themselves to their managers. For that very purpose, we are going to organize a new cup competition called (The Reserves Cup) - name is subject to change -

Managers Must field all their reserves / back up players in their 5 men representing them in the Reserves Cup games.

The manager can add regular players to his Reserves Cup squad obviously if he doesn't have enough reserves. For example, if a manager has only 2 reserves, he can add 2-3 regulars to the team.

In order to take some load off the team managers having to arrange another competition games and organizing a new squad for the reserve team, assistant managers and/or captains can be entitled by the manager to organize the reserves games, even if the manager is available.

The admins will be in contact with you over new sign ups that need a team to play in, so please cooperate with them.

More details about the Reserves cup will be announced later today.

We need your cooperation to ensure every participant in this league gets a taste of our exciting Team Play experience.

The thread is open to share your valued views.

mrChoosy (Game Director)
xMattCx (Admin Team)
Crozza-9 (Admin Team)

P.S: Special thanks to Teddy for bringing up the basic concept of the idea.
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Game Reports
Dear managers/ assistant managers / captains,

To be able to write short league analysis and reviews, we'd like you to write a very short match report after each game. Two or three lines would be enough and wouldn't take much of your time.

Most teams doing it already, so please keep doing it. Much appreciated.
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / All managers / assistant managers / captains please read
We are asking all managers / assistant managers / captains to please arrange league matches through teams' contact threads in addition to PMs, so that the admins can see it and have a good judgment when deciding over default wins in case the game isn't played within the deadline.

Thank you for your cooperation.