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Formula 1 2017 / PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Findings
Irun and Npyne

The stewards feel that this was avoidable and clumsy on Npyne's part. He went for a move that the stewards felt was always going to result in contact and they felt that it was Irun's corner. More patience was required.

10 seconds to be added to Npyne's time.

Side Note - On behalf of the stewards, I am extremely sorry about the massive delay in posting the findings.
Season Three / [F4] Round 6 - Belgium GP
Round 6 - Belgium Grand Prix

Last time out in Germany, the weather once again played a huge role in the outcome of the race. Carworld would start on pole yet again after a scintillating lap, well clear of the rest of the field. There was only time for one run on slicks, as the rain clouds were heading towards the circuit, and it would only stay dry for the first 5 minutes. Venom would set the second fastest time with Frome starting from 3rd.

The race started under heavy rain. Friso timed his stop for the inters perfectly as the weather was easing and he would lead the field. Carworld had an incident with lfc4life, dropping him out of contention, and WarrenHague had an accident due to lag. Grumpy finished the race in second place after an exceptional double overtake on DavejaVu and Frome at the hairpin on lap 28. Frome fought back a couple of laps later, but Grumpy stayed patient and re-took second place on the final lap of the race.
    Friso makes it five different winners from the first  five races and the championship is wide open!!

We head to the sensational Spa-Francorchamps for round 6 of the season. With weather affecting most of the races so far, a gambling man would surely bet on more rain in the Belgium forests. Spa is an old-school circuit, which the drivers love. With massive undulation and corners like Eau Rouge and Pouhon to tackle, it still provides arguably the biggest challenge to the drivers of any track all season. Although not quite as challenging as the original 15km layout!!

Lap Record - 1:47.263 - Sebastian Vettel - 2009 ( Most modern layout with modified Bus Stop Chicane)

Track Trivia - Despite being ubiquitously referred to as Spa, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is actually within a triangle formed by the towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot. Spa is slightly to the northwest. The circuit is located in eastern Belgium, in the Ardennes forest, near the German border. Liege is the closest large city, about 35 kilometres to the northwest of the track.


1 - Were you satisfied with your result in Germany?
2- Who will be the first driver to take their 2nd win of the season?
3 - Podium finishers for Belgium?
4 - Favourite Spa moment?
5 - Eau Rouge or Pouhon?!
Season Three / [F4] Round 5 - German GP
Round 5 - German Grand Prix

The F4 grid heads to Hockenheim for round 5 of the season after another dramatic race in Monaco.  Carworld would again prove to be the pace-setter over a single lap, after securing another pole position. Some 7 tenths quicker than the 2nd placed qualifier!!

A wet start to the race and an inevitable early safety car would see him fall back into the pack however, after pitting too early. Frisostolk, Venom and Frome made the jump to intermediate tyres perfectly but it was the crossover to the dry tyre, which would decide the outcome of the race.
    Frisostolk jumped Frome in the pit stops, but after 10 laps of pressure, he made a mistake at the chicane allowing Frome to take the lead and build a gap. Friso made another mistake later in the race dropping him further back. WarrenHague fought his way into 2nd place after Venom had an incident but he would hold on for a great podium.

After the drama of Monaco, Frome heads to Germany now leading the championship with Hague and Carworld in hot pursuit. Where the old Hockenheim was a flat-out rollercoaster ride through the forest, the newer layout offers a different set of challenges with the technical stadium section and plenty of overtaking oppurtunities. Another enthralling race is almost guaranteed!!

Lap Record - 1:13.780 -  Kimi Raikkonen - 2004 McLaren

Track Trivia - Hockenheim first held a round of the world championship in 1970, when drivers refused to race on the Nordschleife on safety grounds.


1 - Were you satisfied with your result in Monaco?

2 - Pole time for Hockenheim?

3 - Race winner?

4 - Favourite German GP moment?

5 - Where do you think Jenson and Fernando will finish this weekend?
Season Three / [F4] Round 4 - Monaco GP (21/05/2017)
Round 4 - Monaco Grand Prix

The F4 grid heads to the glamourous principality of Monaco for round 4 of the season. As always, qualifying well here will be extra important with overtaking almost impossible. Any drivers out of position will have to rely on a clever strategy to try and gain places in the race.
    The driver's concentration will be stretched to their limits as they dice through the streets just inches away from the barriers. With almost no run off areas, Monaco is one of the few tracks left on the calendar where making a mistake could mean your race is over.
    Cooler heads generally prevail on what is still one of the most sought after wins in world motorsport.

Last time out in Austria, we witnessed a chaotic race from start to finish. With ever-changing conditions, drivers were scrambling in and out of the pits to be on the right tyres at the right times. It was Carworld who would lead the field and take his first win of the season. He has proven his pace both in dry and wet conditions now and will be very difficult to beat to the championship.
     Simo would grab his first PSGL podium in the Williams with an impressive drive. Qualifying third, he had a difficult first lap and was back in tenth place. He kept his head and pitted at the right times to pull himself back into a great finishing position. Frome closed out the podium with third place. A nice points haul for the Williams' drivers in the constructors championship!

Lap Record - Kimi Raikkonen - 1:13.532 - 2006 Mclaren

Track Trivia - Michael Schumacher and Graham Hill have both won five times in Monte Carlo, with Alain Prost grabbing four wins while Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jackie Stewart have three triumphs to their tally; but the record of most wins in the principality resides with Ayrton Senna, who won six times.

This race promises to be a cracker. Join us live at 8pm BST this coming Sunday!!

Pre Race Questions

1 - Were you satisfied with your result in Austria?
2 - Guess the pole time for this weekend's qualifying?
3 - Who is your pick for race winner at Monaco?
4 - Favourite Monaco GP moment?
5 - Lewis/Valtteri/Seb/Kimi for the championship? 
Season Three / [F4] Round 3 - Austrian GP
Round 3 - Austrian Grand Prix

After 2 fly-away races to start the season, the F4 grid heads to Europe for the Austrian Grand Prix.
   Last time out in Bahrain, there was carnage in turn 1 for the start of the race. FlyingFrome was tapped on the inside and collected Tejuarr and Carworld, resulting in a clumsy opening lap.
   It was Zhavior, Hague and Grumpy who would survive the mayhem to lead the field. The rest of the race became about two words - Tyre Management!! 
     With the desert sand blowing across the track, the tyres are notoriously punished at the Sakhir circuit. It was the pre-season title favourite WarrenHague who would look after his rubber the best and was first to see the chequered flag. He will be looking to continue his fine form here in Austria.
    Zhavior would again impress with a second place and adding to his championship lead. We would later find out that Zhavior is retiring from racing with immediate effect and would be taking over commentating duties.
    Grumpy would round off the podium places, finishing in 3rd place after a penalty demoted him from 2nd. His first podium finish in two years. A dark horse for the title maybe?

The Red Bull Ring will present a completely different challenge to the drivers than Bahrain. With fast entry speed into corners throughout the layout, the drivers will be looking to dial in a setup with a good front end over the course of the weekend.
  The two Red Bull drivers Frisostolk and Lfc4life711 will be hoping for a good result at the team's home race. The Austrian Grand Prix is a frantic track with no real rest-bite. It's important to find a rhythm here to be contesting a podium result.

Lap Record - 1:08.337 - Michael Schumacher - Ferrari F2003

Track Trivia - The track has been through a number of name changes over the years. First called The Osterreichring when opened in 1969. The name was changed to the A1-Ring in 1996. Today, the track is known as the Red Bull Ring after Dietrich Mateschitz purchased the circuit in 2004.


1- Were you satisfied with your result in Bahrain?
2 - Guess the pole time for this weekend's qualifying?
3 - Now that we are a couple of races into the season, has your title favourite changed?
4 - Who will win at Austria? Who will get fastest lap?
5 - Favourite Austrian GP moment? 

Season Three / [F4] Round 2 - Bahrain GP
Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix

The F4 season is underway after an enthralling race in Australia last Sunday night.
    With the top 4 drivers separated by just a couple of tenths in qualifying, the season promises to be closely fought out and consistency will be key.

Strategy played a huge part in the race. Carworld suffered a glitch, which reset his strategy, meaning he was put on the supersoft tyres for the opening stint, rather than more durable rubber. He will be disappointed after a wonderful pole position, but 3rd is a strong start and something to build on for the rest of the season.
       It was Zhavior who would take an impressive win. After admitting he 'bottled' his final qualifying run, his race pace was strong to make up for it and his strategy worked perfectly. Frome would grab second after benefitting from Carworld's tyre glitch.

The grid now heads to the desert of Bahrain for round 2. With technical sections separated by a long straight, setup will be the key to good race pace and for scoring points.
     Unlike Albert Park, the track here at Sakhir provides plenty of overtaking opportunities for drivers that are out of position.

Lap Record - 1:31.447 - Pedro de la Rosa - McLaren 2005

Track Trivia - The race has been held on the current 5.4 kilometre Grand Prix circuit layout on all but one occasion. in 2010, the 6.2 kilometre 'endurance' circuit layout was used


1 - Will you be present at this week's race?
2 - Were you satisfied with your result in Australia?
3 - Who surprised you last week?
4 - Who will grab pole here?
5 - Who will win the race?
6 - Favourite Bahrain GP moment?
7 - Have your expectations for the season changed after last week?
Season Three / [F4] Round 1 - Australian GP 30/04/2017
Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix

The wait is almost over for the start of the new PSGL F4 season. We head down under for the first of 12 races in what promises to be an explosive season. With a few drivers coming down from F3 and last year's F4 drivers looking to mount a new challenge, the grid will look very different to the previous year. Throw in a couple of rookies also to add to the excitement!!

As with all opening rounds of a new season, the drivers and teams will be looking to get off to the best possible start and to make a statement to the rest of the grid and their new teammates!

Awaiting the 18-strong grid is the challenging street circuit of Albert Park. With fast 90 degree corners, the tricky turns 11 and 12 and plenty of bumps in the asphalt, the drivers will be pushed to their limits to maximise their results.

Lap Record- 1:24.125 - Michael Schumacher - Ferrari F2004 - 7th March 2004

Track Trivia- The Australian Grand Prix is yet to be won by an Australian driver. The best result so far by an Aussie driver, was Mark Webber back in 2012 for Red Bull, finishing in 4th place.


1- Will you be attending on Sunday?
2- What are your personal expectations for the season to come?
3- Who will win your teammate battle?
4- Who is your pick for the drivers and constructors championships?
5- Which driver will be the biggest surprise this season?
6- Who will grab pole here at Albert Park?
7- Favourite Australian Grand Prix moment?

Edit - Pictures to be added once I figure it out haha
Season Three / [F4] Pre-Season test - Silverstone 23/04/2017
With just over a week until the start of the new season at Australia, I am planning on holding a pre-season race this Sunday evening at Silverstone. It is a new line-up of racers, so it will be good to race with you all before the season officially starts.

Date - Sunday 23rd April 2017
Time - 8pm BST (GMT+1)
50% Distance
Strict Corner Cut Rules

Please reply to this thread stating if you will be attending this race or not :)
Season Three / [F4] Season 3 Driver List
Here is the list of drivers for the upcoming season

1 - mrgrumpy20 (admin)
2 - FlyingFrome (admin)

3 - Musical-Venom
4- Webcam17
5 - Cheater-Cheater
6 - xMikexSI
7 - BWAClyde
8 - ijsimo
9 - Tejuarr
10 - larsgaming123
11 - sirspud72
12 - Rakarov
13 - frisostolk_
14 - lfc4life711
15 - Craig
16 - DaveJaVu91
17 - WarrenHagueF1 ( Anthony Hague )
18 - zGenetiikz__
19 - Hulkenburger

PS4 Games Discussion / GTR 3 Discussion [PS4 | PC]
Simbin's next game is GTR 3 and is releasing next year on PS4, PC and Xbox One. GTR 2 was amazing on PC, so this should be good. Simbin are a great studio. So got good hopes for this.

Edit - it's the newly formed Simbin UK that are making this. Their studio is based in Manchester and is comprised mainly of the Sector 3 development team, who made the excellent RaceRoom game for PC.
Race Calender & Results / {F1} Season 8 - China 16/06/13

Shanghai, China, Round 1.

We’re finally here, the first race of the new F1 season. New drivers, new cars and new rules…sort of…

Can anyone stop Dale from retaining his title this season? 15 other racers, new and old, will be out to beat him this season. There is also one other hurdle to contend with, 100% races. This means much heavier cars at the start of the race to contend with whilst we all pile into turn one, and also double the time to make mistakes.

The Shanghai International Circuit, measuring 3.387 miles long with a lap record of 1:32.238 set by Mr Michael Schumacher in 2004. Turn 1 and 2 are a very long tightening right hander, they lead straight into turn 3 and 4 which are basically the reverse of 1 and 2 but instead of braking you have to gradually put the power down. 5 is really just a kink. 6 is a slow right hander taken in second gear.
Next turns 7 and 8 are essentially a long high speed chicane; in qualifying 7 should be easy flat. 9 and 10, mainly 10, are difficult to get right. A good exit is essential to carry good speed down the following straight. Turn 11 is a tight left hander followed by the slightly more open right hander of 12. Use of the curbs here are essential, but too much can unsettle the car.
Turn 13 is a long, long, long, long, long, long, long (I could go on longer but I won’t waste your time :P) right hander that opens up onto one of the longest straights on the F1 calendar. Your exit from turn 13 is really important as you carry that speed all the way down the 1.3km straight. This is also where DRS will be located, again a good exit could keep you out of harm’s way from cars behind who have DRS. At the end of the straight is the heaviest braking zone on the track from just under 200 mph to 45 mph in a few seconds and just over 100m. Putting the power down out of turn 14 is tricky and avoiding wheel spin will save some of the tyres.
After a short straight the final corner appears, it’s a quick left hander with a very awkward curb and bollard right on the apex, it is taken at just under 100 mph then its a straight run to complete the lap. Repeat 55 more times. Result you finish the first race of the season!

One thing I am sure of, this season will definitely have lots of the fun stuff! Good luck to all :)