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FIFA League Archives (Historic) / Reducing amount of players
don't know what you think but maybe amount of players or leagues could be reduced so it just leaves the guys who really want to play in the league I have had lots of problems with my ps3  it crashed but sorted now so I know ther are good reasons sometimes . What do you think?  It might be the way forward for next season !
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / champions league
champions league could be a possibilty as i think we have enough players if not we could reduce the numbers to make it work.seeding could be done according to what league your in at the moment ,once the leagues are finished there is also talk of a world cup which would be good also           
FIFA League Archives (Historic) / game with richardCOD
  (paulmcg here)                                                   we will need to get that 25 mins in mate maybe over weekend  pity the connection chucked it was good game  will look for you online