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PS4 Games Discussion / Re: Gran Turismo Sport Discussion [PS4]
The new patch means i can at last enjoy GTS. No Fanatec support from the get go made it feel awful. But now, what a difference. Hopefully they include LED visual support next time but at least they've sorted the dreadful dead zone issue and lack of FFB.

Its still no GT3 or GT5 but im starting to fall in love this gran turismo all over again  :)
F6 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F6] Round 10 Belgian Race Thread [15/3/18]
1. Will you be attending this race?

Yes, Dan is gonna give me a run down on the Arsenal.

2. Podium Prediction?

With some new drivers its hard to tell. I love this track, in my top 3. Can't see anyone matching SSS unless its wet!!

3. Favourite Spa GP Moment?

Hamilton v Raikkonen  last few laps in 2008
F6 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F6] Round 7 Azerbaijan Race Thread [22/2/18]
1) What's your aim and objective for this race weekend?

To finish, then see where it goes

2) Who do you see as your biggest rival for the rest of the season?


3) Can anyone beat SS?

I did, but man what a fluke that was. On a serious note the last two races, i've not seen anything like it since BigC joine the old F3 on saturdays. He blows the field away nearly lapping all of us

4) What's your view of the track here at Azerbaijan?

At least its not one of those god damn awful tracks like Austin/China that bloke designs.

5) (a more light hearted note) Give us your best joke!

Arsene Wenger signing his new two year deal
F6 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F6] Round 6 Canada Race Thread [15/2/18]
1. Are you happy with your result last week?
Yeah, really surprised to have finished in the top 3

2. Will we see a retirement at the wall of champions? If so who?
Anyone can, especially if its wet!!

3. What track should the FIA bring back?

4. What do you think of the new Haas livery?
Not seen it

5. Predictions for the 2018 season?
The usual suspects. Be good to see Red Bull up there and as more competitive McLaren too,
F6 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F6] Round 5 Monaco Race Thread [8/2/18]
1. Who will get pole and who will be on the podium?  SSS will gt pole and the win . Humbo and Rhys on podium

2. Who will be the first to retire, and how? Me, Tabac

3. Who has surprised you the most in the 1st quarter of the season? Ive only raced twice but the overall speed of some of the guys. On the other side some people just shouldnt race. that guy in the redbull at Brazil, what was that all about???

4. Opinions on grid girls getting removed? Gutted, just leave them there. Yes their sexy, but thats the point. Politics gone mad again. What they've actually done is sack all the girls

5. Will Ash really be the very best? Trev will always be best, its in his name.
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
- Your PSN -   Betrayer46
- What days you are available to race - Thursday
- What Assists you use currently - TC,ABS
- Previous league racing experience (if any, state what leagues / tiers) -   PSGL's F1,F2,F3,F4
- Whether you interested in Equal Car Leagues/Performance/Both - Equal
PS4 Games Discussion / Re: Gran Turismo Sport Discussion [PS4]

Being a bloke of 46 now its been 20 years since i first played GT, way back when most of this site weren't even born. It gripped me, sucked me in. I played it constantly, even bought my first wheel after a year just for GT. Nothing had been before it, it set a bench mark for all future driving games. Imo the only one that has come close in terms of gameplay  is codies Toca touring car series ( not race driver!!) The first game to have car tuning, the fictional tracks were and are perfect. Even today racing round Grand Valley gives me goose bumps.

Now for me all i want to do is race, whether online or off line. I'm gonna show my age now but i dont want to join in different stuff, watch others race etc etc. If i race online i want to do it with friends, whether in a league or not. I want cars to feel different, drive like cars. GT gives me that and so far GT sports has gripped me big time. The physics havent changes much but they dont need to imo. Cars handle great.

Now project cars 2 is gonna suffer from the same issues Pcars did. Namely wheel calibration. Its bad, for a driving game you'd expect it to be plug in and play no matter what wheel you had. But its not. You can wrap it up in what you like but if the fundamentals aren't there who cares about online function is the cars drive like pants.

I will bet you now, more people will buy GT sport than Pcars 2. If GT sport lives up to other GT installments we'll be playing it for years to come. Pcars will just disappear into driving sim oblivion.

Gonna have to eat my words on this one.

First impressions. WTF

GT sport is a souped up demo, no real campaign just the usual GT crap.
Where have all the tracks gone which have made the game so famous!!!???  No Grand Valley, Deep Forest etc. Just lots of doughnuts. Yeah it looks great but what was the near on year delay for?? The handling is the usual slightly understeer so no change from GT6. Seriously £50 for this? Years gone by GT has spawned Prologue games, GT5 in particular. This GT sport mess should have been one of those. £20 tops for a game thats lacking in a proper campaign mode and no proper GT franchise tracks.
I suppose we have to wait 10 years for GT7 to rear it head before we get a proper GT driving game.
Sports Discussion / Re: Football Talk
Isn't it just typical of Arsenal. Put a massive bid in for a player who they know for a fact can't physically sign just to "show the fans" they mean business.
Yet another boring transfer dead line day for us Gooners. Sooner Wenger dies the better, he's destroyed the club. Another two years of this crap and it will be the championship with a squad full of has-been midfielders.