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F2 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F2] Round 8 - Hungary
1. Predection for the race
Low to mid points
2. What’s your aim for this season?
A podium
3. Do you think codemaster will fix bugs in next years game?
We can only hope
4. What team do you support in real life(F1)?
Red bull Toro Rosso and Mercedes
5. What’s your favorite track?
Don’t have a definite favourite track
F2 Race Calendar and Results / Re: F2 Round 7 | Silverstone (03/03/2018)
1. Can you attend? : think so
2. Do you hope for some rain or not? : I don’t my rain pace is bad
3. Do you love the 2017 1-stop races or did you enjoy 2016 with some more pit-stops? (Game related) : 2016
4. What is your favourite F1 track? : Mexico or Abu Dhabi
5. Will Vandoorne beat Alonso in 2018? : no
F2 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F2] Round 5 Monaco (10/02/18)
1). Did you enjoy the Austrian GP? : definitely not
2). What are you hoping for in Monaco? : win
3). Top 3 in Quali? : me kb gamer
4). Which F1 car reveal are you looking forward too? : McLaren
5). Which F1 Driver is to retire next : lewis
F2 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F2] Race 1 Australia 13/01/2018
Are you able to attend? : most likely
Who impressed you the most in the test race? : Sam
Top 3? Sam gamer kB
Thoughts on the halo? : don’t like it but safety I guess
Whats your opinion on this weeks track? : strange but fun
Formula 2 League (F2) / Re: [F2] Predictions
1) Drivers Champion?
2) Constructors Champion?
3) Best Qualifier?
4) Best Race Pace?
Don’t know
5) Oops I did it again (Who will eat the most tyre barriers)?
Don’t know
6) Mr Drifty?
7) Last of the late brakers?
Hopefully me

8 ) Mr Maldonado?
Hopefully nobody
9) Mr Bottle?
10) How many corner cuts? (Mr Penalty)