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FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 11 - Italy
1. How do you feel about your result last race?

Satisfied, ultimate power track to get a 6th in McLaren, going to lose some more points in Italy but hoping to retain as much as I can.

2. Who will be the 4th best team in 2018, Renault, McLaren, Haas, Force India, or someone else?

Haas, they seem great on speed, podium is definitely possible with their pace right now.

3. What's your favourite moment at Monza in league racing?

2016 S2 F6, first podium, did a 1 stop and managed to get 3rd, was literally sweating after that race.

4. Are you happy with how the cars have been allocated this season, and if not, why?

Meh, average, but I suppose I kinda deserve it, really bummed about McLaren for Belgium AND Italy, but oh well, big leads come with big prices I guess.

5. Which game has been better for league racing, F1 2016 or F1 2017?

2016, more overtakes, more strategy, more racing.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 11: Italian Grand Prix
1.) Top 3 finishers in Monza?

Cliffy, Louis and BigC in no order

2.) Can Irun score points at every race this season, as he's the only man to score points in every race?

I'm hoping he does, he's a very consistent and clean driver,  I respect Irun for what he has contributed to PSGL and I'm really hoping that he will score points until the end (special trophy should be advocated).

3.) How should cars be decided next season (considering we used a new system this season and various systems over the years)?

I think it should be decided on the championship order, you work hard throughout the season and get a high championship position, but say you got just 4th, no trophies or anything like that but next season you get a car you don't like (Sauber for example). It won't be fair really as you are stuck with something you hate, you get a high position, you should be able to choose a car that you like, and you've earned it as well.

4). Favourite real-life Italian GP moment?

Seb's win at Italy in 2008, saw a classic race on it, loved it.
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
- Your PSN - Captain_Stiff
- What days you are available to race (all races start at 8pm) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
- What Assists you use currently - Currently Full/Medium TC (track dependent) ABS and Racing Line (Corners) 
- Previous league racing experience (if any, state what leagues / tiers) - AEM - Full season (Missed 2 races due to work)  finished 7th in championship. Getting back into racing after a few years away. Raced with Jutspur/Calspur2001 who have also raced for this series.
- Whether you interested in Equal Car Leagues/Performance/Both - Both

I can put you as an F6 reserve if you don't mind mate.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 10 - Belgium
1. Predictions for the podium?

Frome, Boogie and ccbrain

2. Are you hoping for some rain at Spa?

Yes, McLaren works best in rain.

3. Will you be attending any F1 race this year?

Unfortunately no, but hopefully Britain next year.

4. Which team surprised you during the winter testing?

Haas and Toro Rosso, they have great pace.

5. Scariest movie you've ever seen?

Teletubbies, still give me chills to this day.
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
Your PSN: Vainottu
What days you are available to race (all races start at 8pm): Thursday
What Assists you use currently: Tc medium, abs, racing line
Previous league racing experience (if any, state what leagues / tiers): None
Whether you interested in Equal Car Leagues/Performance/Both: Equal

I would like to participate in F6.
Hey, will message you on PSN.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 10: Belgian Grand Prix (13/03/18)
1.) How did Hungary go for you?

Would have been good if not for what happened on lap 1, disappointed in people leaving the lobby mid-race though, just ruins the race for everyone else. But oh well, championship over now I'd say, miracles need to happen to bring it back.
2.) There are 5 races left on the calendar. What are you looking to get from them?

Of course, close up to Cliffy, realistically though, get at least one more win and stay in the top 3 of the championship.

3.) What has been your favourite battle on track this season?

Britain battle with me, AMS and maxi, enjoyed that, slipstream glitch improved the battling for once in this game.

4). Gaming Alimonda does a fantastic job of commentary for the F1 races week in, week out. Any words of appreciation?

Amazing commitment, enthusiasm and always glad to be there, best commentator on the site personally and really thankful we have him commentating F1, keep it up!
Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Video link:
Time of incident in video: All of it
Drivers involved: Me and Maxi
League : F1
What happened: I had an ok start and defended pretty well, on the straight before sector 1/2 split, maxi decides to make a late move around the outside, I thought he would back out so I took the normal line, he ran wide and decides to swipe me not causing a lot of wing damage but gets ahead of me, then an incident leading up to that wouldn't have happened if Maxi would not have been more cautious on lap 1 and had some patience within the opening laps instead of trying to win on lap 1.
How did it affect your race: Causing slight wing damage, making me lose some straight line after pits with downforce change and pushed me down to 11th whilst in a championship fight.
Did the driver rectify the issue: No and continued to make fun of me by saying in F1 chat "How do you feel about the championship being washed away?"
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 9 - Hungary
1. How do you feel about your result last race?

I'll take it, Hungary suits more chassis and aero tracks so hoping to do well there.

2. What do you make of your season at the halfway stage?

Amazing, really great to be winning by 17 points at this stage, hoping to have a competitive championship battle though heading into the second half.

3. If you could resurrect one old and defunct F1 team, who would it be and why?

Brawn, only 1 season in the sport, they should have stayed for more and would love to see them back and see the magic they can perform.

4. Are you looking forward to the World cup? Who will you support?

Not interested, not a fan of football.

5. What are your favourite video games?

Elite: Dangerous, F1, Motorsport Manager , GT Sport, Project Cars 2 and Skyrim.