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Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Former F1 Champion Remco Vengeance ´Stunned´ with lack of Paddock activity

A familiar face arrived at the paddock today. Remco Vengeance, former champion in the Monday league came by to see some of his old friends today.

But the Dutchman was rather stunned upon arrival, where he saw nothing but an empty paddock. Furthermore most of his former rivals were nowhere to be seen.

"I'm actually quite stunned and a little bit sad to see such an empty paddock. We used to have some fantastic stories and rumors in this paddock which created the best mind games amongst rivals. I'm glad to see my old friend BigC still going strong and taking on the next generation. It's good to see so many new faces, it means that the Leagues are evolving and new winners are being developed."

Remco with his Mercedes teammate BigC

So with a rare opportunity to ask Remco about a potential comeback to PSGL, we couldn't help ourselfs to ask anyway.

"I'm glad there are still people who want to see me back on track, but I have had a fantastic career here with many ups and downs. Therefor i received an expectional testimonial race in my honor which i'm very proud of, so it would be a shame to put that out of use by annoucing a comeback. I'd be interested in a more directive role within the PSGL community, but I'll have to discuss whetever they want me in the first place."
General Discussion / Is my new Banner allowed?

So I just figured since I'm coming back to League racing next I might as well get myself a new banner. But when I checked the forum profile section it said that images in your signature can now be 650x650 instead of the previous 597x412(?)

So yeah just wanted to check if it is allowed, otherwise I'll change it. I'd figured it would be cool to have my 5 favorite drivers alongside each other. What do you guys think of it?