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Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 9: Hungarian Grand Prix (05/03/18)
Wanted to have a say on things:

I believe there is definitely a lack of respect amongst the grid. A lack of respect on and off the track. Which is not what league racing is about and never has been an experience of mine until particularly this season. This lack of respect produces a fearful atmosphere and a stereotypical atmosphere, where you see a driver behind or infront and sigh... this should not be the case. It should be a case of relishing every potential battle to be able to say to the other guy at the end of the race fuck that was good, i’ll remember that. That has been my experience up until recently. As i mentioned before the lack of respect but to add to that there is a lack of patience, a forefulness around certain drivers, who think they are better than others because they are faster by half a second or more in some cases. In my personal opinion i believe it is these drivers spoiling it for others. Forcing their way by at every possible opportunity and thinking it’s fine because they are quicker and will be 2 seconds ahead after 2 laps. This is not the attitude to an enjoyable league race. I am sick of seeing drivers dive up the inside of drivers like myself who don’t qualify that high up, thinking that it’s there right to have that position cause they’re faster. No. Have a fair battle with me and if you get by fair and square then best of luck to you.

All in all the lack of respect for the whole grid needs to improve, the impatience from certain drivers needs to improve. Once this happens we won’t get the stupid shit being said in the chats before and after races, it’ll be back to what it used to be, “good battle insert name” not cursing the house down.

This is an enjoyable platform for arguably the best drivers on the site, it’s meant to be the pinnacle. Let’s start setting an example and Creating a more positive environment promoting good racing and not dive bombs and reckless defending out of frustration of said dive bombs.

Sorry to Rant but i’ve been around this site long enough to say my piece.


This is exactly what has been bothering me too and has taken my enjoyment to league racing completely away. The lack of respect.
I personally hope the F1 admins can make some changes.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 9: Hungarian Grand Prix (05/03/18)
1.) What did you make of Likkle's antics when behind Jack and Louis at Silverstone?
I'm not up to date with the latest episode of The Bold and the Beautifull F1 League

2.) Who will finish second in the constructors' championship?
Whoever failed to win the Championship this season

3.) What are your opinions on the state of the league, its drivers and anything else generally to do with PSGL F1?
Everything seems to be more official rather than racing for fun now a days

4). What are you most afraid of?
The onboard camera's with the Halo on the cars
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 8: British Grand Prix
1.) We are now halfway through the season, how would you assess it so far and what do you hope to achieve in the second half?
Finish a race

2.) Is Ashbest the man to stop Cliffy, if not, who?
You never know what might happen

3.) Dream PSGL teammate?

4.) Favourite 2018 F1 car so far?
Alfa Romeo Sauber
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 7: Azerbaijan Grand Prix (19/01/18)
1.) Who has disappointed so far this season?
Me, Myself and I

2.) Who has impressed so far?
AMS Has done a good job so far

3.) What team will finish last in the constructors?
Not Mercedes haHaa

4.) What PSGL driver past or present would you most like to see on the grid?
Stumpie, AFCTUJacko, Ermi, SuburbanNoize, THG-Isaac, Bluemosquito, Kimi-iceman_st, xTwL- , Tent-Poles, RC_Monster_99, Juhohfin, Faunus, Gamefreaker,
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Breaking news: "This is my last season" Says Remco Vengeance

Breaking news from Woking today as Remco Vengeance announced that this season will most likely be the last he ever raced in.

The Dutch 5 times champion with almost 200 race starts says that he can no longer commit consistantly to the monday nights, due to work shifts.

"It is really unfortunate, but for now I cannot commit to a full season of racing if I miss 75% of the races. I will finish this season in F1 but after that I don't know when I will have the time to again to race."

"For next season I will be available on certain days for commentary so at least that's a way I will stay in touch with the community and stay involved with the racing. "
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
Remco Vengeance: "Gutted to miss out on 'Special' Monaco"

Dutch Mclaren driver Remco Vengeance has expressed his frustration after he got confirmation that he will miss the upcoming Monaco and Canadian GP due to work related times.

The 5 times Champion is having a tough time adjusting to the wheel but was looking to turn it around at the Monte Carlo circuit.

I'm very gutted to miss out on such a special grand prix like Monaco. Monaco is one of my favorite circuits because it takes absolute focus to get a good lap in. I've had mixed results at this race but I felt that with the bad season start I've had so far that I could turn things around here. I was looking quite competitive and was hoping for a good race. Unfortunately the next race that I will participate in will be Baku, Azerbaijan. I'm hoping that will be the absolute turning point because the first half of the season has been absolutely horrific.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)
1.) Top 3 finishers on Monday?
Alexis Sanchez, Giroud and Deporte

2.) Who will be the highest placed pad user?
I don't even know who is on the pad these days.

3). What did you make of Boywithnoface's actions in Austria and the subsequent penalty?
Just read up on it, quite shocking but justified. Taking another driver out on purpose is beyond the rules of good sportsmanship.

4). Favourite street circuit to be on the real f1 calendar in the last 10 years?
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion

FIA are looking at the Assen track in the Netherlands. Could go Zandervoort but I think we’ll be expecting a Dutch GP in the next 3 years

I thought Zandervoort would need significant upgrades to be able to host an F1 race?

It’s ideally located as you can get a train/tram straight out of Amsterdam and be there in 30mins I believe. I think they have had noise restrictions in place which has limited the number and type of races it can host. Money talks though, and they have to look long term over the next 15 years Verstappen will be in the sport. Whoever has the brain cells and balls to put the deal together will make a ton of money. Assuming they don’t get dicked by FOM for hosting fees.

Agree on all points here Fish, noise complaints is what killed the Dutch GP back in the 80's in the first place. Besides that both tracks are horrible for overtaking, and I believe both will need updates on and off track in order to work. Would rather see Zandvoort have it since it's closer to my place and it's easier to get there than Assen.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion
Our Dutch commentator giving the news that the races might be moved towards 14:10 (UK Time) as starting time so it won't clash with the World Cup Football.