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Formula 1 2019 / Re: [PSGL] F1 2019 Social Race - Austria

We have enough sign ups now really. Maybe one reserve each for both...

The grids have been divided based on last season's tierings...

Race one is mainly F1/2 level drivers while race two is F3-F7
Formula 1 2019 / [PSGL] F1 2019 Social Race - Austria
PSGL F1 2019 - Austria Social Race - Sunday, June 30, 8pm BST

We will be holding a social race on Sunday, June 30 at 8pm to test the dynamics of the new game!

The circuit we’ve chosen is Austria as the real-life Austrian Grand Prix is taking place earlier that day.

If you’re interested in taking part, it’s a first come first serve basis. Simply put down your PSN.

Cars will be allocated on a first come first join basis in the lobby.

If we have a lot of interest (enough for two lobbies) then we will split the lobbies based on last season on F1 2018.

Race Settings
Date: Sunday, June 30.
Time: 8pm BST
Session Host: BigC_019
Weather: Clear
Distance: 50%
Formation Lap: On
Safety Car: On
Parc Ferme: Off
Damage: Full
Ban: Automatic ERS & Pit Assists
Rest of assists allowed


1. BigC_019
2. Cherry2Pie
3. Cticedemon20
4. Kablo1984
5. CCBrain
6. LarsH-7
7. VSR_Lambo
8, Jaychitects
9. mrgrumpy-1989
10. xJackLacey
11. LR_Speedwood
12. ILRT_Likkle
13. LR_Betty
14. FlyingForme
15. Raikkonen_McL
16. Danny_BLK
17. TTG_PO
18. LK_Oisinmc38
19. MusicalVenom
20. AMS97F1
21. Juhohfin
22. F1_Sophie
23. Hulkenburger
25. Oogie_Azeem
26. That_LaggyPerson
28. TTG_Olly
29. FTRL__Foggy
31. EEB_Francis
32. MaxiLucaGt5
F1 2019 Sign Up & Information / [PSGL] S23 Formula Performance Sign-Up Thread

This thread will be used to sign up to PSGL's Formula Performance league for F1 2019.

Welcome to PSGL. This thread will be used for drivers wanting to join arguably our most popular league - Formula Performance - where we race on realistic car performance.

How does FP work?

Formula Performance (FP) runs on Tuesday nights at 8pm UK time. It follows the same race calendar, points system and rules as our main leagues. The only difference is that it is run on realistic car performance rather than equal car performance.

How are the cars allocated

The cars will be allocated by the league director and FP league admin @AMS97F1. The car allocations change on a race-by-race basis. Cars are allocated on driver's pace, their performance in the main leagues and also their position in the FP drivers' championship - albeit to a lesser degree. The aim is to create a more level playing field between drivers whom normally would not be able to compete with one another on pure pace, giving people an opportunity to battle with new people!

We aim to announce the allocations at any time before (or on) the Sunday of a race week. These will be posted on our Twitter page (@PSGLFP) and the group chat.

How will the grid be decided

FP has been a long-standing league in PSGL for many games and years now. Some priority will be given to drivers who have been with us for previous seasons who have shown fantastic, fair racing but also have been committed to the league

The grid will need to be balanced and this will be determined once we know how the realistic cars stack up in terms of performance on F1 2019. As such, there will not be any preference for those who sign up first.

Signing up

PSN: (the PSN you wish to use while racing in PSGL)
Old PSN: (If you've since changed your PSN and you've raced here before)
Did you race in PSGL FP before on F1 2018?
What equal leagues, if any, have you previously participated in on PSGL? (If more than one, just state the most recent)
F1 2019 Sign Up & Information / [PSGL] S23 F1 2019 Main League Sign-Up Thread

This thread will be used to sign up to PSGL's F1 leagues for F1 2019.

Welcome to the 23rd season of PSGL’s Formula One leagues. After a fantastic F1 2018 era with record sign-ups, we hope to continue to build on that into F1 2019 this year.

PSGL is all about the community. It’s about making YOU the driver welcome, happy and looking forward to racing on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening. The site has continued to build a reputation for being one of the best communities for league racing - whether you use assists or not, there is a place for you in our leagues.

Our leagues and expected S23 start dates

F1 - Mon, 8pm / July 29
F2 - Mon, 7pm / July 29
F3 - Sun, 8pm / July 28
F4 - Sun, 8pm / July 28
F5 - Sun, 8pm / July 28
F6 - Sat, 8pm / July 27
F7 - Thu, 8pm / July 25
FP - Tue, 8pm / July 23

NB: Please note, dates and leagues may change depending on sign-ups and unforeseen circumstances during the sign-up process. The league structure provisionally is based on last season. The 'expected start dates' may change depending on the state of the game and network code.

Signing up

ALL drivers wishing to race in PSGL's equal car leagues MUST sign up on this thread with their details (copy and paste the quote box below and post your details):

Drivers wishing to potential race in our Formula Performance (2019 car performance league) must sign up here: xxxxxx

PSN: (the PSN you wish to use while racing in PSGL)
Old PSN: (If you've since changed your PSN and you've raced here before)
Days you wish to race on:(Monday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday)
Did you race in PSGL in S22 (last season)? If so what league:

The process

All drivers are required to sign up to the leagues regardless of whether they raced or not last season or on F1 2018.

The sign-up thread will close on July 5.

Evaluation races will take place between July 6 and July 14. Details regarding the evaluation races will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Placements will be announced on July 15.

NB: Dates may change or alter depending on circumstances or whether the game is in a fit state to race on in terms of the network code.

Thanks for signing up to our leagues for F1 2019. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @Playstation_GL for more updates and the latest PSGL news.


PSGL F1 Directors
Connor, Hulk and AMS.
F1 2019 Sign Up & Information / Key information and changes for PSGL S23 on F1 2019
With the launch of F1 2019 just around the corner, PSGL will be taking this opportunity to announce its plans for the forthcoming season.

Here’s an outline of the key changes coming to PSGL in S23:

All PSGL streams under one roof

From S23, all live streams of the races will be found on the official PSGL YouTube channel.

Moving in line with other major leagues, having all streams on one channel will provide PSGL drivers and fans alike a convenient location to view and rewatch PSGL races throughout the F1 2019. Building the PSGL brand is key and the long-term growth of our community will be strengthened by this move to our official channel.

PSGL F1 becomes ‘Racing Line Only’

For the first time in PSGL history, our F1 league will become ‘Racing Line only’ with ABS, manual gears and traction control all restricted from S23 onwards.

The general trend of the community and drivers has moved towards no assists and eSports. While we always try and respect PSGL tradition and staying true to our values of being open to everyone, the change in assist restrictions will even the playing field and make PSGL a more attractive place for high-level no assist racers to race.

Start time tweak for PSGL F2

For S23, our Formula 2 league will be on Monday nights at 7pm BST, an hour before F1 at 8pm BST.

F1 - Mon, 8pm
F2 - Mon, 7pm
F3 - Sun, 8pm
F4 - Sun, 8pm
F5 - Sun, 8pm
F6 - Sat, 8pm
F7 - Thu, 8pm
FP - Tue, 8pm

NB: Please note, dates and leagues may change depending on sign-ups and unforeseen circumstances during the sign-up process. The league structure provisionally is based on last season.

Evaluation races

Unlike for S21 on F1 2018, all drivers (new and returning drivers who raced on F1 2018) will be required to take part in an evaluation race during the early weeks of the game.

You will be able to sign up to these races via our forum.

Drivers looking to join F1 and F2 will be grouped together with all assists except racing line being banned to enable directors to gauge the top drivers’ pace better. The F1 and F2 evaluations will consist of two races on a Monday night - date TBD - on ‘F1 shootout night’.

Other evaluation races will then be scattered on other days during the week for drivers of all abilities with all assists (except pit assist and brake assists) enabled.

Placement announcements

Thanks to our friends at One Hub Racing for the idea... we will be announcing our placements tier by tier via a YouTube stream on the official PSGL YouTube channel.

Again, a date will be confirmed nearer the time.

A change in leadership

As confirmed in earlier announcements, Irun will be stepping down from the league director role with immediate effect with AMS taking his place alongside BigC and Hulk.


Despite Codemasters’ best attempts to introduce a livery editor, we can confirm all leagues will be running official cars and liveries on F1 2019.

As per the official F1 regulations, a point will be awarded to the driver who scores the fastest lap in the race - provided he or she is classified in the top ten.

This concludes our main changes for the coming season.

As you may have noticed, details about the calendar, start dates and so on haven’t been outlined, however, we are targeting a season start date of July 23 for Formula Performance with the rest of the leagues taking place later week.

These will be officially confirmed in the first week or so of F1 2019 once we have an understanding of the state of the network code and so on. So please stay tuned for more details and announcements in the coming weeks.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the track in the very near future.

Connor, Hulk and AMS
PSGL F1 Directors
F1 2019 Sign Up & Information / New PSGL F1 director unveiled
PSGL is pleased to announce that site veteran AMS will be Irun’s replacement as a league director.

AMS will join BigC and Hulk in the day-to-day running of the F1 leagues from this day forth.

He’s been part of PSGL since F1 2016, enjoying a meteoric rise through the divisions, eventually ending up in F1 following a close title battle against Ashbest in S18. AMS secured the S20 constructors’ championship for McLaren alongside his former F3 title rival, Ashbest.

Speaking of his rise to power, AMS said: “I’d like to thank Irun, Connor, Hulk and Fish for their faith in choosing me. It'll be nice to be involved in the running of things so that I can help the community improve and keep things ticking over."
F1 2019 Sign Up & Information / Irun steps down as league director & racing commitments
PSGL legend Irun has announced that he will be stepping down as league director with immediate effect. He has also confirmed he will not be racing next season - S23, on F1 2019.

Irun made his PSGL debut back in the winter of 2012 and has been a staple of the PSGL community ever since. Irun claimed his first PSGL F1 win back in S5 and followed that up with back-to-back drivers’ titles in S6 and S7. In S10, Irun defeated BigC, Remco and Jamie, to secure his third and final F1 title.

While the following seasons up until S19 did not lead to as much success, he continued to show strong spirit, determination and aggression which made him one of the most feared drivers on the site. A swansong season in F4 for S20 saw him take the title in one of the most dominant seasons in the history of PSGL securing a fourth career drivers’ title.

A final racing campaign in PSGL FP saw him secure fourth in the championship, defeating teammate and close friend, ‘Mr Tuesday Night’, Joelianomanu. Irun also streamed the majority of the S22 F1 season and was voted PSGL commentator of the year for F1 2018.

Irun tackles a wet Shanghai circuit in his iconic Sauber

Speaking of the announcement Irun said the following:

"It has been a pleasure to serve the PSGL community over the last year as a director. As some of you may know, I will be taking a sabbatical from league racing and directorial duties as I no longer have the commitment, passion or pride to go on.

"I’d like to thank everyone at PSGL for giving me this opportunity. It’s been brilliant to see the development of the F1 leagues since we took over just under a year ago. For any director, it’s always a proud feeling to leave the leagues in a better place to which BigC, Hulk and I found them in.

"I look forward to seeing the site continue to grow, and I’m pleasured to have been a part of this journey.

"I’d like to wish everyone well for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you soon. Whether that’s in the commentary box, a social race or even a future season, one thing’s for sure, I’ll be back.''

Irun’s replacement as league director will be announced imminently.
FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 13 - Malaysia
1. not taken it seriously so yeah
2. yeah, great track, mixed memories, a shame.
3. my main man, jack
4. oogie and ash
5. good job overall. I didn't like how Hague for example was punished harshly for so many weeks with car allocations which would be appropriate for a top 6/8 f1 driver for doing well in the Ferrari. You get punished for doing well but rewarded for not turning up. A greater focus on their actual speed rather than fixing it so the championship is close and if you get a good/better car and don't deliver tough. If Hague had Grumpy's cars all season he'd be champion probably when really they're closely matched on pure performance, so a balance needs to be made. Louis in the Red Bull, me in the Williams at Suzuka - doesn't sit right.