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Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
BigC 'shocked' by strong start to S22, labels Blizard's title defence as 'embarrassing'

Seven-time F1 champion BigC has enjoyed his best start to a top-flight season since 2018, with two podium finishes meaning the 22-year-old sits second in the drivers' championship - three points by PSGL F1 rookie Jarno who was one of the favourites to win the title.

Going into Silverstone - a track he has won at on five previous occasions - the man from Leicester is hopeful he can continue his good form.

BigC finished second last time out in Monaco, finishing just ahead of Red Bull teammate Gamer_da_best

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix, the seven-time champion reflected on the season so far:

"Overall the season has gone better than I ever anticipated considering the sheer speed and quality of the grid - especially after Bahrain where we lacked some performance. Brazil we had the pace to win, without the crash in Spain in qualifying I believe we could have challenged right at the front. It's been a positive start to the season but the important thing is to maintain the momentum going into Britain and Austria."

The Red Bull driver was asked about his main rivals in the championship standings and what he thought of the state of play so far in S22.

"I think there's been a few nice surprises. Leon has arguably been driver of the season so far after being shocking for most of last season while Squeezy has been a fantastic addition to the league, alongside Lambo and Mcsendit. Blizard has been very disappointing though, obviously he has his two victories but considering his significant pace advantage over Gamer and I for example, I think his title defence so far has been borderline embarrassing. He's had the helping hand of Louis and Jarno being absent and having issues in some races. No doubt he will turn it around and I wouldn't be surprised if he won the next two or three races but considering his pace, I think he should be well clear of everyone at this stage.  "

Formula Performance Championship (FP) / Re: [FP] Stewards Findings
FP: @Abiodun20041224 @Freddiewilson1

Taking into both incidents into account, specifically Freddie's entry into the pitlane the stewards have agreed to award Freddie a one race ban for the next race in Austria.

Freddie showed no care to slow down and ruined the race of another driver by ending his race.

Freddie has shown consistently poor race craft throughout his time in FP so will serve a one-race ban and ensure standards improve greatly upon his return otherwise his place in the league will be at threat.

Formula 2 League (F2) / Re: [F2] Stewards' Findings S22
F2: @Cherry2pie @RETREX @Fifa--FTW33 @Verstappen

The stewards have evaluated all of the enquiries above and each steward is equally disgusted and appalled by the driving of @Cherry2pie in particular.

1. @Cherry2pie @RETREX - Raffa rejoins the circuit in a safe enough fashion thus NO FURTHER ACTION is required.

2. @Cherry2pie @Fifa--FTW33 - Cherry moves dangerously across the braking zone into Turn 1, into the path of FIFA, causing him wing damage after Cherry spins. Cherry is 100% at fault for the incident.

3. @Cherry2pie @RETREX @Verstappen - For the incident at Turn 10, it was a ridiculous divebomb from Cherry with malicious intent. Generally, petulant driving and something you should be ashamed of given your own complaints about others in the past. Cherry 100% at fault for the incident.

4. @Cherry2pie @RETREX - General other incidents that Cherry reported Retrex for - the stewards concluded that his moves and driving was on the limit. The stewards feel he did move slightly in and around the braking zone, and was slightly too aggressive with his moves on Cherry into Turn 10, in particular, but feel no substantial penalty is required.

5. @Cherry2pie @RETREX - General other incidents that Retrex reported Cherry for - the stewards concluded that Cherry was a bit too aggressive at times with his moves and feel that he should be more respectful in future.

To summarise

Taking everything into account, for persistent poor driving standards in the race, @Cherry2pie has been disqualified from the Spanish Grand Prix.

@Cherry2pie will serve a qualifying ban in the next race he attends.

This is a clear warning to everyone in PSGL and F2 in particular that persistent poor, petulant driving that was on display on Monday isn't acceptable and has no place in any of our leagues.

It's not the first time Cherry's driving has been at a sub-par standard and hopefully it improves moving forward.

If a repeat happens in the future, he will be removed from the league.

@RETREX will be awarded an official warning for his driving. The stewards feel he didn't do anything penalty worthy but acknowledge he was a bit aggressive in parts.

@Fifa--FTW33 and @Verstappen no further action required.
Formula 4 League (F4) / Re: [F4] Stewards' Findings
F4: @RNSouthern Joseph.

It looks like Joseph and Southern have a bit of desync, which unsettles Joseph's car, causing him to lose the rear meaning RNSouthern hits him and can't avoid.

We feel no driver is to blame and it's just an unfortunate incident.

No further action required.