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F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
all days
racing lines

- Your PSN : Crisu_rottis
- What days you are available to race (all races start at 8pm) : Pretty much any day (not friday or saturday) with exceptions
- What Assists you use currently : Depends who i play with, would like to play with assists on as im playing with pad and not playing that much anymore.
- Previous league racing experience (if any, state what leagues / tiers) None "official" driven with friends in closed league in f1 2016
- Whether you interested in Equal Car Leagues/Performance/Both Equal/Both


Hi everyone, we'll be in touch with you soon.  ;)
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Findings
F1 - Irun and Maxi

The stewards felt that the incident was a little clumsy on both parts. Maxi should have been more aware of his surroundings and had plenty of room to adjust to the left. It looked like an incident both might have come out of on another day. Combined with the fact that the wheels seems to attract and stick like magnets, rather than bump off, means we feel this is racing inicdent.

No further action.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Round 1 - Australian GP
First weekend of F1, and a new poll.

I’m baffled by the look of the McLaren. They kept on saying they had a massive update coming for Melbourne and I’ll be buggered if I can see anything. The sidepods look as basic as they were throughout testing. And boy do they look basic. But, having said that, Sauber has some of the most complex looking and it doesn’t look to have helped them make a leap.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Findings
F6 - Timmeh_15, Wideloadbilly813  and Trevisbest

The stewards feel this is an example of an unfortunate and unnecessary racing incident. It's a lap 1 incident, so whilst not an excuse it does offer some mitigation. However, three drivers going into a tight space can, and in this case, will end in disaster for one or all. No driver lifted thinking better of the situation, everyone kept their foot to the floor. Wideloadbilly813 does move across slightly, but to us it looks like normal car movement and not an intentional move across the path of other drivers.

Racing incident, no further action.

An observation for all racers on PSGL ...
People often like to use Senna's quote about going for a gap as if it makes them a true racer, it doesn't, and quite clearly more goes into it than sticking your car in a tight spot and expecting others to move or yield. How about another quote, of sorts, from Martin Brundle: The throttle pedal works both ways.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Lap1/ turn 1
Me and football boy
I went to pass he and he hit me and I hit the wall and retired (he took me out)
I retried

The stewards will not be assessing this appeal as the evidence provided is not clear.

Please read the first post, drivers making appeals must provide their own race footage, so the stewards once again encourage all drivers to record all of their quallifying and race.