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FIFA 2019 / FIFA 19 Leagues and Tournament Interest Thread

A thread to gauge interest in having FIFA 19 leagues, or smaller tournaments initially.

We've had the potential for a good setup for a while, with a good base of dedicated players, however, perhaps the league format is too long in the tooth these days.

Post here if you'd be interested in a FIFA league, series of tournaments, or something different. Post any ideas you have for events and how we can get people to post results and play matches more on time. I'm kind of at a loss on that front these days. But i'd cdertainly like there to be a FIFA league and would be more than willing to help in running it, even though i don't play in.

The ball, so to speak, is in your court.
PS4 Games Discussion / Re: The Division Discussion [PS4]
Had the game back in the day, enjoyed the single player but never actually completed it. Never went in the Dark Zone though, figured i would get to frustrated by being robbed all the time!
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 3: Lago Maggiore
Well, to say he is attacking people is a little melodramatic. He knows people use assists otherwise he would have left long ago. But I do appreciate maybe always bringing it up gets old.

I assume what he is getting at is something like stability control which from past experience on GT can making cars which would be a handful or twitchy quite benign. So you can go through corners and battle with little fear of losing it through an innocuous tap or change of wait over curbs. Maybe what he is trying to say there should be a balance. We used to have restricted assists depending on the car before, so it’s not cut and dry in that sense.

Either way, I’ve read a lot worse from people on the site and in chats so it’s not as if he is really targeting people in a vindictive sense.
GT Archives / Re: [X-BOW] Round 3: Lago Maggiore
Come on guys, there’s no need for that. Juhoh knows the score on assists and the sites general opinion on it. He’s taken part in most racing leagues on the site for the past 5 years, and he’s always made this point, which does have some validity. He difference between GT and F1 I assume is the amount of assists that could be turned on. I too would get a bit bored if I was in a league where some had every assist on (not saying people are) and I didn’t, and they were thrashing their tires with no cost and chucking the car through corners. Bit disrespectful.
PSGL FIFA Football Leagues / Re: FIFA 18 League and Cup Discussion
Surely as the new football season has started a new league on here can be started now and then transferred over to fifa 19 when released?

I would be more than happy to help set up and maintain a FIFA 19 league, but it was and always has been an utter ball ache trying to get people to complete games on time. Which then leads to active players losing heart, which then leads to the league slowly collapsing. It always tends to be the same players putting in the effort to arrange games, with the rest just turning up, if they do that.

Maybe there needs to be one night on which games are played and if they are not played within 7-days a 1-1 draw is applied. Maybe a more drastic solution to ensuring the league stays on track needs to be applied. Because a league could be successful, it shouldn’t need as much chivvying as it always does need.